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Sands, Charles Henry
Sarrailh, Jean
Saunders, Alf
Schild, Heniz
Scott, Ron
Scott, Thomas Glenville
Seabridge, Thomas
Secretan, Holford Cave
Sellers, Harry M.
Sharp, James Walker
Shaw, William Henry
Sipley, Richard
Siedlecki, Jan
Silva, Francis
Simmonds, Ronnie
Simmons, Irwin
Sinclair, Charles J. (Charlie)
Siniewsky, John
Slay, Noel G.
Smart, Reginald Alfred Ernest
Smart, William
Smith, Arthur Henry
Smith, Charles
Smith, Douglas
Smith, Fergie
Smith, Harry
Smith, Henry Samuel
Smith, Herbert Henry
Smith, Jack
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph Edwin
Smith, Robert George
Smith, Rodney H.
Smith, Anthony Ambleton
Solly, Stanley Reginald
Southan, E.
Squires, William (Bill)
Stangage, Walter Flanders
Stanley, Robert Edward
Stapleforth, Stan
Stapleton, Arthur
Stave, Albert Edward
Stephan, Maurice
Sterio, Elias
Stevens, Brian (Bob/Robert)
Stevens, Edward John
Stevenson, Frank
Stewart, Noel Thomas
Stewart, Robert (Bobby)
Stirley Hill Hostel, Leeds or Huddersfield
Stone, Stanley Victor
Stone William
Strange, Harold
Stringer, Dominic Michael
Sweatmon, Willie
Sylvester, William
Szwemin, Edmund (aka Lacki)
Szul, Josef

Stalag XVIII C (Markt-Pongau in Austria)
Stalag Luft 3
Stalag 2B and 3B (IIB and IIIB)
Stalag XVIIID - PoW named "Eddy"
Stalag 2A (IIA)
Stalag XVIII C Markt-Pongau, George Smith Longster
Stalag V-A (5A), Ludwigsburg, Germany
Stalag XVIII, PoW 5175
Stalag IB

Stalag XXA and XXB

Stalag XIIA
Stalag VIIA

Spittal an Drau Camp

Stalag Luft 3

Jennifer is trying to find details about the time her stepfather was a PoW at Stalag Luft 3. He was there for 2 years and was forced on one of the several death marches of WWII. The march he was a part of lasted approximately 5 days and went from Stalag Luft 3 to Munich, Germany.

Her stepdad's name is Bill (William) Kidwiler, and he was and still is from the Seattle area of Washington. He was in the 99th bomb group, Squadron 416. His B-17 was shot down around Foggia, Italy. At that time, they were flying their missions out of north Africa. Jennifer did find information on a death march from Stalag Luft 3 to Stalag Luft 4, which was very close to Munich, Germany. However, her stepfather does not remember all of the details, although he was loaded onto a boxcar and remembers trying an escape.

Jennifer has found stories of some of the other marches, but no information on that one in particular.

These particular PoW's were rescued by General McArthur (and his troops with tanks), because a friend of Jennifer's family was with McArthur's troops that day. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Frank Crockford

Can you help with further information on Frank?  He was a driver with 'B' Company, 1st Battalion Queen Victorias Rifles (QVR) stationed at Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent from September 1939 - May 1940.  He was a friend of my father, Lewis Edwards, and I would like to find out what happened to him and the other men who were stationed there.

Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals) and Ron Harwood (Signals)

Below is a picture of them all (click to enlarge).

Back Row (L-R)
Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals), Frank Crockford (Driver)
Front Row (L-R)
Ron Harwood (Signals), Dad: Lewis Edwards (Signals)
'B' Company - 1st Bn QVR
Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent
September 1939 - May 1940

I have heard from Frank's grand-daughter (Clare Fay) and her father is compiling some information for me.  As soon as I have it, I will put it up on the site.  I am really looking forward to reading it and seeing the photographs that John has from his father. 

Clare wrote:

"Amazingly I was searching through the internet for any information on my family's surname Crockford, when I found your website looking for information on my grandad, Frank Crockford.

Sadly my grandad passed away in 1987, however my dad (his son John Crockford) and his wife Phyllis are still alive, greeted this news with some excitement. Both my nan and Dad remember your father and offered me loads of memories. I have printed all of the info off for my dad to read and he will be getting back to you. He also has many photos from the war including some of Lew as well as some of the ones you have.

We will be in touch very soon, however in the meantime you have my address."

If you can help with any information, please contact Clare

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Thomas Forbes

P/O Thomas (grandfather of Tom Forbes) was a  Lancaster bomber pilot during the war and was tragically killed on July 13th 1943.   Three of his crew survived the crash in the Bay of Biscay to be picked up and eventually became prisoners of war.  One, Leslie Matthews, was taken to Camp 357, Torun (Thorn) in Poland.   Tom has found out a great deal about his grandfather, the squadron he flew  with and has been in touch with many relatives of 12 squadron crew. 

However, the PoWs have eluded him.   His aunt remembers visiting Leslie's parents in Palmers Green in London - she thinks after the war - which might  mean the Leslie never came back. Tom understands that between 2,500 and 3,500 died during the horrific death marches. 

Although Tom is not related to Leslie, he would like to find out more about him and the other bomber crew.

Sgt Leslie Matthews, Lancaster Navigator, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 148817.  Leslie and/or his parents lived in Palmer's Green, North London.  He was a PoW at Camp 357.

Sgt E. Southon, Lancaster Mid Upper Gunner, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 1622030.

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Stalag XVIII C, Markt-Pongau, Austria

Debby is searching for information on this PoW camp. Her father, who is still alive, served with the East Surrey Regiment, 1st Battallion in Italy and North Africa. She understands he was shot and captured in Germany or Austria. Information on this camp is scarce. The area is now known as 'St Johann im Pongau'.

