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The Prisoner of War

These journals are all supplied courtesy of Jim Wicketts.

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Prisoner of War publication, November 1944, Vol. 3 No. 31, presented by The Red Cross. Supplied by Jim Wicketts and his daughter, Louise.

Photograph of Rugger Team at Stalag XXB
Articles on Four ships at Lisbon, Christmas parcels, Back from Switzerland and Service at Belfast

Photograph of "Charsies" club men at Stalag 383 (4th Hussars)
Articles on Improved conditions in Oflag 79, There and back, Mail from Germany, Tale of a box, Eton v. Harrow, Sporting gesture, Parcels day faces and PG53 escapee who enjoys the journal

Article on Golf in Captivity - the unique golf club at Stalag Luft III
Article on the PoW Fund and how prisoners themselves are contributing to it
Photograph of Sports and Carnival Day at Stalag 383 and the Swimming Pool at Stalag 383
Articles on tennis at Stalag XVIIIA, swimming at Stalag IVD, highland games at Stalag XXB, sports day at Stalag IVB, cricket at Oflag IVC, building a pub at Stalag VIIA , Polish dancing at Stalag Luft 3, fairground at Oflag VA
Photographs from Oflag VIIB
Official reports from the camps featuring Oflag VIIB (Eichstaett), Oflag VA (Weinsberg) and Oflag 79 (Querum/Brunswick)
Photograph Stalag IVC football team at Wistritz (between Dresden and Prague)
Photograph of the band at Stalag IVA
Official camp reports on Stalag IVA (Hohnstein), Reserve Lazaret Konigs-Wartha and Stalag IVC (Wistritz)
Photograph of open-air band at Stalag IVC
Photograph of group at Oflag 79
Official camp report from Stalag XIA (Altengrabau)
Photograph of sports enthusiasts at Stalag XXIA including the boxing team
Article: The letters they write home featuring Stalag IVF, Stalag IVA, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag 357, Stalag Luft 3, Oflag VIIB
Photograph of prisoners ready for work at Stalag XVIIIA
Photograph of Cinderella at St Denis
Letters from Stalag XIA, Stalag Luft III, Stalag IVB, Stalag IVD, Stalag XXA, Stalag 344, Stalag IVC, Oflag VA
Photograph of sports day at BAB 21
Photograph of the cook-house staff at Camp D'Evades, Wil, S'Gallen, Switzerland
Letters from Stalag VIIA, Oflag VA, Stalag IVB, Stalag IVC, Stalag 344, Stalag XXB, Oflag VIIB, Stalag IVF
Photographs of Groups from the Camps including Stalag XXB'39, Oflag IX A'H, BAB 21, Stalag IVA, Stalag 344'E754, Stalag XXID'11, Stalag IXC, Stalag VIIA,
Article on Helping the Disabled and a Camp List
Article on Examination Results mentioning Captain G.B. Lewis, Captain J.K. Heisch, Sergeant B. Payne, Cpl A.S. Chambers, Cpl F. Hole, Bdr F. Scoates, Cpl B Wood, CQMS T.W. Minski, Sgt J.E. Keefe, Cpl H. Wheeler
Article on Exiles Welcomed Home
How to knit servicemen's gloves
Questions including ban on Christmas greeting cards and calendars, restored Air Mail to Switzerland, Ilag Wurzach (Wurttemberg), working PoWs, Next-of-Kin packing centres, Stalag Luft IV, repatriation of protected personnel, sending photographs, bringing personal luggage home, bath house staff, sending books and American PoWs


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.