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12th Minesweeping Flotilla
19th Division (Camp Tophat)
67th General Hospital Somerset
97th General Services and 166th AAA Regiments
162nd Fortress Infantry (France)
165th Signals Photo Company USA (Chipping Sodbury, UK)
747th Tank Batallion

67th General Hospital, Somerset

Lisa is an American living in Somerset, England. When she was in the local hospital giving birth to her daughter almost 7 years ago, she became fascinated with the hospital itself and started asking questions.

She learned that it was built by the Americans during WWII and that it was the 67th General Hospital, staffed by a group from Maine. The original building is still standing and is being used to this day. The hospital is now called Musgrove Park Hospital.

Lisa would be grateful for any information at all as she has decided to write a book about the origins of this hospital.

If you have any information, please contact Lisa

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97th General Services Regiment (US Army Corp of Engineers) and 166th AAA Battalion (US Army).

Paul, from Arizona, has been trying, with limited success, to find information on his father's and an uncle's WWII outfits.

His father, Dan Mardian, was in the 97th General Services Regiment (US Army Corp of Engineers) and his uncle, Jim Evkhanian, was in the 166th AAA Battalion (US Army).

They were both from Pasadena, CA and both served in the Pacific Theatre from 1943-45 in New Guinea and the Philippine Islands.

Paul has had several "lines in the water" over the past year but with little or no success. His father and uncle are still living and would love to get information on the Regiments or hear from old commrades.

If you can help with any information, please contact Paul

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747th Tank Batallion

George Goldstein was a member of the 747th Tank Batallion and was on the Omaha Beach during the invasion. He also was in battle at St Lo and the Battle of the Bulge. He would like to find other members of the batallion.

If you can help with any information or were in the batallion yourself, please contact George

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12th Minesweeping Flotilla

Did you serve in this regiment between 1944 and 1946? If so, please contact Thelma as she is trying to help a neighbour, Kenneth Barrett, find some old comrades.

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162nd Fortress Infantry Regiment (France)

B. Larquetou is looking for their father who was in the 162nd Fortress Infantry (France). It seems that he was captured on 20th June 1940 at Laneuveville, just before Nancy. He was imprisoned to start with in a front stalag, then taken towards the East possibly to Stalag IIIC.

Does anyone know if the 162nd were actually imprisoned in this Stalag?

Please contact Larquetou if you have any information.

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19th AAA Division (556 and 559 AAA Division) - Camp Tophat

Jean Dillen is working on a book about the American repatriation camp Tophat in Antwerp/Belgium 1945-46. He is trying to locate ex-service men for whom Antwerp was their last foothold in Europe when the war ended. Miss Sherilyn Nantz is also kindly helping him with the research.

The camp was set up by the 19th AAA Division with the 556 and 559 AAA Divisions in the leading role. They had a 'tophat' as their unit symbol which was painted on their vehicles and later the name Tophat became the name of the camp. More than 270,000 men were processed here on their trip home.

The American forces set up a series of camps to bring their troops home after the end of hostilities. Mostly in France and they were named 'Cigarette Camps' as each had the name of a cigarette brand (Camp Lucky Strike, Camp Pall Mall, Camp Chesterfield, etc). Out of line, Tophat was named after the unit which build it, but a Belgian cigarette company manufactured 'Tophat cigarettes' so it became unintentionally a cigarette camp after all.

The former site of Camp Tophat is still there. When it was evacuated in April 1946, a park was created at the site. A brook and pumping station are called Tophat so the name will live for generations to come.

Jean does the lay-out for the book for a set of 3 friends/authors. They did a lot of digging at the site and found amazing things from camp life. As the ex-service men were allowed only one souvenir gun to take home, and many had an arsenal with them, a lot started digging to get rid of these things. The collection of the trio now includes Schmeisser guns, Colt, bajonetts and several cases of material beyond imagination. Even 1941 marked Coca Cola bottles are found and filled again courtesy the local Coca Cola Company.

The book is basically a photobook with some text. The authors and Jean are looking for any Tophat related material. They are lacking anything of the Tophat unit which gave its name to the camp.

Please contact Jean if you have any information on the AAA Divisions or the camp itself.

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165th Signals Photo Company

Looking for information on Chipping Sodbury WWII US 165th Signals Photo Company. Searching for a gentleman called Malcolm (surname unknown). Any info please contact me or Carly.

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