Information for Veterans and their families


Here are a list of links that I feel are worth a look at, even though some of them make quite distressing reading.  With this kind of information, you could have an endless supply of links and I will continue adding to them as I find them.  If you wish to submit a link to your veteran story or WWII information, please drop me an email via the Feedback button on the Contact page.  I would be most grateful if you would add a link to this site from yours also.

Useful Contacts
National Archives (formerly Public Record Office), Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU. 
Tel: 020 8876 3444
Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ
Tel: 020 7416 5342
War Pensions Agency
(Ministry of Defence)

This is where I found my father's PoW record card.   You need to be either the serviceman/woman, their widow/er or dependent to obtain this information. You will also need a Death Certificate.

Forces Reunited. Site dedicated to all service personnel of the Army, Navy and RAF.
Mesothelioma Center (Asbestos.com) devoted to assisting veterans through their application processes for VA benefits


QVR (KRRC) Specific
Sacrifice at Calais discusses the QVRs efforts to ensure the rescue of troops at Calais. (Now a subscription service)
Operation Dynamo discusses the mass evacuation from Dunkirk and the role of the QVRs in that.
About the Queen Victoria Rifles (QVR).
Parliamentary discussion on value of Territorial Army quoting the QVRs at Calais
There is a QVR museum at Zwarteleenstraat 40, 8902 Zillebeke, Belgium
Royal Green Jackets Museum
Dedicated to The Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, The Kings Royal Rifle Corp and The Rifle Brigade


World War II (PoW and Experiences)
The Second World War Experience contains diaries, memories, veterans, bulletin board and links.
National Ex-Prisoner of War Association promotes the welfare of those with UK or Allied Service who were taken as POWs.
Prisoner of War. Dedicated to the experiences of PoWs of all nationalities during WWII.
BBC WW2 People's War - Features memories, experiences, research, events and teaching aids.
John Dale Chew - PoW in Stalag XXIB, Poland. Features documents, letters, photographs, concerts, maps and reunion information.
George Smith Longster - History of George's capture and imprisonment in Italy and Stalag XVIII C, Markt Pongau, Austria. George is nearly 95 so would probably be on of the older prisoners in the camp who helped build the chapel.
The Wartime Memories Project - Dealing with both WWI and WWII, photographs, PoW lists, requests for help and general information.
Royal Leicestershire Regiment - Detailing personal accounts of those who served with the regiment, history, photographs and general information on "The Tigers".
Stalag IV C - French site dedicated to this Stalag and those who were PoWs or involved with it in some other way.
Stalag 383 - PoW diary of Bill Clark whilst held prisoner in Hohenfels, Bavaria
Veterans Day Diary - YouTube diary of two WWII veterans that were reunited by CA Living History (3mins 38secs)
Grim Determination - Bill Cheall's story of his time during WWII
May Hill's WWII Diaries - 70 years on. May Hill’s previously quiet English seaside village became an unwitting target for enemy aircraft, her only son a young volunteer in the RAF, her husband a Coastguard, and close family members early casualties.
Francesco Carovillano - Video of grandfather's WWII memories, PoW at Stalag 8A.
Camp 59 Survivors - Blog detailing those who survived this Italian PoW camp. Full of relative stories and useful information.
A.L. Weeks - Memories of a War. A.L. is a WWII veteran and Battle of the Bulge survivor.
Bede David - He was a child living in Sussex during WWII and shares his memories on the BBC website.

The Memory Project - The Memory Project will provide every living Second World War veteran with the opportunity to share their memories through oral interviews and digitized artefacts and memorabilia.

Fighting Through - A Green Howard's Wartime Memoir. Also features other soldiers memories on the News page.

Save Every Step - Writing home, WWII Letters to relatives, friends and family

Goon in the Block - by Don Edy, chronicling the historic WWII experiences of a young RCAF Pilot Officer
Memories of War - Photographs, oral history and personal memories of WWII
Robert Oliver Brigden - Flying Officer from Edmonton, Middlesex, crew on a Mosquito of "A" Flight, 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron. His WWII story and photographs. WW2 Awards he received and an eyewitness account (translated by Google).
WWII PoW Archive - Search facility


Stalag XXA/B Specific Pages
WW2 Memories Project - Stalag XXA POW Camp
Memories of Jack Durey
Wartime Guides - Blog dedicated to those imprisoned in Stalag XXA in Thorn from 1939-1945.


World War II General Information
Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War by Tony Sale.  Includes information on the Enigma, Lorenz and Colossus, and Bletchley Park museum
Second World War Armour, listing tanks from all the countries involved
Britain's Secret WWII Weapons Revealed.  News article from the BBC
A Cybrary of the Holocaust
Memorial and Museum, Auschwitz-Birkenau
St Manvieu War Cemetary
Cheux Calvados

Seems to be primarily for those killed between June and July 1944.

