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Rackstraw, R. B.
Rambaut, Lucian (Rambout)
Rangel, Fredrick
Read, Richard Stapeley
Reagan, Ginger
Redding, William Frank
Reinwald, Tono
Renga, Remus
Reserve Lazarett IX-C(a) - Orthopedic Hospital
Richards, Reginald
Ritchie, Anson
Roberts, Juarez
Roblyer, Delos
Rogan, John George
Ross, Bruce
Rothera, Anthony (Tony)
Rothermen, Thomas
Rouse (Sgt)
Rowlands, Eric Douglas
Rylands, Arthur Stanley

Richard Stapeley Read

William Read is looking for his father, Richard Stapeley Read was a member of the Long Range Desert Group and left his photo album from those days. They include some intriguing pictures, some of which must have either been taken while behind enemy lines, or presumably taken from the "enemy". One of these shows Rommel with a U-boat in the background. Richard was captured on Leros and spent the last few years in a PoW camp. Sadly he has been dead now for a number of years and there are many things that his William would like to know of these times.

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William Frank Redding

Jacquelene Doran is trying to find out more information for her Grandfather William Frank Redding, known as Frank.

He was trained in Canada as a Wireless Operator/Navagator and flew in bombing raids in Wellingtons (from around end 1941) from England to Germany.

He was shot down over Mannheim and first went to Salag Luft111 until 14/6/43. He then went to another PoW camp near Baltic Sea (not sure of location) until 16/7/44; then to another camp at Fallingbostel and another until 6/4/45.

Jacquelene would be grateful if anyone has any information about her grandfather or those camps. Please contact Jacquelene her directly.

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Sgt Biggs and Sgt Rouse

Looking to find out about Sgt Biggs PoW 979 and Sgt Rouse PoW 1033, from Squadron 103 Stalag 357 in 1943.

If anyone has any information, please contact Sandey.

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Delos Roblyer

Bud's uncle, 1st Lt. Delos Roblyer, was in US Army 101st during the war and in the Nomandy invasion. He was in gliders. He was not a PoW. After Normandy he went around in the U.S. with the men in the photograph, Bud believes, and sold war bonds. He is the Lt. in the picture. Click to enlarge the image.

If you have any information on Delos, please contact Bud.

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Ginger Reagan

Jim is looking for information on his friend, Ginger Reagan, who was in the Irish Guards and in Stalag XXA and XXB with him. Ginger came from the Manchester area and spoke with a Lancashire accent. He is featured in a picture on Jim's page (he is second from left).

Please use the Feedback button on the Contact page if you can help Jim.

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Tono Reinwald (Toni Reinwauld)

Barbara Smith has discoverd two oil paintings by Tono Reinwald (or Toni Reinwauld) given to his late father, Wesley Smith, during World War II. His father looked after POoW's in Northampton and Daventry, England and befriended Tono. His famiily have kept the painings since the 1940's and are wondering if anyone knows of Tono's family or give them any further information on him.

Please contact Barbara if you have any information.

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John George Rogan

John is looking for information on his brother, John George Rogan. John was born in Hartlepool then lived in the county of Durham.

He is buried in Bari, Italy.

John thinks he was killed January 1944 and he took his name when he was born in February 1944.

If you can help at all, please contact John

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R. B. Rackstraw

Mr Rackstraw's father was transfered to the 6th Reserve Battalion R F A at Woolwich on the 16th August 1916 from the Royal Scots. His name was Private R. B. Rackstraw. His Regermental No. was 91930.

If anyone has any information on Private Rackstraw or remembers him, please contact Mr Rackstraw

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Anthony Rothera

Pedro is trying to locate the relatives of two PoWs that his mother supported during their time in Oflag VII-B and others camps, by sending them numerous parcels with food and other goods until their release in 1945.

They are Captain Anthony (Tony) Rothera and Tenent Walter (Waldo) Dowson.

