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Tannenbaum, Albert
Tague, John Francis (aka Jack)
Tapley, Harry
Tasic, Spasa
Taylor, Douglas F
Taylor, Henry (Ted) Edward George
Taylor, Reginald Charles
Taylor, Norman F
Tennant, Alexander
Terrana, Victor
Thatcher, Dale
Thomas, Christopher Henry Lodge
Thomas, Clifford
Thomassin, Edouard
Thompson, Peter Sidney
Thompson, William A
Thouless, Leslie
Thyme, HMS
Tinnuche, Gwilym (Mel/Shorty)

Tiwana, K. Z.
Tismer, Joachim
Todd, W. Wylton
Tomalak, Waclaw
Tophat, Camp (19th AAA Division)
Torrance, S.F.
Tuffield, Frederick Peter
Turner, Geoff
Turner, Robert
Turner, William George
Tysall, Herbert

Dale Thatcher

Larry Thatcher is looking for information on his father, Dale Thatcher, who was a radioman in the 101st Airborne attached to the British 1st Airborne at Arnhem. Dale was captured at the Hartenstein Hotel on September 26, 1944. Larry is trying to find any information about Dale's unit. Dale served under a Lt. Johnson, with Lt. Geddes and Sgt. Jones. They flew into Arnhem in a Waco Glider.

Larry would appreciate any information that anyone can provide.

Larry has told me "I just got something in mail from the Arnhem Battle Research Group. There is a book by the name of "Tugs and Gliders to Arnhem". This book information includes mention of my dad, his group, the glider pilot names, glider chalk number, and the other prison camp numbers where the rest of his group ended up. He has had no contact with any of the other men since they were captured 59 years ago. I might be able to find out a little about them this way."

Click here to visit David Parker's site and find out more about Dale Thatcher.

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Gwilym (Mel/Shorty) Tinnuche

Nicki is trying to research her grandfathers movements during WWII. All she knows is that he joined the Welsh Fusiliers, who then (it is thought) joined the Durham Light Infantry. He was part of 46 Division Signal Regiment.

Nicki knows he was in Egypt and Salerno.

Gwilym was also known as Mel or Shorty.

If you can help at all, please contact Nicki

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Waclaw Tomalak

Mark's father, Waclaw Tomalak (known as Walter Tomalak in Canada), was forced into the German Army as a young man, captured and put into a PoW camp in Scotland.

After this he became a Polish Paratrooper for the Allies.(eg: Arnhem).

Mark was wondering where he could find more information on where in Scotland he was held and other bits of information.

His Army Book lists his name as Waclaw Tomalak, Army No: 38418132 but this is crossed off and has a DRC No: 30045771 in red.

If you have any information, please contact Mark

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Alexander Tennant

Gale MacDonald is looking to find anyone who can help her trace her father's medals.

Tthey were lost many years ago and he recently passed away. Gale is trying to find out how to go about getting them back to keep them in the family.

Her father's name was Alexander Dewar Patrick Tennant. He served six years in Burma.

If you have any information that can help in tracing these medals, please contact Gale

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Sergeant Geoff Turner

Jon is conducting some research for an article to be published in the Extralife Magazine, the in-house voice of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, where, at a care scheme in Wolverhampton, one Geoff Turner and his wife now live.

Geoff was a Sergeant in the South Staffs Regiment, and was part of the evacuation from Dunkirk.

If there is anyone who new Geoff, or remembers being evacuated with him, Jon would be interested to hear from them.

If you can help, please contact Jon via email or, alternatively, contact me via the feedback button and I will pass on Jon's telephone number to you. Please put "Geoff Turner" in the subject line and the nature of your contact. Thank you.

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HMS Thyme

Did you serve on this ship between 1944 and 1946? Were you in the 12th Minesweeping Flotilla? If so, please contact Thelma as she is trying to help a neighbour, Kenneth Barrett, find some old comrades.

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John Francis Tague (aka Jack)

John is trying to find out more about his father, John Francis Tague (known as Jack). He was a Private in the 1st Batalion Worcestershire Regiment Number 5257113. The only thing John knows about him is via a Christmas greeting sent to his mother from camp P.G.53 Settore III on December 18th 1942. Also on the greeting is "Military Post P.M 3300". John Snr did say to his son that he managed to escape and fight with the partisans.