Deb wrote to tell me the following when I asked her how she was getting along with her search [edited]:

"I began my search for my dads war mates as he was so sad and lonely when mum passed away. He began talking about his war days and I listened hard taking in everything I could. He mentiond The Battle Patrol often, his best mate Reg and his former Lt.'Charlie'. I knew his Regiment name etc... I was lucky in my search as my dad remembered his former Lt. was in the brewery business. I found Charlie first, searching for his surname at UK pubs on the net, first I recieved an email saying he was dead(!) then after some double checking, found out his real name was John (only called Charlie in the war...) and after 60 years he remembered dads name and who he was. They talk on the phone now and then as John cannot write due to Parkinsons. After searching the net for Reg and getting nowhere, I emailed People Finder who gave me 3 addresses/phone numbers. A few weeks later I received an email from Reg's son, Mark, saying how 'thrilled' his dad was to hear my dad was not only looking for him but found him too - from Australia as well! He too remembered dad very well, after 60 years also, dad and Reg joined the army together. Now both dad and Reg are emailing-swapping photos etc.....they are happy. Now thinking of visiting the UK next year to see John and Reg, and Reg is now thinking of visiting Australia next year.....:) dads smiling again - mission accomplished."

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Albert Edward Stave

Margaret Ray is looking for information on her half-brother. Her father was Albert Edward Stave. He was a serviceman 14706220-854 Light Recovery section REME and had a son with a woman name Trude (?). Trude had a brother named Venzil. Albert Stave served in the upper western section of Europe - possibly Brugge. He enlisted in Colchester, England in 1943 and their baby was born between 1945-1947. Margaret is seeking information leading to the wherabouts of this half brother.

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Stalag IIA (2A) and IIB (2B)

Tom is looking for information on Stalag 2A and 2B. His grandfather passed away in 1962 so he has little information to go on.

Please contact Tom if you can help.

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Robert Edward Stanley

Trisha is looking for information on her father-in-law, Robert Edward Stanley, Captain or Corporal, No. 6897628 of
8th Kings Royal Rifle Corp (KRRC). She would like to know whether he was killed during the war.

Robert's father was Edward Waldo Stanley, who lived in America.

Robert Edward Stanley was born in 1913 in London. He was an accountant and first got married to Nan Thomas on Rhode Island in St James Church on 20th March 1935. He then got married again on 13th February 1942 at Brixworth Registry Office to Nana again.

Please contact Trisha if you have any information.

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Brian (aka Bob and Robert) Stevens

Annemarie's father (who died 9 years ago) was in the Queen Victoria Rifles and was captured at Calais in 1940.

He was marched to Poland and was in a PoW in a Stalag. At his first camp he worked at a stone quarry and he was then moved to another camp.

Her uncle, Douglas Vincent, was in the same Gulag and wrote a book called (she believes) 'The Long Road Home'. However, she has been unable to check if this is correct or get a copy of his book.

Annemarie would like to follow in her father's footsteps and follow the route he marched in 1940 to Poland.

If anybody has any pointers as to where she can get information of the march route or if anybody knew her father or uncle, please contact Annemarie

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James Walker Sharp

Monica's grandfather, James Walker Sharp, was in the Black Watch (she believes).

He was captured at Dunkirk and held at Stalag XXA (143), camp 14126 for the duration of the war.

She thinks that he was involved in escape attempts and would like some more information on him. He finally escaped on the march from the camp before liberation, with another prisoner. Apparently James and his co-escapee were offered money by a film company, and that part of their escape story was used in the film 'The Great Escape'.

Here are some photos that Stuart has sent me:

James (middle)
James (front, left)
James (left)
James (2nd from right)
James (front in white shirt)
James (with hat)

Do you recognise anyone else in these photos?

If you can help, please contact Tiffany

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William Silvester

Ian is researching his great uncle, William Silvester, Army Number 5248047. William was in the Worcester Regiment and was a PoW from 25th August 1939 to 2nd September 1944. He was in Sudan at the time of his capture.

William was born in 1910 and Ian believes he was captured at the Battle of Tobruk and sent to Stalag IVB.

Ian has provided a little more information illustrating where his research has lead him. He told me that he has been in touch with the Worcestershire Regiment and they provided him with some information but it has proved to cause even more confusion. A lady at the Worcestershire Regiment suggested that William might have been in the Prince of Wales Regiment, hence him being a PoW, but Ian feels this is incorrect as that regiment was not formed then. Ian has visited Louis Scully's website which has information on the Worcestershire Regiment and includes a photograph of some PoWs at Stalag XXB, thus causing even more confusion. Ian has a list of medals that William was awarded and they include Palestine g.s., African Star, Defence Long Service and g.c. Medal with Gratuity, and War Medal 1939-1945. Ian is not sure but believes that William should also have a PoW Medal. He has spent many hours on the Internet searching for information on William and would love to hear from anyone who knew him, was in the Worcestershire Regiment or can just help with some pointers.

If you can help with any information, please contact Ian

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Stanley Reginald Solly

Geoff's father, Stanley Reginald Solly, was captured at St Valery 12th June 1940 and remained a PoW until 1945 at Marienburg, Poland. His Army No. was 901262 and his PoW No. was 16190.

Stanley was in the Territorial Army (TA) but was captured as part of the 51st Highlanders at St Valery.

Sadly he died some 15 years ago and whilst he told of some stories he had in the camps, there were many things that Geoff did not ask and Stanley did not discuss. Therefore, Geoff would dearly love to know more and wondered if anyone could help with information especially on the route of the March which took them to the Marienburg camp, as he would like to travel the route himself.

When Stanley ended up in Stalag XXA, he worked on a farm.

Sam Kydd, the actor, was with him.

If you can help with any information, please contact Geoff

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Rodney H. Smith

Karie Gunderson is looking for information regarding her grandfather, Rodney H. Smith, held in Stalag IIIC, Company 7, Room 20, until "liberation" on January 31, 1945.