This information was found by a lady whose uncle served in the 2nd bn Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow).  Thank you Mary.

Commonwealth War Graves Commision
List of WWII Historical Materials on the Internet
World War II a British focus
Phil's World War II Pages featuring a variety of facts and figures, and articles.
Lone Sentry - Photographs, articles and research on the European Theatre in WWII
Oral History Project - The D.C. Everest School District Oral History Project is a non-profit student volunteer organization that works to chronicle the life experiences of people involved in Twentieth Century and recent historical events. The organization, founded in 1999, has been very active, producing eight books on subjects including the Hmong, the Vietnam War, the Korean War the Great Depression, and 2 books on WWII.
Eden Camp is located in Malton, North Yorkshire and is a living museum dedicated primarily to WWII history but expanded over the last few years to cover the First Great War and post-1945 conflicts. They also have war re-enactments and host reunions.
The Royal Norfolk Regiment Museum, Market Avenue, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3JQ. Telephone 01603 493650.
Dilip Sarkar - Dilip is a recognised authority on the Spitfire, the Battle of Britain in general and RAF fighter pilots 1939-45. He has written the only family-authorised books on both Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie Johnson and Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, and is Honorary Historian to the Douglas Bader Foundation. A variety of WWII RAF and Royal Navy research information included.
Western Desert Battlefield Tours - Guided tours of the battlefields of North Africa

Everything WWII - Directory of information on WWII

Out of Battle - Musings of a military historian
Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945 - Description: The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler's Elite), and secondary there Leaders.
Shmoop - a new learning and teaching resource, lovingly made by professionals and academics from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard and other top universities. It is an online study guide for books, literature, essays, poems, US history, & quotes.
The Scanning Project - A website dedicated to keeping documentation and the history of WWII alive.
The National WWII Museum - Located in New Orleans, USA and dedicated to keeping WWII information alive with exhibits and talks
WWII Facts - Facebook and Twitter accounts remembering the history of WWII
Romania in WWII - Facebook page with a huge amount of photographs detailing Romania during WWII
Eldred WWII Museum - Located in Eldred, Pennysylvania, USA remembering the service and sacrifice by those in WWII
Parham Airfield Museum - Located in Suffolk and comprising the 390th Bombardment Group Memorial Air Museum and the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation
Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler's Elite), and secondary their Leaders.
WW2 Wrecks - details of ships, aircraft and submarine wrecks from WWII.


The rise of Adolf Hitler by Professor Jeremy Noakes at the BBC
The life and times of Sir Winston Churchill


WWII and other war veterans experiences
OldOpps provides details of Navy, Army and RAF units since World War II, both in the UK and US. The WWII US Veterans Website includes forum, collectibles, roll call, memory lane and links.
World War II Oral History includes photo gallery, poems, interviews, stories and links. Golden Arrow Military Research - information on what roles people had during WWI, WWII and the Korean War
Guernsey Evacuees Oral History - children, teachers and mothers who fled Guernsey to mainland Britain in June 1940, just a few days prior to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands. James Woolcock's experiences in "My Father - An Ordindary Hero" written by his son. Available from CopyRight Publishing or directly from Steve Woolcock
Diary of Herman K. Beaber, an American WWII PoW in Los Banos Philippines The Death March - Accounts of the forced march to liberation from the various camps
The March - Also known as the Death March. A series of forced marches during the final stages of the Second World War in Europe. From a total of 257,000 western Allied prisoners of war held in German military prison camps, over 80,000 POWs were forced to march westward across Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany in extreme winter conditions, over about four months between January and April 1945.  


General Military Information 
Grunt's Military Site  The Frontlines: To empower members of the armed forces, veterans, family and friends through a network that provides resources, education, and the ability to creatively share their stories from the frontlines.

D-Day: The Greatest Invasion - A People's History - this book is written by military historian Dan Van Der Vat with an introduction by John S.D. Eisenhower.

Finer Times: Information on WWII but also covering American Wars, Middle East, history of war, spys and weapons of war. 


Geneology Information
RootsWeb - Primarily for those searching for relatives from the USA. Some UK data. Ancestry - Information for UK families.
Parish Chest - Variety of information and links to help those researching their geneology.  


Miscellaneous Information
A Student's Guide to Air Warfare - Article written by Ronnie Hooten Spoils - WWII Fiction - Spoils is a fictional thriller set up during World War II and the great Nazi loot of art carried across Europe, showcasing derring-do and conscience struggles.
Victory Theater : Hollywood at War - Excellent Blog all about what part the stars took during WWII and more. Secret Tunnels - Deep beneath South Heighton, one mile north of Newhaven in East Sussex, lie the forgotten remains of a once vibrant maritime intelligence centre. Recent research revealed just how vital this secret establishment was to the war effort.