If you have any information on John Snr, any photographs or remember him from the camp, please contact John.

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John Toole

Jay's father was a private first class in the US Army and captured in France in the fall of 1944.He was then detained in Stalag IIA (2A) until liberated by the Russians in 1945.

His name was John Toole,and he was from Lackawanna, New York and 33 years old when captured (older than most GIs).

If you have any information on John, any photographs or remember him from the camp, please contact Jay

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Looking for information on Second Lieutenant K. Z. Tiwana, 3/1 Punjab Rigement British Indian Army who killed in action in
Libya in December 1941.

His son is trying to find out how he was first wounded, then killed and in which battle.

If you have any information on Lieutenant Tiwana, please email

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Clifford (Cliff) William Thomas

Tony is trying to locate information on his late uncle, Clifford (Cliff) William Thomas, RASC, from Cardiff, South Wales.

All Tony knows is that Cliff joined the RASC in Cardiff 1939, and was in the second wave landing at D-Day, then through France and onto Germany where he was one of the first British troops to find Belsen in an RASC motorcycle troop of 5 bikes.

Tony knows he joined in 1939 and was in the BEF in France, at Dunkirk but actually witnessed the sinking of the Lancastria on July 14th 1940 off St Nazaire, got back to England on the next liner, the "Oransay", which was also bombed but limped home by the 17th July 1940. After that unknown locations until the D-Day landings and then Belsen.

Tony has two photographs only. The first says "Just Before we moved through Celle" and shows Cliff's troop on bikes together with what could be the background chimney from Belsen which is located "before Celles" (see Michael Bentine's account via Google).

His troop were listed on the photo as:

Bill Weaver
Bob Morris
Harold Austen
Jack Gasgoyne
Cliff Thomas

Any unit information on any of the troop in addition to that of Cliff would be most welcome.

From D-day research the RASC Units are most likely to be either the 522 RASC of the 50th Division off Gold Beach or the 48 RASC from 3rd Division who landed at Sword Beach.

If veterans from the RASC can help to confirm that once called up into the RASC soldiers stayed with the first division enlisted in unless it was subsequently captured or disbanded, that would help to narrow the search to 522 RASC, 50th Northumbrian Division which was the only match Tony found from the 1st BEF listing in May 1940.


Michael Bentine's url reference is in Wikipedia. The photo is very old and not emailable.

Since originally contacting you I have verified that the units approaching Belsen were all in 8 Corps which was responsible for the truce and the overall evacuation of the camp.

The only other unit which fits the previous event cycle is the 3rd Divsion which landed at Sword Beach on D-Day as part of No 1 British Corps, from the 3rd Division History of D-Day called Assault Division by Norman Scarfe I learnt, on about page 80 I think, that the 3rd Division transferred on August 1st 1944 to the 8 Corps where it remained until the end of the War.

From the site kcl oconnor I have traced the personal memoirs of LT Gen Sir Richard O'Connor, who was commanding general of the 8th Corps from Jan 1944 to Dec 1944 see link here which you may find very interesting.

If you have any information on Cliff or the troop, please email Tony.

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Looking for information on grandfather, William A Thompson S/SGT 38 119 822 Company C 16th infrantry Rifleman 745 reason for separation RR 1-1 Demobilization AR 615-365 15 Dec 44 service of schools attend PRCHT School. Service outside US Departure Date 27 Apr 43 E A M E Arrival Date 10 May 43 17 May US 28 May 45.

As Squad leader in an infantry company in the European Theater of Operations, led combat and reconnaissance patrol to determine location, number, and action of enemy.

Directed the use of infantry weapons to destroy enemy personnel and equipment and to capture and hold enemy personnel and positions.

It is also known that he was a PoW in Stalag IIA (2A) Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded two purple hearts, 4 battle stars, Pres, Citation GCM and Combat Infantry Badge. Lapel Button Issued ASR Score recieved 82nd Airborne.