Karie has her grandfathers Red Cross diary listing many names of soldiers he was in Camp with.

She would especially like information about the comrades that he walked many miles with after "liberation".

Karie kindly said "Thank you so much for your wonderful website and your help with this mission of mine to feel closer to the grandfather I was only allowed to know for 7 years of my life."

Karie has provided me with some photographs to help jog memories (click to enlarge them)

Rodney Smith - Enlarged PoW photograph
Rodney Smith - German PoW Registration Card
Photo of Rodney (on right) with his buddy, Bob Duncan, in Minneapolis, MN.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Karie

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Josef Szul and Katherine Dickson

Polish servicemen trained to be paratroopers in Scotland in the field where Christina's grandparents lived near Lundin, Links.
Her aunt met one of the officers, who had earlier been a PoW somewhere. When he was posted to Europe (Belgium Christina thinks), she joined the NAAFI and was sent quite close to where he was. They married in November 1945 at St Mary's Euschede. However, Christina cannot find 'Euschede' but has found Euschede in The Netherlands. His name was Josef Szul and she was Katherine (Kate) Dickson.

They were both with BAOR. Josef was a Lieutenant with the Polish Paratroop Brigade and Katherine was a Private ATS/EFI.

If anyone knows about their wartime marriage, or knows of them, please email Christina

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Heniz Schild

Derek's grandfather, Heniz Schild, was in the German Army. He was born in Vienna, Austria and Derek was told he was shot down in a plane and was a PoW in Scotland until after the war. Heniz returned to Austria and moved the family Vancouver. He died when Derek was young and so he never knew him. Derek is trying to find out if what he has been told about his grandfather is true.

If anyone can help, please email Derek

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George Alfred Greeves

Pete's father was George Alfred Greeves. He was born in 1926 and Pete knows he was at the crossing of the Rhine. He mentioned Goch Riechwald and the surrender of Germans either at Bremen or Cuxhaven.

George ended up in hospital in Hamburg and then for three months in Warminster.

George said he was a Bren gunner. He went in to the War a boy who lived a sheltered life and came out quite the opposite. After the War he went back to France with a mate, Ronnie Simmonds.

Pete has seen only one photo of him during War in kilt and with his grandfather.

George was born in Bermondsey and sadly died in 1990.

If you can help, please email Pete

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Harold Strange

Glynn is trying to locate information on his grandfather, Harold Strange, who served in the Navy during both WWI and WWII. In the latter Harold was a petty officer.

After attempting to use various methods of research Glynn keeps coming to a dead end. It is believed that at some point Harold was in the Secret Service and it is known he went to France prior to the landings. During WWII he was, at various times, taken away by British Police for his duties.

If you can help, please email Glynn

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Edmund Szwemin

Mr/s Lacki is trying to find information on their grandfather, Edmund Szwemin, who was born in Poland in 1921.

He was captured in 1944 at Normandy and taken to No19 PoW camp but s/he cannot find any records of this camp.

He then enlisted in the Polish Army under British Command with the assumed name Edmund Lacki.

If you can help, please email K. Lacki

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Anthony (Tony) Ambelton Smith

Daphna is trying to trace Anthony (Tony) Ambelton Smith.

Tony was with her father Chaim Braufman (called Maxi by fellow servicemen)in Stalag VIIA (Moosbourg) and in Stalag XVIIIC (Markt Pongau). Tony and her father also escaped from the Stalag together.

If you can help, please email Daphna

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Robert George Smith

Robert is reserching is late grandfather, Pte. Robert George Smith (known as George) time spent at Campo 65 and Stalag XVIIIC at Markt Pongau.

Robert was born in Cardiff and served as a Pioneer, belonging to the 1st Battalion, The Welsh Regiment.

After serving with the BEF in France he was posted to the Middle East in 1941 and captured in 1942 somewhere in North Africa. From there he was taken to Campo 65 at Gravina, and then in 1943 was handed over to the Germans at Stalag XVIIIC. He escaped just before the end of the War and was repatreiated in March 1945.

Do you know Robert or remember him from Army days or prison camp? If so, please email Robert

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Stalag XVIIID (18D) - PoW named "Eddy"

Help required to trace a soldier who fought in WWII, though the information on him is fairly sketchy.

Clare is looking for him lives with her husband in Slovenia and has a very dear elderly gentlemen friend there who is 98 years old and would love to know what happened to an English soldier he was imprisoned with. The main problem is that he can't remember the man's surname. All they know is that he was known as Eddy. However, they do have some other quite specific information that may help in tracking him down:

- They were in prison together in Maribor, Slovenia, (Stalag 18D) for a short period in 1944.
- Eddy was half British and half Slovenian, his mother being from Ptuj, Slovenia.
- Eddy was at least 10 years younger than her friend, so he would have been around 25 years old in 1944, possibly younger.
- He was an officer, not a regular soldier.
- Their friend, Luka Grobelsek, remained in prison until the Germans freed all prisoners so that they could join in the fighting. Eddy, however, escaped with the partisans before this happened. He also received regular parcels from the Red Cross beforehand.
- Luka has a photograph of Eddy, with some inscriptions that may be helpful.

Here is the photo back and front that Clare kindly sent:

Clare has no idea how to go about finding out what happened to Eddy, but was hoping that this information may be enough for someone to recognise him.

Do you know Eddy now or were you a fellow Army comrade or PoW at Stalag 18D with him? Please email Clare if you can provide any further information.

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Stalag IIA

Nancy's father, William Edward Lee Elble, was a PoW, Army, captured in 1942 at the age of 21 and spent 9 months in Stalag IIA He earned 7 medals, including the Bronze Star. He, along with Nancy's mother, a WWII WAC, (she sadly has Alzheimers) presently reside at the Ohio Veterans Home in Georgetown, Ohio.

