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Paine, Harley
Parker, David
Parker, William (Bill)
Parkinson, John
Parton, Thomas
Pate, Henry (Harry) Francis
Payjack, Walter
Payne, Edward
Pearce, Ernest
Pearson, Rex
Peck, Syd
Pegg, Edgar William (Bill)
Peksa, Stanislaw
Perry, Ernest
Perry, Harry (Headley William)
Peters, Thomas
Phillips, Malcolm
Phillips, Willie
Pick, Kenneth Thomas
Pierer, Friederike
Pierer, Karl
Polak, Oton
Polish Prison Camp in Lothian
Pomfret, John (Jack)
Powell, Samual
Power, Thomas Patrick
Pratt, John
Pratt, William Edward James
Preston, Albert
Preston, Leslie
Price, Leslie Crompton
Pritchard, Jack
Purdue, L.F.

Quezada, Henry

Friederike Pierer

Frieda PiererDoes anyone have any information on my mother's whereabouts and experiences during WWII?

She would have been around 12 years old when the war broke out and was living in Birkfield, Austria.  She never really told me very much about what happened to her and her family during those war years and I would like to find out more.

She was born in 1927 and died in 1987. 

Click here to find out more about her.

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Karl Pierer

Can you help with further information on my grandad, Karl?  He was born in 1907 and died in 1945. 

Karl Pierer

He was in the German Army and lived in Birkfield, Austria.

You can see more images of him here.

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Ernest Pearce

Tracey is searching for any information on her Mother's Uncle; Ernest Pearce. He served in the RAF flew in bombers, based Yorkshire/Lincolnshire area during the war. He was a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and was shot down and spent the last 2/3 years of the war as a PoW in Stalag Luft 3.

Tracey believes that after the war he married a lady called Hilda and moved to Dumfries.

If you have any information, please contact Tracey directly.

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Victor Leggett and Malcolm Phillips

Nicki is trying to find two people, one a definite family member. Victor Leggett and Malcolm Phillips both lived in Aldershot in the 60's and 70's. Nicki recently heard that Victor Leggett lives in Farnborough now. They would both be in their late 50's to early 60's.

Anyone know of these two people? If so, please contact Nicki directly.

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Polish Prison Camp in Lothian

Ken Mcintosh is looking for information on his father, a Polish soldier held prisoner at Polkemmet, Whitburn, West Lothian in 1944/45. Ken never knew his name but would like to have some idea where the Polish camp was and find some photographs if possible.

Please contact Ken if you can help.

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Ernest Perry

Norman, (son) and Christopher (grandson) are looking any information on a family member. His name was Ernest Perry and he was with the Royal Pioneer Corp. He came from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. They have a copy of the long march, but unfortuately it was never discussed or spoken about to his family. They know he worked on a farm whilst a PoW at Stalags XXA and XXB, but that is all. He had a tattoo on his arm which read "Love Rose and Jean", which is Norman's mothers and sisters names.

Joyce has sent me some pictures of Ernest to help jog anyones memory. Click the images to enlarge them.

If anyone help with information on Ernest, please email his family.

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Albert Preston

Researching family tree and looking for information on Albert Preston who was a PoW in Camp No.52 PM3100 Italy (later escaping to Switzerland), and Leslie Preston who was a PoW in Stalag XVIII C Austria.

Please click on the images below to enlarge them.

Albert Preston
Albert's Pow Card
Leslie Preston
Leslie's PoW Card

If anyone help with information, please email Michael.

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Jack Pritchard

Maurice is trying to find information about a Stalag XXA PoW who got captured with his uncle at Bethune in 1940.

He carried this soldier from Newcastle to the PoW camp rather than get shot by the Germans.

Maurice's uncles name was Jack Pritchard and served with the 7th Worcesters and was part of the B.E.F. He lived in Smethwick, Staffordshire.

If you can help, please contact Maurice

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Kenneth Thomas Pick

Tracy is looking for any information on her grandfather, Kenneth Thomas Pick. She knows that he enlisted in the Territorial Army and his number was 14591186. After his training he was transferred to the Leicester Regiment - 1st Battalion.
He was sent to North West Europe from 2nd July 1944 and came home 19th May 1945. Tracy's grandmother told her that as far as she is aware he was at Normandy Beaches and also Arnhem.

If you can help, please email Tracy

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Thomas Parton

Mrs Stewart's father, Thomas Parton, was in the Seaforth Highlanders and was captured at St.Valery en Caux. He spent the next five years as a PoW. The only camp there is a number for is Stalag 1XC. Thomas spent time in the salt mines and also rock breaking. He was admitted to a German hospital when the rock dust turned to cement in his stomach. He had several spells in solitary confinement.