If you have any information on William, please email

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Steve's grandfather-in-law died in August 2007 and since then he has been attempting to trace his military career, so he can compile the information into a booklet for his father-in-law's 60th birthday.

Unfortunately Steve hasn't really found that much information, although he has sent away for his Army records.

His name was Robert Turner and he served with the 2/4th Battalion, Essex Regiment from 1939 until 1944, where he was seconded to the Dorsets, for the Normandy campaign. He was then captured early August and Steve thinks was kept prisoner at Stalag X11A. He was re-patriated and spent 6 months at Osborne House, Isle of Wight recovering.

If you have any information on Robert, please email Steve

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Frederick A. Taylor

Doreen is looking for information on Frederick A. Taylor born 1917 Sevenoakes, Kent, England reportedly died defusing bombs in 1945-ish. He was a Grenedier Guard.

If you have any information on Frederick, please email Doreen

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Udine, Italy

Does anyone have information on a former PoW camp near Udine in Italy? Kate's father, as an Australian PoW, with the RAAF, helped to build a church in Udine, Church of Crucifixion, Premariacco.

If you have any information please contact me or Kate

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Herbert Tysall

Kathy is researching her great uncle, Herbert Tysall, PoW No: 12210 of M. Stammlager XXA (Stalag 3A).

Kathy is really hoping to find contacts with photographs of the Theatre performances as her family had a complete album which her nan lost in a housemove recently. This has devasted both her and the family as they had just arranged to have it copied and sent to the Warwickshire Regiment Museum. It was a truly wonderful account of life in the Stalag and any help would be so gratefully received.

If anyone knew of Kathy's great uncle she would be fascinated to share information.

If you have any information please contact Kathy

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Henry (Ted) Edward George Taylor

Carole would love to hear from anyone who knew or has memories of her father-in-law, Henry 'Ted' Edward George Taylor. Ted was in the 1st Battalion The Rifle Brigade B Company and was captured after the Fall of Calais.

Ted spent time in Torun (Thorn) and Marienburg and camp 34 and walked back from somewhere near Danzig in January 1945 arriving on the Dutch border on either the eve of or on VE Day.

Ted sadly died 10 days ago so can no longer help Carole finish writing up his wartime diaries and she has some gaps. There are also things in his dairy that she can't quite read. Carole would love to hear from anyone who can help

If you have any information please contact Carole

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Leslie Thouless

Mike says:

"I am trying to find info about my granfathers service during WWII. His name was Leslie Thouless, dob 30/10/1919. I believed he served with the Royal Norfolk Regiment as he lived in Norwich, Norfolk. As he sadly passed away in 2003, I do not know where to begin as to find any of his service history.

If you have any information please contact Mike

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Christopher Thomas

Roux is looking for information on Christopher Henry Lodge Thomas b.1909.

Roux says:

"I believe he signed up in September 1939, probably in the London area, but I don't know with whom.
I just found this at Ancestry POW Records:
C.H. Thomas
Green Howards
Stalag 1V-D/Z
Annaburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Infantry and Army Educational Corps Record Office, York (Office #20)"

Anyway, is there anyway to find out what this CH stands for? Is it Christopher Henry? Would he have made it home after the War?

If you have any information please contact Roux

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Joachim Tismer

Gabby says:

"I am looking for any information on an allied POW camp in Savoi France that held Germans as POWs. My grandfather, Bruno Wernicke (born 1901) was held here and released in 1946 or 1947.

Also my father was a POW held by Americans, but I don't know where. His name was Joachim Tismer. He was a youth at this time.

Don't know of you have information on Germans, but if you do, I am appreciative of any help you can provide."

If you have any information please contact Gabby

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S. F. Torrance

"My partners father was a PoW in WWII in Stalag Iv-c, Bystrice, (Wistriz) Czech Republic, S. F. Torrance, rank private, army number, 6407268, hampshire regiment, pow number, 222944. Would you have any further information or do you know where i could find any further information about him?"

If you have any information please email

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Frederick Peter Tuffield

"I am looking for information regarding Frederick Peter Tuffield who was a Staff Sergeant in the RAMC, Pune, India c1940 - 1946.