Pedro has a large number of letters that his mother received from them and their UK families until 1946 and he would very much appreciate locating their relatives in order to send them a copy of all the documents.

If anyone has any information on these two PoWs, please contact Pedro

I received the following email on 8th March 2006 from Ian Rothera:

"I've seen your request for information about PoW's Tony Rothera and Waldo Dowson. Tony Rothera was my Father - he died in 1991. He was a PoW from the early part of the War to 1945. He was a Solicitor in Nottingham (and used to lecture on Law during his time as a prisoner). He was Senior Partner in the law firm Rothera Sons & Langham, which became Rotheras in the early '70s following a merger with 3 other local firms. He was Coroner for the City of Nottingham, and then became the first full time Coroner for the City and County of Nottingham. I am a Solicitor in the firm and Deputy Coroner, and one of my 3 daughters is also a Solicitor in the same firm - she's 6th generation of Rothera in the same firm. I have a brother Michael (an ENT Surgeon) and a sister Shane. Tony married our Mother Phyl in 1947, and she passed away 3 years ago. Tony's Brother, Patrick, died in the War - he was killed over Germany as a Lancaster Bomb Aimer. His sister, my Aunt, Barbara also died quite recently. I can also help a bit with regard to Waldo Dowson. He was also a Solicitor in Nottingham, the Senior Partner in Dowson Wadsworth & Sellers, which became Dowsons. He died approx 10 years ago. He lived with his Sister (also deceased), so had no family. I believe he has a relative, a Cousin Ben, who also lives in Nottinghamshire, aged 103. Coincidentally, my firm Rotheras merged with Dowsons about 7/8 years ago, and is now known as Rothera Dowson. I hope this information might be of interest to Pedro. I believe my Father would have moved between various Camps, and I have beside me his "Dog Tag" for V11C- his PoW No. was 673."

Update April 2006 - Ian and Pedro are now in touch and also with remaining members of Waldo's family. I have the families permission to publish the letters and information and will produce a Personal Page shortly on this site.

The page was produced and an update to this story was provided in November 2008 here

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Bruce Ross

Sue is publishing the memories of Bruce Ross a Scot in the 51st Highland Division who was captured at St Valery, wounded on the beach and spent time in Trier (Stalag XIID), Stalag VIIB, Coal Mine (E 707) Herman Shacht, Hindenburg, Sosnovitz. He was part of the March before being bombed and escaping near Regensburg.

Bruce is very well and living in Great Southern of Western Australia. If anyone remembered him or the camps he was in, it would be a wonderful contact.

If anyone has any information that can assist Sue, please email her.

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Reserve-Lazarett IX-C(a), Obermassfeld - Orthopedic Hospital

Robert is looking for information on Reserve-Lazarett IX-C(a), Obermassfeld, Thuringia, Germany - Orthopedic Hospital.

He has discovered information that may be of interest at the POW Camps website.

The hospital provided medical care to Americans, and British PoWs. Robert has been attempting to contact members of a PoW Association in England that is familiar with the hospital. The purpose is to obtain any medical records stored in archives. The American government recognizes military personnel killed or wounded by the award of the Purple Heart. However, since the huge fire occurred in St. Louis during 1973 destroying millions of military records, many military personnel have no proof of their experience.

A gentleman in Germany was kind enough to assist. He determined the records are not stored in the vicinity of the former hospital. He received the following response:

Unterlagen eines Reservelazaretts Obermaßfeld liegen uns nicht vor. Vielleicht fragen Sie mal beim Bundesarchiv Berlin oder bei der Wehrmachtsauskunftsstelle Berlin nach.

The translation provided by the computer:

Documents of a reserve infirmary waiter measure field do not exist us. Perhaps you inquire once Berlin or in the armed forces information bureau Berlin in the alliance archive.

Berlin is the last place to search in order to determine if they exist today. If the records are located, the discovery would affect hundreds if not thousands of veterans/family members.

