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The Prisoner of War

Journal supplied courtesy of Phil Knott.

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Prisoner of War publication, December 1943, Vol. 2 No. 20, presented by The Red Cross.

Cartoon about Christmas dinner in a camp
News on closure of Italian camps, escapes and movement to German camps
News on lack of Red Cross approval to visit Far East camps

Photograph - Christmas dinner in a camp, what it is made from
About food parcels and coincidences (two brothers meeting at Stalag XXA)

Article on "Their country life", what interests the PoWs have in spite of their capture
Photograph - Rabbit keepers at Stalag VIIIB

Photograph Concert Party at Stalag XXID/9, View of Oflag IX A/H and Cooking at Stalag XVIIIA.
Reports from Stalag Luft 1, Barth-Vogelsang, Stalag Luft III, Sagan (North Silesia), Stalag XIIIC, Hammelburg am Main (Franconia)
Photograph of Working party attached to Stalag XXID, Summer day at Oflag IX A/H and Stalag Lufe III under construction.
Reports from Stalag XXA, Thorn, Poland, Stalag XXB, Marienburg, Poland, Stalag XXID, Posen, Poland

Photograph of PoWs from Stalag IIID.
Reports from Oflag IXA/H Spangenberg (Near Kassel), Oflag IXA/Z Rottenburg, on the River Fulda, Stalag XVIIIA Wolfsberg, Hospital at Freising (Bavaria)(Stalag VIIA), Hospital at Ebelsbach (Stalag XIIIC), Stalag IIID Berlin-Steglitz, Oflag VIIIB Eichstatt (Bavaria)

Photograph of Christmas at Stalag Luft III.
Letters they write home from Switzerland, Stalag 383, Stalag Luft III, Stalag VIIIB (E561), Stalag XXB (2), Stalag XVIIIA

Photograph of Pantomime and Football team at B.A.B. 21, Members of Stalag XXID 11.
Letters from Stalag Luft VI, Stalag VIIIB, Stalag XXB 562, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag 383, Oflag VIIB, B.A.B. 21
Photograph last Christmas at B.A.B. 20, Sorting potatoes at Stalag XVIIIA, Group at Oflag IVC.
Letters from Oflag IVC, Stalag IIID 528, Biberrach, Stalag XXA (3), Stalag VIIA, Stammlager Luft III, Stalag VIIA, Oflag VIIB
Photograph of Groups from the camps featuring Stalag IVC, Stalag IIID, B.A.B. 21, Stalag VIIA, Stalag XVIIIA, Oflag IX AH and Stalag XXA

Article on "The Returned Prisoner" and how you can help them adjust

Photograph of Boxing at Stalag 383, Tea and Music at Stalag Luft I, Wnter sports at Stalag XVIIIA.
Article on fun and games

Photograph of Parcels received at Shamshuipo Camp, Hong Kong.
News from the Far East

Article about where Java and Sumatra are. Warning not to exceed 25 words for letters to Japanese camps. How they are helping article.
Repatriated PoWs article.
Prisoners from Italy article.
How to make these braces
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps
PoW Exams Article


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.