He married Merlyn Veronica Pinto in May 1943 at the Register Officer, Pune and they had a child Jennifer Victoria in May 1945.

Sadly, Frederick's cause of death in 1946 in the Pune army hospital, was barbituate poisoning (self-administered). We know he was a qualified chemist.

The family (I am the grandaughter of Frederick's brother) were aware of a possible marriage and child; I have had this verified today by the Army Historical Disclosures Section in Glasgow.

If anybody can add anything to this I would be very grateful."

If you have any information please email Sharon

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W. Wylton Todd

Peter wrote to say:

"My grandfather was W. Wylton Todd. He designed the memorial for the Great Escape 50 officers at Stalag Luft 3 after they were shot. He also directed some of the musicals at the camp with David Porter and other famous British singer/actors. I have lots of artifacts and can upload a couple if you'd like. One of particular interest is a journal with some of the musicals/plays written inside. I also have a photo of the memorial which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to appear on any websites I've located regarding the fallen 50.

Wylton, as a highly regarded architect of his time, was also commissioned to design the memorial chapel at Biggin Hill air base after the war. It was dedicated to the airmen in the Battle of Britain. Mr. Todd also designed the Wooden Horse Club for ex-POW officers in London. He later went on to design a palace for the Maharajah in Bombay, A massive Bahamian resort for Arthur Vining Davis (ALCOA), a home for Sir Rowland Robinson and luxury homes and hotels for many other prominent Brits.

Wylton was shot down in a wooden Mosquito Bomber on Feb 1944. Sadly, the pilot, Cmdr "Jumbo" Gracie went down with the plane. Wylton was an amazing man: Dedicated Flight Officer, successful architect, honorable patriot and talented musician.

Thanks for posting your site info. I was wondering if you have any other info on Wylton or any recorded music from the signed album I see on your site?"

If you have any information or know where to find the music, please email Peter

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Reginald Charles Taylor

Deb contacted me to say:

"My stepgrandad was Reginald Charles Taylor. I have some photo's of him and his colleagues at Lubeck Germany in 1945 and also of them at a barraks with a sign for the Nile in front of them. He was in the 10 Highland Light infantry. His private number was 5440981. He rarely talked about his war experiences and would often get teary if he spoke about it.

I would love to know anything about what he might have been involved with and where he went during the war."

Reginald top row, far right
Reginald on the right in the 2nd photo
Reginald on the right
Reginald on the right

If you have any information please email Deb

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William George Turner

Pat wrote to say:

"My father was in the Welsh Infantry, he was captured at Dunkirk and imprisoned at Stalag XXB, his name was William George Turner"

If you have any information, please email Pat

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Albert Tannenbaum

David emailed to say:

"I haven't got much to contribute to his time in OFLAG X11B, sorry. I was fascinated to find your web site. I'm just finishing an article about my father's experience in Arnhem.

His name was Lieutenant Albert Tannenbaum [he died in 1982] and his regiment was 'A' Company of the 2nd Parachute Regiment of the 1st Airborne Division, under Maj. Gen. John Frost. He was parachuted into Arnhem (Operation Market
Garden) on 17 September 1944, captured on 21 September. He was shot while 2 people tried to escape from the truck taking him to POW camp.
The truck slowed down in Brummen when the 2 (not my dad) made their escape.
An SS soldier turned his machine gun inside the truck and killed 4 men and fatally wounded 2 others, one of them a German guard! This 'incident' became a War Crime and my father gave evidence after the war. I have his affidavit.
If you're interested I can give you a web link with some photos and documents pertaining to this and the fighting in Arnhem.

They took him to hospital at Enschede and after recovery he was probably transported by train to OFLAG X11B Lower Camp. His POW No. was 93293. That's all I know. I remember him saying he was fed mainly black bread, probably pumpernickel (rye).

If you have any further information I would be very interested."

If you have any information, please email David

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Peter Sidney Thompson

Stacey wrote to say:

"Peter Sidney Thompson. 25/4/23 - 30/11/06. Reading, Berks. born. He was Able Seaman, I'm not aware of any nickname & his original papers were lost but not before we noticed he had size 4 1/2 shoe size when he joined + size 10 when he demobbed! His brother Ray Thompson served aboard Hms Colombo.