Nancy would like to locate some other PoWs that spent the same time as her father did in this camp. He may even have a fellow camp IIA living in this home as well!

If anyone knew William or was at Stalag IIA, please email Nancy

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Ron Scott

Royce's uncle served in The Royal Sussex Regiment and was taken prisoner at Dunkirk and ended up in Stammlager XXB (127). His name was (Drm) Ron C. Scott and he wouldn't speak about the camp or how he got there because of the horrible things he saw. His PoW number was 9541.

Royce is doing my family tree and would like to find out as much as he can about the camp and the march to get there.

If anyone knew Ron or was in PoW camp with him, please email Royce.

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George Smith Longster, Stalag XVIII C

Richard has a website dedicated to his father, George Smith Longster, who was imprisoned in Italy and Stalag XVIII C, Markt Pongau, Austria.

George is nearly 95 so would probably be one of the older prisoners in the camp and helped to build the Chapel.

Richard is looking for anyone who remembers George from the camp.

If you can help with any information, please email Richard

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Spittal an Drau Camp

I have heard from a gentleman who is 'm looking for a list of 20 British prisoners who were held in the Spittal an Drau camp. He was one of the 20 and would like to find his comrades. Can you help?

Any information, please contact me.

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Stalag V-A (5-A), Ludwigsburg, Germany


Tracey is trying to find information on Stalag V-A (5-A) camp which was outside Ludwigsburg in Germany.

Her grandfather was admitted there after being injured during WWII by a sniper. He was stationed on the island of Crete and escaped on a boat. He was recaptured by the Italians who in turn handed him over to the Germans. He was then transferred to Stalag V-A for medical attention and during this time presumed dead by his family. He was part of the Welsh Regiment of Wales 1st Battalion.

Any information on the conditions or about Stalag would be greatly appreciated - this information is for his great grand daughter who is doing research on him.

Any information, please contact Tracey.


Ed's father was wounded and captured on March 11, 1945 outside Trier, Germany. He arrived at Stalag V-A just before Easter weekend. The camp was was being evacuated Sunday evening because of Allied advancement. They were marched to Ettringen, Germany. He was liberated there in late April.

The camp was a former German military installation, which had once billeted German cavalry troops. It was located outside of Ludwigsburg.

Ed is in contact with some former PoW from his father's company that were captured with him. He is helping them obtain information and is currently looking for pictures and the location of the camp.

Any information, please contact Ed


Ricahrd is looking for information on his father, James Ayers who was also at this camp. See here.

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Stirley Hill Hostel (Leeds or Huddersfield)

Fabbi is trying to trace a camp in which her grandfather was held during WWII. She enlisted the help of Hazel Stockdale from Huddersfield Library and Jane Helliwell from Dewsbury Library, who subsequently contacted this site. Here is the information provided. If you can assist with information on the camp or, indeed, knew Fabbi's grandfather, please make contact.

Fabbi's grandfather, Igino Costi, was incarcerated at Stirley Hill Hostel in Leeds or Huddersfield from 1944 - 1946. Igino will be 90 on 19th May 2006 and Fabbi is trying to locate the commander of the camp who was very kind to him. She appreciates that he is unlikely to be alive but wonders if any of his family are and could make contact prior to his birthday (if possible).

Igino was given an identify document, serial number Z253614 and his PoW number was 505330.

To help anyone who may remember, Igino was born in Casina (on the hill of Reggio Emilia county) on 19th of May 1916 and he now lives in downtown Reggio Emilia, Italy. At the end of 1940 he was captured and detained as a PoW in Libya (North Africa) by the Sixth Division of Australian Army under General Wavell's command. He was later sent to India where he lasted until 1944.

From India, Igino went to England where he was kept from May 1944 until May 1946 when he was released and went back to Italy by sea. He docked in the port of Taranto, Italy on 1st June 1946.

The “camp” where he was kept as a prisoner was located in Huddersfield, the chief in charge of the camp was a man from Dewsbury whose name was Francis Hemingway or Hamigway. Igino has fond memories of him and he still keeps a book received from Francis the title of which is “The Mill on the Floss” by George Eliot.

Once back in Italy, Igino tried to write some letters to his former chief Francis but at that time he realized that the address that he used was not the right one, so he lost any contact with the man at that point.

If you know about the camp, are a relative of Francis Hemingway or Hamingway or remember Igino himself, please contact me, Jane, who is a Local History Projects Officer at Dewsbury Library or Fabbi whose grandfather was at the camp.

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Elias Sterio

Brian is looking for information on his uncle, Elias Sterio who was born in Swansea on 23rd October 1919 and lived in Cardiff with wife Bridget and daughter Mary. Whilst serving with the 6th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry, in 1943, was sent home wounded.

D Day 6th June 1944, arrived on Gold Beach at approximately 11am, then moved off the beach to it`s assembly area at Ver su Mer. At 3pm they moved off through Villiers le Sec to Esqaiy sur Suelles.

The Durhams were part of the 50th Division whose objectives were the capture of Tilly sur Seulles, Hottot & Villers-Bocage.

13th June 1944- The 6th Battalion lined up on the main Tilly - Bayeux road and, with `A` Company leading, moved down the road to Le Pont de la Guillette. On turning right at this point, to clear a German position, the leading companies were almost immediately engaged by mortars and machine guns from an area of nearby farm buildings.

Elias Sterio was one of the first down the lane and gave the ultimate sacrifice, Elias was just 24 years old and left a wife, Bridget and a 1 year old daughter, Mary.

Elias Sterio now lies at peace at the war cemetery at Tilly sur Seulles - a hero. Any info on Elias Sterio or anyone else that was with him on that fateful day would be welcome

Any information, please contact Brian.

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Douglas Smith

Alice is looking for any information on Douglas Smith, 702 Bb Sq 445Bb Gp, Serial Number 35559850 who died on 27 September 1944. His plane crashed in Germany.

