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The Prisoner of War

These journals are all supplied courtesy of Jim Wicketts.

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Prisoner of War publication, April 1943, Vol. 1 No. 12, presented by The Red Cross. Supplied by Jim Wicketts and his daughter, Louise.

Photograph - Editorial staff of Stalag XXA's camp magazine "Fortissimo"
Articles regarding PG47, two brothers in the same camp who have only met once in a year, must you really ask? article on asking irrelevant questions to the POW Journal team, Prison camp journals/newspapers for XXA and XXD called "Fortissimo" and "The Idler"

Photograph - two old school pals who met again at Campo PG 59
Article on Stalag XXA magazine "The Good Companions", letter snippets from 2nd Lieut. J. C. Burrough, Nephew meets uncle in camp by A. B. Douglas Smart RN, gratitude for books by an RE Officer in Campo PG 41, gratitude for parcels from Stalag XXB(9) and Campo PG 75, Prisoners' Pie published at Stalag XXA,
Farmyard football by Driver A L R Low of Angus N B, Sports kit in Campo PG 53, Flag day at Stalag XVIIIA, Italian camp parcels at Campo PG 35, How the Red Cross is helping POWs

Article on "How we help next of kin"
Photograph of Sports Day at Stalag XXA
Official reports from the camps featuring Stalag IVA (Reserve Lazaret, Elsterhorst), Stalag 319 (Cholm), Oflag IXA/Z (Rottenburg/Fulda), Oflag IXA/H (Spangenburg), Stalag XXID and Work Camp 11 (Posen), Stalag VIIA and Work Camps
Photograph of working party at Stalag VIIA
Official reports from Bau und Arbeits Battalions 20/21/40/48 (Heydebreck), Stalag XXA and Work Camps (Thorn), Stalag XXB and Work Camps (Willenberg), Stalag XXB (Reserve Lazaret, Marienberg), Stalag XVIIIA and Work Camps (Wolfsberg)
Photograph of Stalag XVIIIA
Official reports from Stalag XVIII A/Z (Reserve Lazaret Spittal/Drau), Stalag XVIIIB (Wagna, near Leipnitz, Stalag IVC (Reserve Lazaret Bilin), Stalag XIIIC (Reserve Lazaret Ebelsbach), Stalag IVA (Reserve Lazaret Konigswartha), Stalag IXC 432B (Reserve Lazaret Egendorf), Stalag VIIIB (Reserve Lazaret Cosel), Oflag IVC (Colditz)
Italian camp official reports featuring Military Hospital at Parma, Military Hospital Seminario Vescovile Udine, Campo PG 102 (Aquila),
Photograph of British prisoners transferred from Caserta Hospital (in photo) to a hospital at Nocera
Photograph of Oflag IVC (Colditz)
Official reports from Campo PG 129, Campo PG 78 (Sulmona), Campo PG 59 (Servigliano), Campo PG 54, Campo PG 53, Campo PG 38 (Poppi), Campo PG 12 (Vincigliata), Campo PG 47
Photograph of PoWs beside the swimming pool at Dulag Luft
Photograph of boxing match at BAB 48 Heydebreck
Photograph (half) of four members of Campo PG 52
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Stalag Luft 3, Stalag XXB/48, Ilag VII, Campo PG 38, Stalag VIIIB Kdo-E272, Stalag XXA (130), Oflag IXA/Z

Photograph (other half)
Photograph of actors of BAB 40/1 Heydebreck 5 O/S
Photograph of a working party attached to Stalag XXID/9
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Oflag IIIC, Campo PG 66, Stalag XVIIIB, Campo PG 70, Marlag und Milag, Campo PG 78, Stalag XVIIIA, Stalag XXID/9, Stalag VIIA, Oflag IXA/H,
Photograph of PoWs at Campo PG 73
Article "The Letters They Write Home" from Stalag VIIIB, Campo PG 54, Campo PG 65, Campo PG 17, Campo PG 82, Campo PG 21, Campo PG 203
Article on Letters to Prisones of War
Photograph of groups from the camps featuring Stalag IXC/KDO 310, Oflag IX A'H, Heydebreck O'S 5'2 BAB 20, Stalag IVA, Campo PG 73, Stalag XVIIIB, Stalag IIID, Oflag IIIC
Photograph of first consignment of Red Cross parcels reaching Singapore
News from the Far East featuring Kanagawa camp, Nagawa (or Shinagawa), Park Central in Yokohama
Article "Letters reach Japan"
Article on Oflag XXIB and updated Camp List
Photograph of Maori entertainers at XVIIIA
Article "Our Readers Help the Funds"
Article entitled "Fun and Games" featuring Stalag IXC, Stalag VIIIB, Stalag VIIB, Campo PG 35 (Padula), Stalag XVIIIA
Mentioning Bob Blair and Pat O'Shaye
Photograph of Sea Scout at 13 and Cabin Boy Prisoner at 14
Article "Is he our youngest prisoner?" about Jackie Hipkin
Article "Where the Money Goes"
Parcel Points article
Penguin books
Examinations and education at Stalags
How to make these mittens
Questions from family about PoWs, letters and camps
The British Spirit article


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