Can anyone assist Robert with information? If so, please email him.

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Anson Basil (Dick) Ritchie

Denny is trying to locate his father, Anson Basil Ritchie (aka Dick Ritchie). He enlisted in 1939 in the New Zealand Army - Tank Division. He served in the Pacific Islands, Egypt and Italy. He was captured and was a PoW in Klagenfurt, Austria. Eventually he escaped through/over the Brenner Pass.

His last known where abouts was in the Auckland region in New Zealand.

If anyone has any information that can assist Denny, please email.

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Lucian Rambaut (or Rambout)

Margaret is trying to find anyone who was at the Heaton Park, Manchester rest barracks when her mother, Ruth Warner, of the WRAF or WAAF was there in 1944 who attended her birthday party in Pinnington Road, Gorton, Manchester.

Any information on French serviceman Lucian Rambaut/Rambout of Couze, Dordogne, who had a brief liaison with her would be appreciated.

If anyone can assist, please email Margaret

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Eric Douglas Rowlands

Mike is looking for information on his uncle, Eric Douglas Rowlands, No 6 commando service 7598224, PoW No 162583.

Eric was captured in North Africa in November 1942, detained in German camps - Oflag 383 and Stalag 13C (XIIIC).

Looking for location of these camps together with dates in each camp. He was very well treated.

If anyone can assist, please email Mike

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Fredrick P. Rangel

Anita is looking for information on her father, Fredrick P Rangel.

If anyone can assist, please email Anita

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Fredrick P. Rangel

Anita is looking for information on her father, Fredrick P Rangel.

If anyone can assist, please email Anita

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Juarez Roberts

Wendy wrote to say:

"My Father, Juarez Roberts, PFC, 507 PIR, now deceased, was a Pathfinder at Normandy as well as a successful Television Writer here in the states. Prior to his death, he wrote a novel about his first-hand experiences in WWII. It is a lyrical legacy to all of those that were lost in that war, as well as a tribute to his own bravery and moxie (all under the guise of his main characters).

I am trying to find people for whom this might be of interest and it seems as though Americans might have more resonance with this than Brits. It isn't about selling the book, it's about getting it out there.

I urge you to take a peek at the web site when you have time, regardless of whether someone knows him, or not. Thanks again."

If anyone can assist, please email Wendy

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Reginald Richards

"Looking for any info regarding my father Reginald "Shadow" Richards who belonged to the Essex Scottish Regiment and was taken prisoner at Dieppe."

If anyone can assist, please email

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Remus Renga

"Looking for news of my Uncle Remus Renga, interned in the camp Bezeichnung M. Stamlager IB-Hohenstein (Ostpr) IB prisoner No. 24467.
I am in possession of a letter written by him and dated 05/01/1944, so until then he was alive. He was with his brother (my father) in a hospital that was bombed.
My father managed to escape, but since then had no further news."

If anyone can assist, please email

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Thomas Rothermen

Sylvia contacted me to say:

"My father, Staff Sergt Thomas Rothermen of Hamburg, PA served in Battle of the Bulge, was at Stalag IX. Bad Orb."

If anyone can assist, please contact Sylvia via the WWII Memories Facebook page.

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Arthur Stanley Rylands

Gemma contacted me to say:

"My grandfather Arthur Stanley Rylands was a private in the Royal Norfolk Regiment, he was captured in 1940 in France & taken to Turan (Poland) later moved to Marienberg (Poland). He was part of the long march, he lost a lot of friends/comrades & managed to escape & hide in a railway yard & was then rescued by the American army who helped him & later handed him over to the British Red Cross. What attracted me to your page was a photo of him in a Google search as I have the exact photograph & he has written names of the other soldiers on the reverse which maybe be of some help to other members."

Click to enlarge the photographs

Arthur is 2nd row, 3rd from right
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If anyone can assist, please contact Gemma.

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