Information for Veterans and their families

Mary Cunha

Mary's son, Pedro, contacted me when he was trying to trace the families of Anthony Rothera and Waldo Dawson, with whom his Portuguese mother corresponded when she was a young school girl whilst the two men were PoWs.

Pedro has kindly produced a list of all the information he possess and scanned all the documents that are in his possession and provided a copy of them on CD to the families as well as for this website.

Permission has been granted by all parties to produce the information here. As the files are so in depth and quite large. Please select the year you want as follows:


To view the contents of the zip file, Pedro has kindly provided an Excel spreadsheet with every detail listed. Please click here to view it.

Here are a few examples of the kind of letters and information that Pedro has kept so carefully and can be viewed in the zip file (click to enlarge)

Postcard to Mary from Tony Rothera dated 19th August 1941
Photo of Tony Rothera dated 15th September 1941
Letter to Mary from Tony Rothera dated 27th July 1941
Letter dated 16th January 1943 to Mary from Faith Dolphin
Postcard to Mary from Tony Rothera dated 19th December 1941
Christmas card to Mary dated 13th November 1943 from Tony Rothera
Receipt for food parcel on 24th November 1941 by Tony Rothera

If you have any problems downloading the Zip file or require specific letters or postcards of interest, please contact me with the appropriate document number and I will forward them to you.

In November 2008 I heard from Pedro again with the following information:

"Dear Krista,
In 2006, we exchanged emails about the letters from 2 WWII POW's to my mother and you helped me to find the families of those POW's.

I am writing you again to inform that next Tuesday, Dec 3, we are personally delivering the originals of all those documents to the guard of "The Second World War Experience Centre" in Leeds.

We are happy to know that the son of one of the POW's, Ian Rothera, is joining us for the hand delivery. I have noticed that you posted the copies of the documents on www.wwiimemories.com - thank you for helping us to preserve the memories of those, like my mother, were directly or indirectly involved in WWII!

Best regards
Pedro Coimbra"