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The Prisoner of War

These journals are all supplied courtesy of Jim Wicketts.

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Prisoner of War publication, June 1943, Vol. 2 No. 14, presented by The Red Cross. Supplied by Jim Wicketts and his daughter, Louise.

Photograph of summer at Campo PG73
Articles by the Editor

Article on St. Leonard's Church, Wallingford, Flag Day sellers, Italian Transit camps, mentally free, Campo PG52 description and mentioning Mr Cox who as an AB on SS Natia

Photograph of PoWs at Stalag XXIA on their tomato beds
Articles and letters regarding fruit and vegetable growing in the camps from Stalag XXA, Stalag VIIIB, Campo PG57, Oflag VIIB and Stalag Luft 1

Photograph of first-class band at Oflag IXA/H
Article "To-day's Programme" at Oflag IXA/H by Major G
Campo PG 53 by the Padre
Photograph of carting potatoes in Stalag XVIIIA
Reports from the camps on Stalag XVIIIA, Reserve Lazaret Graz IIIB, Reserve Lazaret Graz IV, Stalag IIID, Stalag 319 Cholm and Reserve Lazaret Obermassfeld
Photograph of group at Camp PG 12
Reports from the camps on Stalag IVC, Campo PG 12, Campo PG 47, Military Hospital Lucca PG 202, Military Hospital Bergamo PG 102 and a camp list

Photograph of group at Stalag Luft III
Letters they write home from Stalag XXA, Campo PG 21, Campo PG 54, Stalag VIIB, Oflag IVC, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag XXB, Stalag Luft 1, Stalag VIIIB

Photograph of group at PG 73
Photograph of school time at BAB 21
Photograph (1/2) of Hospital kitchen
Letters from Stalag Luft 3, Stalag VB, Campo PG 49, Stalag 383, Oflag VIIB, Campo PG 53, Campo PG 29, Campo PG 78, Campo PG 85

Photograph of Hospital Kitchen at Stalag XXIA
Photograph of potato peeling at Stalag VIIA
Photograph of cricket team at Stalag XXID
Letters from Campo PG 47, Campo PG 21, Campo PG 82, Campo PG 53, Campo PG 65, Campo PG 70, Campo PG 73, Oflag IXA/H

Photograph of card sent for his son's 1st birthday from PoW at Campo PG 59
Article "Fun and Games" featuring hockey at Oflag VIIB, drama at Stalag 383 and PG 78, band show at Heydebreck 5
Information on study courses and books
Books for Oflag VIIB
Featuring Photograph of The "Newfoundland" steaming into a West Country port
Article "Home Again" on how repatriated prisoners from Italy came back by Major-General Sir Richard Howard-Vyse
Photograph of British children in Denmark
Article on what people back home are doing to help the PoWs
Article on repatriation discussions resumed with Germany
Featuring "Groups from the Camps"
Photographs from KFG BAB 48, Stalag VIIIB/E361, Oflag XX1B, Stalag XXB/E250, Stalag XVIIIA/AGW, Campo PG 70, Stalag XXID/II and Marlag U. Milag Nord
Featuring "News from the Far East", Official reports on camps in Japan
Featuring article on how to make "Gloves for Work"
Article on Red Cross and next-of-kin parcels
Featuring "Any Questions" articles
Book news - which books are banned


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.