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Forced March

Here is the account from Christopher Wilson, D. Hobbs, H. Pitt and J. Denyer - PoWs on the forced march to freedom. If you have any additional information, please contact Keith

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1082 were at roll call and started the march from BAB21 Blechammer, they were split into groups to commence the march, each taking a slightly different route, they remained throughout the march in a narrow corridor. I have four recorded routes, this suggests that the prisoners formed four groups of between 250 to 350 men per group, this ties in with German guidelines for the movement of the prisoners as the Russians advanced into Poland.

It is only when the four routes are shown together that it becomes evident that the march was well organized, the rest days mostly coordinated.

Towards the end of the march when the groups were held at Colmdorf for approx 3 weeks, it is interesting to note that the movements from there all started on the 9th April, and all entering Moosburg on the same date.