Alice and her family have adopted graves in Henri Chapell and in Neuville en Gondrozand. They would like to find out if Douglas has any living relatives.

Any information, please contact Alice.

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Francis Silva

Jim's father, Francis Silva, was, he believes, in the 101st druing WWII (also possibly the 82nd). Francis is still alive but he has talked very little about his service. He lost a leg in the war.

Jim would very much like to find information about Francis's service and has spent much of his 43 years trying to get information from Francis but to little avail.

If you have any information on Francis, the 101st or can give Jim a starting point for his search, please contact Jim

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Charles Smith

Neil recently watched a documentary entitled 'Sink the Manchester' on the History Channel.

His grandfather, Chief Mechanic, Charles Smith was one of the 13 who died when HMS Manchester was hit by a torpeado on 13th August 1942. Neil would very much like to hear from anyone on that ship who may have known him.

If you have any information on HMS Manchester or Charles, please contact Neil

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Charles Henry Sands

Madelyn is trying to trace records relating to her grandfther, Charles Henry Sands, thought to be one of the 70 PoWs (survivors) from the 7th Batallion of the Royal Sussex Regiment taken on the 20th May 1940 outside of Amiens, France.

Any records or information relating to him and his time spent in Stalag XXA Thorun Poland would be appreciated. Madelyn knows that he made 3 unseccessful escape attempts with mates, but little more than that.

If you have any information on Charles, please contact Madelyn

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Stan Stapleforth

Susan is trying to trace anyone who would have been in service with her late father, Stan Stapleforth.

Stan was born on 1st March 1916.

Susan appreciates this is a difficult task to find former regiment friends as many will have passed away by now.

Stan was missing - believed dead - after the war for 4 years. Somehow it seems he went back to the West Country (Lyme Regis) with Susan, his daughter, and his wife who whom Susan thought was her mother. Susan has a strong reason to believe she was not her birth mother.

Stan was stationed in Egypt and Greece and possibly in the RASC or maybe REME. Susan has no War medals.

Stan died at 50. Susan hardly knew him as she was sent away at 9.

If you have any information on Stan, please contact Susan or call +44 7979 688096.

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Thomas Seabridge

Sarah is trying to find out information on her father who died 10 years ago. His name was Thomas Seabridge and he was with the South Staffs Paratroopers and had taken part in Market Garden at Arnham, Holland where he may have been taken PoW but Sarah is unsure.

If you have any information on Thomas, please contact Sarah

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Stalag XVIII - PoW No: 5175

We have in our posession a WWII Lemon Squeezer Hat, with the NZ Army. It has Stalag XVIII insinde with PoW No: 5175. Is there any way we can find out the prisoners name?

If you have any information, please contact Serah

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Joseph Edwin Smith

Kevin would be interested in anyone who may have known his grandfather, Joseph Edwin Smith of 2/5th Queens Platoon Srgt Major captured at Dunkirk and PoW at Thorn Stalag XXA and Stalag 383 Germany where he eventually died in February 1945.

Joseph came from Woking, Surrey and used to use the drill hall in Walton Road, Woking.

Kevin contacted me as he had read Harry Tapley's story.

If you have any information, please contact Kevin

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Alf Saunders

Please see Harry Tapley's account for details.

April 2008
I heard from Carol Holmes who said:
"I was particularly interested in your story about Alf Saunders. He was, I think, my mother's brother, all the details fit. My mother was called Rose Saunders, her brother was Alf Saunders born 1914 in Bethnal Green. Alf married Mary and had 2 daughters, Anna and Maria. If these facts fit please could you pass my details on to his grandson as we have all lost touch after Alf died in 1972. I hope I am not wasting your time with a case of mistaken identity."

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Charles (Charlie) J. Sinclair

Lorraine is investigating her uncle's history and is trying to trace one of his comrades.

Lorraine's uncle is Patrick Hall who was flight engineer with 9 Squadron when he was killed. They were on their way back from a night bombing in Cologne on June 17th 1943 when they were shot down over Belgium flying Lancaster ED487. Patrick was born in Dublin and joined the RAF 1938/1939. He was married and had a daughter who was just 6 months old when he was killed.

The men, including my uncle, are buried at Schoonself Cemetery Antwerp.

They were:
Sgt Gerald Trembly (RCAF) - Rear Gunner
Sgt Dennis Webster - Navigator
Sgt Bert Poynter - Mid Upper Gunner

Lorraine was able to visit their graves and pay their respects in August 2007. The remaining crew became PoWs. They were Pilot Tony Aldersley and Sgt Harold Popplestone (Bomb Aimer) and Charles Sinclair (Wireless Operator). Charlie is the only one she has not been able to find and she is interested in finding him to discover what happened to him after the War.

If you have any information, please contact Lorraine

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Noel Thomas Stewart

Emma is looking for information or anyone that might have known her grandfather, Noel Thomas Stewart (NZEF2), who was captured in Greece and spent time in Stalag XVIII C, and later Stalag XVIII A, from 1943.

Any small detail might be the missing piece to this jigsaw puzzle.

If you have any information, please contact Emma

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Arthur Henry Smith

Mary is looking for anyone who remembers or has information about her uncle. He was a PoW in Stalag Luft III. His name and rank PTE Arthur Henry Smith, PoW number Y266, Orderlies Battalion, Stalag Luft III, Germany.

Arthur was born on 3rd July 1918, Edinburgh, Scotland to RSM John Charles Smith, Black Watch Regiment and Mary Smith nee Sinclair. Mary believes Arthur died somewhere in Nottingham, England.

If you have any information on Arthur or his family, please contact Mary

18th May 2010

Email from Mary to say:

"Hello Everyone
Well, I have not only found my Uncle Arthur Henry Smith's family but also my Uncle John Charles Smith's family. Uncle Jack changed his name to Saunders but still lived in Scotland. Uncle Arthur did lived in Nottingham as do his children. It is most unfortunate, that travelling to and from England and Scotland between 1965 to 1970, that I never found them. In 2011, my sister and I are travelling to the UK to meet with our Cousins. Thank you for posting my message and Good Luck to all with your searching. Love Mary."