Mrs Stewart is looking for anyone who might remeber him or have nore information on the camp he was in.

He is still alive and, whilst not in the best of health, is stll active.

If you can help, please email J. Stewart

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John (Jack) Pomfret

Jude is looking for any information on his father, John/Jack Pomfret, from Preston, Lancs.

He was in the R.M 's and in India but Jude does not know which regiment. He has the Burma Star and was in Germany and France.

Jude has about 40 photos of him and other men in different uniforms and many diaries. Unfortunately the diaries are all in Pitmans shorthand and Jude is struggling to understand.

If you can help, please email Jude.

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Stanislaw Peksa

Steve is looking for information on his father (now deceased), Stanislaw Peksa.

Stan was captured by 66th Infantry Fegiment, 13th Panzer Division in Warsaw on 18th September 1939 and sent to Stalag XXA and listed on 20th January 1940. Stan would have been about 29 years old at the time.

Steve has other information regarding Stan's fathers and mothers name and PoW number, also the name Anastasia Peksa from Stolno, Poland.

Stan was said to have been sent to build U-Boats for the Germans.and ended up working for the B.A.O.R. forces in Westphalia from 1945 to 1949. Steve also has photo of him in uniform in 1946/7.

If you can help with information on Stan, please email Steve.

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Edward Payne

Looking for any information on Edward Payne who drove an ambulance in WWII. He was in the 559th Ambulance Co.

Battles and campaigns:
Northern France
Central Europe.

He left fort geo. meade md. March 21st 1944 and travelled on the Queen Mary to Scotland. Arrived back to the USA January 1946.

If you can help with information on Edward, please email.

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Leslie Crompton Price

Dianne has read the account of the rescue of the Dutch Royal Family and is wondering if anyone knew her father, Leslie Crompton Price.

Leslie was involved with the rescue and when Dianne was young she was shown a citation in Dutch and English regarding his actions. It also seems he was awarded a medal in relation to this rescue.

Dianne is trying to find out how to get a copy of this citation/medal and find out any information with regards this and other actions her father was involved with.

Leslie was in the Irish Guards.

Dianne recently added "I have now found out my father was awarded the bronze lion on 15th July 1947 this is listed in the London Gazette, issue 38018 page 3322. This medal was awarded by the Dutch."

If you can help with information on Leslie or the rescue of the Royal Dutch Family, please email Dianne

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Oton Polak

Milena is looking for information on Oton Polak. Apparently he was a PoW at PG 62 in Grumello (close to Bergamo) in Italy. The city-hall says that the Grumello camp was a British one.

Milena is having problems finding information on Oton as it seems that the name of the camp was wrongly recorded (i.e. Grunello, Grumellina, Grumelo). The only thing known for sure was the number - PG 62.

Milena is interested in finding out about Oton as her uncle was in contact with him and Oton was apparently a painter. They would like to know if he's still alive and to make contact.

EDITOR NOTE: I have found information on an exhibition of art at Maribor Art Gallery from the Academy of Fine Arts & Design which opened in 1945 of their first generation of artists who graduated, one being an Oton Polak.

If you can help with information please email Milena

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Harry Perry

Lee would like to find out more information on Harry Perry, Dental Corps. 1939-45: Dunkirk, Stalag XXA Poland.

Lee is researching his wife's fathers wartime experiences. He died in 1980 and his wife (now 88) has Alzheimers and can tell us nothing about him.

His name was Harry Perry, (Hedley William) and he was a dental technician. He was at Dunkirk, and as a medico stayed behind with the wounded. He was force-marched to Thorn in Poland and imprisoned at Stalag XXA. He described the camps early days as a "shambles", very badly organised.

He was a camp dentist and also went to work in Thorn for a German dentist and was apparently something of a wheeler-dealer, pinching medical supplies to trade for other useful gear. He was very tall and thin. He was a also something of a musician (drummer) and may have taken part in camp concerts and similar things. Eventually he contracted TB and was invalided out in 1944.

Does anyone have any information that they would be willing to share with me? Particularly about the forced march to Poland, and the days at Stalag XXA? I am planning a trip to Poland later this year (2008) and want to be as prepared as possible to know where to go and what to look for. I will be happy to share any information I get, and any photographs I take.

If you can help with information please email Lee

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John Colin Pawley

Colleen is looking for information on her grandfather, John Colin Pawley (known as Colin) who served in the Royal Army Corps. Unfortunately he never talked of his time in the army and has since passed away.

