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The Prisoner of War

Journal supplied courtesy of Phil Knott.

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Prisoner of War publication, July 1943, Vol. 2 No. 15, presented by The Red Cross.

Photograph - Air Force Prisoners at Stalag Luft III
Stalag IIID, Works Camp 520
Easter Day in Stalag 383 (formerly Oflag IIC)

Photograph -Salmona 1943 Derby Day
PG 73
Stalag IIID, Works Camp 528
PG 82
Stalag VIIIB
War Camp "A" Hong Kong

Article on "Reading in Camp"
Photograph - Library at Stalag XXA

Photograph of Members of Working Camp E1, Stalag VIIIB
Official reports from the camps featuring Stalag IVA, Stalag XXA (Military Prison at Graudenz), Stalag XXID, Stalag Luft III (Sagan), B.A.B. 20, B.A.B. 21, Stalag VIIIB
Photograph of members of Salata VIIIB in a timber camp
Photograph of tug-of-war at Stalag XXID
Stalag VIIIB, Work Camps E484, E486, E72, E411, E209, Camp 114, Camps E256, E446, E490, E62

Photograph of Dispensary at Stalag XXIA
Work Camps E538, 535, 543, 75, 1, 80, 529, 456, 561, 479
RAF Officers from Oflag XXIB have been transferred to Stalag Luft III.
Work camps of Stalag XXIA and now uner Stalag XXID.
Repatriable PoWs from Stalag XXIA are now at Heilag XXI.
Campo PG21, PM330, Chieti
Campo PG 53, PM 3300, Sforza Costa
Campo PG57, PM 3200, Gruppignano

Photograph of PoWs at PG70 Monturano
Photograph on Sports Day at Stalag Luft III
Camp PG 70, PM 3300, Monturano
Campo PG 102, PM 3300, Aquila
Campo PG 107, PM 3200
Campo PG 120, PM 3300
Campo PG 148, PM 3200
Campo PG 154

Photograph of summer weather Stalag XXA
Photograph of Sports Day Stalag VIIIB/E 27
Photograph Oflag IXA/H-A
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Stalag XXA(3), Campo PG 63, Sailors' Camp (Marlag and Milag Nord), Campo PG 49, Stalag VIIIB, Oflag IX A-Z, Stalag III (528) and Stalag IVC

Photograph (other half)
Trio at Campo PG 59
Photograph Carnival Procession Stalag XXID
Photograph of PoW at Stalag VIIIB with pupplies
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Oflag IXA-H, Stalag XXB (324) Campo PG 21, Stalag III D-528, Campo PG 65, Stalag IIID (520), Campo PG 66, Stalag Luft III, Campo PG 35, Stalag VIIIB
Photograph of PoWs writing home from Stalag VIIA
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Camp PG 53, Stalag 383, Camp PG 66, Oflag VIIB, Campo PG 49, Stalag XXB 216, Stalag XXB (421), Campo PG53, Stalag IIID 520, Campo PG 35

Photograph of John Bull and Mrs. Grundy at Liebenau
Photograph of Derby Day concert at Sulmona
Article on "Fun and Games" in the camps reviewing musical and sporting events

Photograph of an evening of music at Stalag VIIA
Article about fund raising back home
Photograph of Groups from the Camps featuring Stalag Luft III, Stalag IVC, Oflag IIIC, Campo PG78, Stalag XVIIIB, Stalag VIIA, Stalag IXC, Stalag XXIA
News from the Far East and associated Camps
Parcel Points article
How to make these slippers
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps
PoW Exams Article


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.