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William Squires

Neil and his family are trying to find out information or commrades of his grandfather, Private William (Bill) Squires of the 1st Battalion 51st Highland Division Blackwatch taken PoW at St Vallery.

Any information will be most grateful. There are two pictures they have noticed on here in the Stalag XXB camp photos but just trying to find more info as he passed away when Neil was young and unable to ask questions now.

On the black watch photograph - back row 5th man in from left is Ernie Squires and on the middle row second man in from left is William Squires. They were brothers from Loughborough, Leicestershire.

If you have any information on William, please contact Neil

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Peter is looking for information regarding his grandfather's unit and when they were wounded/captured in 1940.

Particularly, from the RASC :

Padre Price Rees
GW Hamilton
Corporal Sutcliffe

If you have any information on this unit and the persons mentioned, please contact Peter

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Stanley Victor Stone

Sara is looking for information on Stanley Victor Stone (1919 - 1998).

Stanley was her partners' father and served in the British Army during WWII.

Unfortunately they were largely estranged so they know very little about him. However, his neice told Sara he served in North Africa and was Montgomerys Batman at some point.

If you have any information on Stanley, please contact Sara

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Arthur Stapleton

Barbara is looking for information on her father, Arthur Robert Stapleton, who was a PoW in Stalag XXA in Thorn (Torun), Poland.

Arthur was born in 1919 and he lived in Northfleet in Kent. He was taken prisoner of war on May 23rd 1940 aged 21years. He was a private in the 7th Battalion Queens Own Royal West Kent 'C' Company 6347167.

He died when Barbara was 10, but there are several names in his diary that could be fellow PoWs. They are:-

Samuel Cox
9 Holt Street

W McEvoy
46 Stocks Street
(I believe this man was with Arthur and they kept in touch as he and his wife would visit Barbara's family but he is now dead)

Sgt Seager 6347225
m. room H Q Coy?
2nd Batt Q.O.R.W.K Regt

Arthur was frinds with my father, Lewis Edwards, in the camp.

If you have any information on Arthur, please contact Barbara

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Jan Siedlecki

John is searching for information on his father and his unit.

His name was Jan Siedlecki L/cpl and he was with the Transport and Supply Company, 1st Polish Parachute Brigade.

He traveled to Arnhem via the Seatail from Tilbury. He was wounded on the 7th of October 1944 by "friendly" fire but managed to survive. Three other Poles in the same patrol were killed.

John has his fathers War Records but they have very little information. He is searching for information on this unit and of the men who served in it and any photographs of the men.

If you have any information on Jan or the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade, please contact John

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Henry Samuel Smith

Terry is looking for details of his grandad and the camp he was in during WWII.

Terry's grandads name was Henry Samuel Smith and he was at the camp PG 53 during 1943 and left the camp on the day after liberation on the 12th of October 1943 and escaped to Switzerland.

This is an extract of his diary:-

"Had 3 letters on the 7th heard of invasion on the 3rd and capitulation on the 8th orders to move on the 10th owing to jerry still remained. moved on the 12th liberated. hid in woods plenty of food. also grapes. still hiding uptill 19th also till 25th and finished the month still hiding plenty of jerrys around and caribineers plenty of vino left on the 5th near casteletto railway casa caught train at 7 oclock on the 6th to luino walked to frontier plenty of jerrys on stations cut wire through sewer entered switzerland 12-20 treated well clothes fumigated and hair off left bellizona for wil on the 13th at 1 oclock in the morning fitted with new battle dress and kit left wil f for bauma permanent camp hotel on 16th. there is alot more even going to liechestein to the picture to watch swamp water. one name mentioned wasken walmsley."

Henry was in Section 3 of Camp 53 (pm3300?).

His full details are DVR H.S.Smith not/245300 also 245300 Royal Army Service Corps
posted B company 23/01/1941
posted 59th Divisional supply column 07/01/1941
posted no.1 Holding battalion 18/08/1941
posted 918 General Transport Company 10/09/1941
Reported Missing 02/06/1942
Confirmed prisoner of war in Italy 02/06/42
Arrived Switzerland unknown date
Escaped Switzerland 23/10/1944
repatriated untied kingdom 07/12/1944
posted to 45 Divisional troops unit 07/12/1944
posted 5th training battalion 18/01/1945
posted Specialist Driver training centre 24/03/1945
posted 12th training battalion 31/05/1945
posted 97 field bakery 04/09/1945
posted to 24 personnel section 05/09/1945
appointed Lance corporal 12/01/1946
Released to army reserve 03/09/1946
Died on Reserve 16/10/53

Service with colours 23/01/1941-02/09/1946
Overseas Service Middle East 24/09/1941-01/05/1942
Prisoner of war 02/05/1942-22/10/1944
Military conduct Exemplary

Terry never new his grandad except for images of inside the camp and his PoW diary; also pictures of Switzerland at the evadees camp. Terry also doesn't even know were he was caught or how in the Middle East.

If you have any information on Henry or Campo 53, please contact Terry

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Stalag IB, Hohenstein

Simon's father was prisoner for 5 years in Stalag IB in Hohenstein. He never spoke about what happend during such a long time in Poland. Simon is looking for photos or anything else about this camp.

If you have any information on this PoW camp, please contact Simon

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Holford Cave Secretan

John is looking for any information about the circumstances of the death of Holford Cave Secretan on 24th May 1940 in Belgium, while serving with 2 Btn Royal Sussex Regiment.

He used live in the house John now owns and there is a small private memorial to him. John would like to find out more about him and his War record albeit tragically brief.