I have several photos from HMS Hunter (escort carrier) & a couple of anecdotes from my late father who served aboard her during WWII. The text I read by Dan Brocklebank corresponds to some of the photos - when the small Japanese vessel came out to escort HMS Hunter into Penang, I have a picture of the deck of the boat complete with Japanese servicemen & the rising sun flag aloft at the stern."

Click any image to enlarge.


If you have any information, please email Stacey

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Victor Terrana

David wrote to say:

"My wife's father was a personer in Stalag IIB, I was hoping that some one may have information about Victor Terrana. He was in the 26 Infantry. He lived in Rochester, NY and enlisted in the army on January 1, 1941. He was a Sergeant and was captured in North African Theatre: Sicily. He was in Stalag IIB (2B) Hammerstein (99 work camps in vicinity of Koslin & Stolp) West Prussia 53-17"

If you have any information, please email David

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Norman F. Taylor

Gary wrote to say:

"Norman F. Taylor, Born in Angus in 1916. Enlisted in the RAOC and was captured in or near St Valery in 1940. Sent originally to Besancon a Frontstalag in France he was then transferred to XXB where he remained for the rest of the War, working in local workcamps although I have never been able to find out where. He was on the Death March to Germany and was finally liberated by the Americans. After the War he farmed in Angus and lived a normal happy life.

A transcript of his diary from the march is attached along with photo's of the map he carried throughout the march, also attached is a list of his pals, we believe from the march as they are from different camps."

Here is the .pdf of the diary Norman kept of the March.

Death March map
Liberated at Dummerstruck
Beginning section in detail
End section in detail
Norman's friends from the March
Norman Taylor crouched, front centre of group
(Click to enlarge photo)

If you have any information, please email Gary.

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Douglas Taylor

Martin says:

"Looking for information on my Grandfather Sgt Douglas Taylor who was a PoW at Stalag XXA Thorn/Torun Poland, M-Stammlager XXA Gepruft 19, PoW No 17698. I just received a wad of photographs from my dad that I have never seen before. I don't know which unit he was in or his service number but he was in Thorn in 1943 and was a cook and played football. I have a photo of the Scotland team and the England team he played against. At the time of the war it appears my grandma was living in Inchmarlo in Kincardineshire. I grew up with them in Aberdeen."

Douglas Taylor, 3rd from left, front row
Names of Scotland team on the back of the photo
Douglas' 35th birthday party
Douglas Taylor, 3rd from left, front row

Photo sent by Pte James DB Cooper of Stalag XXB (66) probably to say he was ok. He identifies himself in the photo with a cross on his right shoulder.

This scanned postcard was sent to Martin's grandmother probably by a friend or relative his grandad met in the War. Martin's grandmother was a Beattie but they do have Coopers on their side of the family

Friends of Douglas Taylor at Stalag XXA
Douglas Taylor, group photo Stalag XXA
Douglas Taylor at rear of squad with German escort to his left
Douglas Taylor, 1st reverse, Scotland Team, Stalag XXA
Douglas Taylor, 2nd reverse, Scotland Team, Stalag XXA
Douglas Taylor on right
Douglas Taylor with Scotland team, Stalag XXA
Douglas Taylor (with towel)
Douglas Taylor, on right
Douglas Taylor, front row, centre

Click any photo to enlarge it.

If you have any information please contact Martin

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Spasa Tasic

Branimir wrote to say:

"I'm from Serbia and my grandfather was a Prisoner of War in Stalag XXB in Malbork. After the war he spent 2 more years in Poland and we try to reconstruct his life. Could you have maybe some lists of prisoners by names? His number was 10160. His name was Spasa Tasic from village Kumarevo near Leskovac in Serbia. I just need some information of any lists of people who had been with him, because he did not came back home immediately after the War, he came back in April 1947. I want to know where he spent the years immediately after War."

If you have any information, please email Branimir

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Edouard Thomassin

Doris wrote to say:

"Recherche mon père: Edouard Thomassin Prisonnier à Stalag 111 D. no 1017."

If you have any information, please email Doris

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