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The Prisoner of War

Journal supplied courtesy of Phil Knott.

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Prisoner of War publication, January 1944, Vol. 2 No. 21, presented by The Red Cross.

New Year news, concens over being able to reach Japanese PoWs, letters from German PoWs who have been transferred from Italian camps

Photograph - PoWs at Stalag IVC.
General articles about meetings, parcels, etc

Article entitled "Welcome to my Stalag" by Gunner N. Gould all about life in a PoW camp

Photograph - Interior hut at Stalag Luft III and Trying on costumes for a play at Oflag 64Z.
Camp reports from Stalag IXC (Hanover and Brunswick), Hospital at Egendorf, Hospital at Hildburghausen, Hospital at Obermassfeld, Stalag VIIC, Hospital at Freising (Bavaria), Oflag 64, Oflag IXAH Spangenberg near Kassel (Thuringia)
Photograph of The Band at Stalag IXC, Arts & crafts at Oflag 64.
Camp reports from Stalag XIIIC Hammelburg Am Main (Franconia) and Work Camps, Stalag IXC and work detachments
Details of more camps including Oflag VIC, Oflag VA, Oflag XIIB, Stalag VIIIA, Stalag XIIA, Stalag XIIF

Photograph of The Band at Stalag XXB/328, Empire games at Fort 15, Stalag XXA and Figures carved by a PoW at Marlag und Milag.
"The Brighter Side" article on activites, shows and sports taking place at the camps

Photograph of Groups from the Camps showing Oflag VB, Oflag VIIB, Marlag und Milag, Stalag XXIA, Staag Luft III, Stalag IVA, Stalag 383, Stalag XVIIID

Photograph of Boxing match at B.A.B. 20,, Winning the long jump at Stalag Luft III, Group of PoWs at Oflag VIIC.
Letters from Stalag IVB, Stalag XVIIIA, Oflag VA, Stalag XXB, Stalag IVB and Oflag VIIB
Photograph sports meeting at Oflag VIIB, Wedding bells at Vittel (France), Members of Stalag XVIIIA.
Letters from Stalag VIIA, Stalag IVB, Oflag VIIB, Stalag VIIIB, Stalag XXID
Photograph of the Civilian Internment camp at St. Denis (France) and Empire games at Stalag XXA.
Letters from Stalag VIIIB, Oflag XIIB, Stalag 383, Stalag VIIA, Stalag XXID

Article on "The Men Who Visit The Camps"
Photograph of Dr Descoeudres, Red Cross, watching PoWs peeling potatoes at Stalag XXA

Photograph of Devine Service at Keijo Camp, Korea
Article "News about the Far East" featuring reports on camps and issues in Japanese camps

Article "Japan's attitude to he Prisoners"

Article "How they help the funds" with picture of fund raisers.
United Red Cross action to get supplies to the Far East
How to make a jumper
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps
PoW Exams Article


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.