If you have any information on Holford, please contact John

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Robert (Bobby) Stewart

Lindsay's great uncle was F/Sgt Robert (Bobby) R. Stewart 1068916, 82 Squadron. He was from Shotts in Scotland.

He was a flight sergeant in 82 Squadron and he died in India at the North West Frontier on Sunday 11th October 1942. He was 27. He is buried at St Mary's Church, Chennai (Madras).

If you have any information on Robert, please contact Lindsay

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Noel G. Slay

Mark,s father, Noel G Slay of the 9th Armored Division, USA, was a PoW in Stalag IIa at/near Nuebrandenburg, Germany.

At that time he was a Tech Sergeant and Mark has some items that someone in the PoW camp made for him. (click the image to enlarge)

One is a wooden box with straw type reliefs and has inscripted pieces of straw spelling out the Stalag and the location, a small cigarette box (aluminum) with Mark's mothers' picture inside a raised heart, and inscription on the back with the first letter of her middle name spelled incorrectly, and another aluminum box with the insignia of the 9th Armored and scroll work on the sides and top. Mark was told the pieces were made from aircraft parts but he does not know who made them.

Mark's father and mother are now deceased, and he would like to know who made them or if anyone knew his father. Mark is aware it maybe to late as his father would have been 100 years old this August 2009. He was around 35-36 at the time of capture, near Malmedy Mark believes.

If you have any information on Noel, please contact Mark.

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Willie S. Sweatmon

G. Anthony wrote to say:

"I was looking for any information on my great uncle, Willie S. Sweatmon, who was with the 47th Infantry in the Tunisia campaign. He was captured there and spent the remainder of the war in several POW camps. Two of the camps I'm certain were Stalag IIIB and Stalag IIIA (3b and 3a). I believe he was also in the death march from 3b to 3a. His body was not returned to the States until 1949. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any information on Holford, please contact G. Anthony

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Stalag XIIA

Roux wrote to say:

"I'm trying to find a picture of Stalag X11a at Limburg for my Ancestry page on my uncle, Eric Wilson, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1942. Any help or advice welcomed."

If you are an Ancestry.co.uk member, you can view the details on Eric here There is also a photo of Eric here

If you have any pictures, please contact Roux

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Thomas Glenville Scott

Lucy emailed to say:

"I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Thomas Glenville Scott, who served with the 42 Royal Marine Commandos during WWII. I don't have a lot of information on him, but I do know that he served in Hong Kong in 1946, Australia in 1945 and also was in Scotland in 1943.

He was part of the 9th Platoon C. Company 1st Battalion Royal Marines and he was a Bren Gunner. I also know that he was torpedoed on the way out to the Far East in the Mediterranean. I appreciate the information I have given is sketchy but if anyone can help me at all please get in touch with any information however small. Many thanks."

If you have any information on Thomas, please contact Lucy

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Stalag VIIA Photos

Chad emailed to say:

"I'm looking for some photos of Stalag VIIA. My Grandfather was a POW their from 8-28-1944 to 4-27-1945. I have found several sites on the web ,but not what I want. I want photos that I can frame."

If you have any good photographs of this camp, please email Chad

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Reginald Alfred Ernest Smart

Barry emailed to say:

"As part of genealogy activities I am researching my Father's Military career. He served in the RAOC from 1926 to 1956. I have got his complete service record from the MOD but there is one gap I would like to fill in with more detail.
He was captured by the Italians at cyrenaica June 1942. and later held in Oflag XIIB.

Dad's names were Reginald Alfred Ernest Smart. He was Born 1906 in Edenham Lincolnshire but the family moved to Isle of Wight, his Mother home.
He joined the Army in 1926 as a Private and retired in 1956 with the rank of Major having gained a wartime commision.

I would be gtateful for any information regarding his time as a POW."

If you an help Barry, please email

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Harry Smith

Joanna emailed to say:

"I’m attaching the front and back of the postcard sent home by my uncle Harry Smith, PoW No 19949 in Stalag XXA (152). I’m afraid that I don’t know the identities of the other two men. Harry is on the right as you look at the picture."

Harry Smith (right hand side)

If you can identify the other men, please contact me.

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Harry M. Sellers

Vicki emailed to say:

"I am looking for information about my father who was held in Stalag IIA (2A). His name was Harry M. Sellers, 1st Army, 10th Infantry Division. The dates I have indicate captivity on Decmeber 21, 1944 and return on June 29, 1945.

He never spoke of his time as a POW, but succumbed to alcoholism and passed away 35 years ago."

If you can help, please email Vicki

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Frank Stevenson

"I am researching Col. Frank Stevenson of the SA UDF. He was a POW firstly in Oflag VI B, then Oflag IX A/Z, then a Camp 12 (thus inscribed in his military records) and then was moved elsewhere.

I believe that Camp XII is either Oflag XII A or B, and am wondering if there exists a prisoner list for these camps.

I would appreciate any suggestions you could offer."

If you can help, please email Krystyna

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John Siniewsky

"I am trying to trace anybody that knew, or heard of my uncle during WW11. His name was John Siniewsky, Lance Sergeant in 6th Battalion of The Grenadier Guards (army number 2617270). His 'army nickname' was 'Gin and Whiskey' (a joke on his Polish heritage).

His daughter, residing in the USA, is attempting to document his heroic wartime deeds. His, like many servicemen, should have their bravery immortalised in print so that others can appreciate the sacrifices they made for freedom.

He was captured in North Africa, escaped and somehow ended up in Italy -POW Camp #82. Despite learning fluent Italian, he was recaptured after a German Officer spoke to him in English, in an unguarded moment, instead of pretending he did not understand English, he replied in Italian demonstrating he understood English). He escaped once again and trained a group of Italian Partisans adopting the name Petardi Giovanni – we believe this may have been in the Anzio region of Italy.

