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The Prisoner of War

These journals are all supplied courtesy of Jim Wicketts.

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Prisoner of War publication, September 1943, Vol. 2 No. 17, presented by The Red Cross. Supplied by Jim Wicketts and his daughter, Louise.

Photograph - Sitting on the fence at Stalag XXID II
Articles entitled - A worker's tribute, Maps of the Camps, Conditions at Milag, Praise for camp leadership, Her husband told her to
Mentioning: Mr J.E. Wainwright, RSM Tom Hegarty, Capts Miller, Duff, Mathewson and Nye

Articles entitled - A really good time, From one of the bad boys, Cooking utensil maker, The main lack, Odds and ends, To aid the deaf, They hold their heads high, A Stalag thank you, His sister's photograph, He remembered the children, What would you do chums?
Mentioning: Pte Denis Sunderland, Oflag VIIB, Oflag IVC, Stalag Luft III, Gunner John Parker, Stalag XXA 41, Campo 38, PG 38, Stalag XXB, Robert Sage

Photograph of a farm worker at Stalag XXB milking a cow
Article on Prisoners at Work by Norman H. Gould
Article on Parcels to Italy
Groups from the Camps featuring Stalag XXA, Campo PG 73, Stalag IVC, St Denis, Stalag VB, Oflag IX AZ, Stalag XVIIIA
Photograph of men attached to Stalag XVIIIA work parties
Official reports from the camps featuring Stalag Luft 1 (Barthe), Stalag XXA (Thorn), Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag XXB (Marienburg), Stalag XXID and work camps (Posen)

Photograph of Stalag XXID gardening party at work
Photograph of members of Stalag XXA music group
Official reports from the camps featuring Campo PG47 PM 3200 (Modena), Campo PG62 PM3200 (Grumil-Lino, Nr Bergamo), Campo PG148 PM3200 (Verona), Campo PG133 PM3100 (unknown location), Campo PG106 PM3100 (Vercelli), Campo PG115/3 PM3300 (Marschiano, Perugia)
Also features Camp List
Photograph of Civilian Internees at Vittel
The Letters They Write Home from Oflag IXA/H, Campo PG 78, Stalag XXB(192), Campo PG 118, Campo PG 49, Wurzach, Oflag VIIB, Biberach, Oflag 64Z
Photograph of PoWs at Stalag XVIIIA with Red Cross Parcels
Photograph of Oflag VIIB prisoners
Photograph (half of each) of Four smiling faces at Campo PG59 (top) and Barber's Shop at BAB 21 (bottom)
Letters They Write Home from Campo PG 53, Campo PG 52, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag XXB(363), Campo PG 21, Stalag 383, Campo PG 82, Campo PG 66, Marlag and Milag, Camp Base PGM 133/IX

Photograph halves (see last page)
Photograph of a Group at Campo PG 78
Photograph of Easter Day Service at Stalag Luft III
The Letters They Write Home from Campo PG 65, Campo PG 82, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag VIIIB, Campo PG 29, Stalag IIID, Oflag VIIB, Stalag VIIIB (E535), Marlag und Milag, Stalag 383
It Depends on the Book by A. A. Milne
Article on British PoWs in Italy
Photograph of Stanley Civilian Internment Camp, Hong Kong
News from the Far East covering Taiwan (Formosa) camps
News from the Far East featuring Tokyo group of camps, Hong Kong camps, Postcards from Changi camp
PoWs in the Far East news, typing service, Red Cross mission to Washington, mail service
They Plan Their Future - article about PoWs sitting exams and listing names of those who have taken a variety of them already
Article on Repatriated PoWs from Germany
Article : Don't Forget the Censor
How They Help the Funds article
How to make a cap scarf
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.