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The Prisoner of War

These journals are all supplied courtesy of Jim Wicketts.

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Prisoner of War publication, April 1944, Vol. 2 No. 24, presented by The Red Cross. Supplied by Jim Wicketts and his daughter, Louise.

Photograph of members of Feldpost 27570 in Rumania
Articles from the Editor on Soap supplies, laundry experience, German censors stamps, Officers from Italy

Photograph of theatre staff at Stalag Luft 3
Photograph of British PoWs who escaped from Italy now at Wil, St Gallen, Switzerland
Articles on Tennis racquets, Feathers from Heaven at Stalag IVA, Sporting Event, Satisfied Miner at Stalag IVC, On the Railway at Stalag IVD camp J501, In the Mountains at Campo 53 and Stalag XVIIA, Packing-case Class Rooms, A journey delayed at Stalag IVC, Internees' Tribute at Wurzach, Their street address at Stalag VIIIB (344), A Stalag in London exhibition

Photograph of The Most Rev. C. F. Garbett DD, Archbishop of York
"A Message to Relatives" from the Archbishop of York

Photograph of Prisoners at Stalag Luft 6
Photograph of work in a lumber camp at Stalag XVIIIA/91GW
Official reports from the camps featuring Stalag Luft 6 (Heydekrug), Oflag IVC (Colditz), Oflag VA (Weinsberg), Stalag VIIIB, Oflag XIIB (Hadamar), Stalag IV/D, Stalag VIIB (Eichstatt)

Drawing of an interior at Oflag VIIB by a camp member
Photograph inside a sick room in the hospital at Vittel
Photograph of a game of football at Stalag XVIIIA/10030GW
Photograph of a cradle made from Red Cross packing cases at Vittel
Official reports from the camps featuring Oflag 64 (Schubin), Stalag IV/B (Muehlberg), Stalag IVD (Torgau), Stalag 317/XVIIIC (Markt Pongau), Stalag XVIIIA (Wolfsberg)

Photograph of PoW sitting on his bed at Stalag XVIIIA
Official reports from the camps featuring Stalag XVIII A/Z (Spittal), Dongelberg (Belgium), Civilian Internment Camps Vittel (France), Camp List
Article "This will interest you" about representatives of SSAFA in every UK town

Photograph of two members of Stalag XVIIIA (306) feeding their pet rabbit
The Letters They Write Home from Feldpost 27570 (Rumania), Stalag XIA, Biberach, Stalag IVG, Stalag XVIIA, Stalag XXA (72), Oflag VIIIF
Photograph of boxers and onlookers at Stalag XXID 7
Photograph of water polo at Stalag 383
Photograph of nuns and other internees at Liebenau
Letters They Write Home from Stalag XVIIA, Stalag IIID, Stalag IVG, Oflag VIIIF, Stalag VIIIB, Stalag XXID, Stalag IVB

Photograph washing day at Stalag XXIA
Photograph of dance band at Stalag XXB 363
Photograph of rabbit breeding hobby at BAB 20
The Letters They Write Home from Oflag VIIIF, Stalag IVG, Stalag 398, Stalag VIIA, Oflag XIIB, Stalag IVF
Photograph of a day last summer at BAB 21
Photograph of basket ball in the courtyard at Stalag XXIA
The Letters They Write Home from Oflag VA, Stalag IVD T526, Stalag 398, Oflag VIIIF, Stalag XXB, Adelboden (Berne), Campo PG 53, Stalag VIIIB
Groups from the camps featuring Stalag VIIA, Stalag XXIA, Stalag Luft 3, Stalag XIIIC, Stalag VIIIA, BAB 21, Marlag und Milag Nord

Article "Do the parcels really get there?"
Article "How they help"

Photographs of parcels in Basle (Switzerland) and International Red Cross volunteers re-addressing parcels, mail being sorted at Geneva
Article "Mail for Italy" how redirected mail gets transferred to correct locations
The Brighter Side
Photograph of a play at Stalag IVA
News from Oflag VIIB, Stalag IVA, Stalag IVB, Biberach, Vittel, Oflag IX A/Z, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag XXID, Luft III
How to make soft slippers
Exam results
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps


If you are mentioned in these articles, know someone who is or recognise your letter home or your photograph, please do get in touch.