In order to survive, he had to completely block out any knowledge of his native tongue, eventually he could only speak and think in Italian. Upon reaching allied lines, largely due to his inability to speak English, he was held by the British authorities as a suspected spy.

Some members of his regiment were brought to identify him, but they could not be posative of his identity. Even then, he still maintained the mental block against his mother tongue. One of his comrades remembered 'Gin and Whiskey' had a quick, explosive temper, to trigger this, he deliberately stole John Siniewsky's cigarettes, the ruse worked as 'Gin & Whiskey' became outraged; he started swearing in Italian, as his anger gained full throttle, his cursing turned into English and so the mental block was partially broken.

John Siniewsky spent many months in a sanatorium recovering from his ordeal. Following his release, his wife was his prop and lifeline until he died in his late 70's.

If anybody remembers John Siniewsky, his story, or could offer advice where I may find out more, I would be grateful if they would contact me or his daughter (contact addresses below).

John Siniewsky later changed his name to John Peters, emigrated to the United States and had two children, both still living in America."

If you can help, please email Nick Peters or Lois

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Edward John Stevens

Annette wrote to say:

"I am looking for my fathers records. He served in WWII at Camp Bordon but he is no longer with us but I still have some memories of him serving. I know he never went overseas just was at camp. His name was Edward John Stevens from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario."

If you can help, please email.

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William Henry Shaw

John wrote to say:

"Photo of my late father in law William Henry Shaw, 8th Battalion 6th Airbourne. My wife Jacky would be interested with any information this photo might lead too. He was the cook so was well looked after by the others.Jacky always said his best freinds were two of the tallist as he was only little and was known as 6 foot. One of the two minders was known as Enoch and Jacky seems to think he came from Nottingham."

William Shaw (far left) and friends
Back of photo

If you can help, please contact me.

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William Smart

Looking for information on William Smart, fought in Egypt. Passed away in 1991.

If you can help, please email.

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Irwin Simmons

"Looking for anyone that might have information on my dad Irwin Simmons or knew him. He was a POW in Stalag IIB (2B), CoO C 7 Infantry."

If you can help, please email.

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John Smith

"Do you have any information on my father John Smith 7th Army Kings Royal Rifles WWII, fought in Tobruk & El Alamien."

If you can help, please email

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Richard Shipley

Sharon emailed to say:

"I'm looking for information on my husbands grandfather.

All we know about his service during WW2 is that he didn't want his medals and wouldn't talk about. His surviving aunts and uncles dont know any details.

I have come across info from ancestry on a R Shipley POW no :31984 CAMP : Stalag 344(Lamsdof) Army no: 4270906

I am not sure if this is him

We have his d.o.b as 1913 Durham
Wife Sarah (nee Brown) Shipley
Daughter Jean born 1936 and Joan 1939

Are you able to advise if its the same person?"

If you can help, please email Sharon

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William Stone

Anne emailed to say:

"I'm trying to find details of my grandfather, William Stone, born 2 September 1918. He was imprisoned in Stalag XXA, PoW No. 15256, Army No. 5772407."

If you can help, please email Anne.

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Jean Sarrailh

Tom emailed to say:

"Search for grandfather. He was a French POW at Stalag VIIA. His name is Jean Sarrailh. More information on him on this forum:

- 1940-1945: POW labor team of 6 to 12 French in sub-spawning Ling (Mallersdorf)
- 1940-1945: Accommodation / Auberge: Gasthaus Röhrl, sub spawning Ling (Mallersdorf)

POW 82385"

Picture of Jean from 1943.

If you can help, please email Tom

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Dominic Michael Stringer

Hazel emailed to say:

"Seeking any information of Dominic Michael Stringer who successfully escaped Singapore on board a water boat called Daisy. There were seven civilians, one petty officer and five other ranks on board and Dominic was one of the other ranks. I do not know what he was doing in Singapore, which service he was in, how he got there nor any info about his unit or ship. The Daisy was "captained" by William Henry Walmsley of the Master Attendants Office. The civilians were William Campbell of Gatty & Bateman or possibly of United Engineers Singapore; John Dyce (b. 1899 in Edinburgh) Director Medical Hall Collyer Quay; W. McArthur (possibly spelt MacArthur); Gerald Manning McMahon of Derrick & Co (Agent for Hammers); Peter Black Purvis (b. 1901 in Stirling) Manager of Wm Hammer & Co and James George Stewart, (b. 1901 Drainie ?) Asst Manager Wm Hammer & Co."

If you can help, please email Hazel

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Stalag XXA and XXB

Yvonne emailed to say:

"My father Walter Flanders Standage was a POW No. 14905 in Stalag XXA. He was with the Black Watch when they were captured in St Valery-en-Caux in June 1940. He never talked about the war years and as I have been trying to uncover our genealogy I learnt the above facts. What I would like is more information on the actual Stalag and life there in order to understand my quiet introverted father who sadly is no longer here to ask the questions of. Can you help or can he just be add to the list? I do have a photograph that may well be of the camp but am uncertain."

Walter is 2nd row, centre in this photograph (click to enlarge) with a possible white collar.

If you can help, please email Yvonne

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Maurice Stephan

Lucas emailed to say:

"My grandfather name was Maurice STEPHAN, a fisherman in Bretagne (France).
All fishermen from this town, suspected to be communists, were sent to Poland as work prisoner, in the camp of Gleiwitz III, I guessed it from the job he told us he was doing there.

He went back from this horror alive but in very bad shape and health; then he has been a very good, gentle and noble person till the day he dies in 2003. Here' s the Google Earth file I did from his notes of the villages and dates he noted from the deathmarch after Gleiwitz III was evacuated (you need google earth to open it). My mother made tape recording of him before he died, so that he could tell part of his story; she hasn't the courage to listen to his voice so I asked her to get the tapes and will do it myself in the next month. I really hope this tapes will tell me a bit more."

If you can help, please email Lucas

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