John was from the Midlands and spent most of his life travelling with the fair. Colleen knows he had something to do with ambulances and apparently his name was mentioned twice in the London Gazette but although she has searched the origanal citations, when Colleen looked in the Gazette archives there is no mention of him.

If you can help, please email Colleen

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Thomas Patrick Power

Mark's grand uncle-in-law, Thomas Patrick Power, was one of the Guardsmen killed in Operation Harpoon. Mark would be glad to receive anybodys recollections of him, or hear who can provide me with any information regarding him and his military service.

If you can help, please email Mark.

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John (Jack) Parkinson

Dennis is working on his family tree and John (aka Jack) Parkinson was a PoW in Stalag IXC

If you can help, please email Dennis.

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Gordon "Elmer" Palmer

Anne is looking for information on her grandfather, Gordon Palmer, and sent through the following details:-

"My grandfather fathered a child with a woman known only as Trissie. It is believed that she was from Ireland, living in
England during WWII. I have been told that due to the price of everything in that era, a child may have been dressed in a dress, even though it was a male. So, that said, the gender of the baby is unknown. I have searched the BMD of England and Wales, and only one record stands out: Time frame correct by my calculation.

Quarter: October - December, 1943; District - Bromley; name of child - Roy A. Thatcher; mother - PALMER; Vol 2A Pg. 1421. The name Roy is a curiosity as the name of the Seaforth Highlander's Padre was Roy. It seems that by
the letters exchanged by this Padre and service men he was very well liked by all. Of course Palmer was not the mother's surname, but it certainly could have been recorded as such.

His name was GORDON "ELMER" PALMER, date of birth 25 May, 1915 in Spokane, Washington to Canadian parents Mary Anne Moore and Gordon Elmer Palmer. He enlisted in the Canadian Active Service Force 15 July, 1940, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. REGIMENT NO. K.63062. He first enlisted as a member of Canadian Scottish Regiment and while in England was transferred to The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. He achieved the rank of Corporal before his death in Italy on 4 January, l945. He was laid to rest in the Ravenna War Cemetery in Italy. He was not sent overseas to England until 9 October 1942 so the birth of the child would have been after July 1943. In August of 1943 he was given personal leave of 7 days. Sept 12, 1943 he was sent to Italy with the 4 Battalion Seaforth
Highlanders of Canada.

I have copies of letters (exchanged after the death of my grandfather) between my grandfather's brother Lloyd and the Padre of the Seaforth Highlanders. It seems my uncle Lloyd and the Padre both knew of the woman known only as "Trissie." On the back of the photo she writes "This is a very bad photo, but it is the best we can do just now, he did not wait for the baby to laugh. Love Trissie."

Gordon Palmer in 1940
Trissie and child

I am including a photo of my grandfather and one of his girlfriend and child. Story has it that it was Elmer's plan to stay in England with Trissie and baby at the end of the war. My personal feelings on that are a bit romantic, I guess. I feel that with such uncertain times many men and women reached out to whomever was there at the time. Looking for comfort in the arms of someone. If he found love, then I am happy for them. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet him as he died fifteen years before I was born, I have very positive feelings about him.

Thank you once again, Krista. I hope that my search may one day be fruitful. The older I get, the less chance there is of finding any further information as anyone who knew anything of Elmer's life in England, has passed on already."

If you can help with information on Trissie or Gordon, please email Anne

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Edgar William (Bill) Pegg

Lynne is looking for information on Edgar William Pegg.

Edgar is from Derbyshire and is now 96 and has asked Lynne to see if she can find any information out for him.

He was captured in 1941 in Africa on April 8th, moved on to Italy, then Stalag VIII for a while before going on to Oflag VA, Weinsburg, where he was for around 5 years.

He also mentioned Fort Bismarc in Strazberg. Edgar had an interpretor called Captain Noon but that's about all he can remember.

He was in the Royal Artillary and escaped the camp with 4 South Africans and a lad from Birmingham.

William (Bill) Pegg
A label from a parcel Bill recieved from his wife while in camp
A meal ticket from camp.(Weinsburg)
A group of Czechs
Card Bill recived in camp from Pope Pius PP XIIi
Insert of card

If you can help Edgar with details or were one of his regiment friends or family of the same, please email Lynne

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William (Bill) Parker

Mrs Cree wrote to say:

"Trying to find any information about a William (Bill) Parker who died in Burma. He was a rifelman from the Harehills area of Leeds who saved a gentelmans life whom I take care of. He normaly does not talk about his time during the War but has some fond memories of this man."

If you can help, please email Mrs Cree

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Willie Phillips

Received email from Martha to say:

"Would love to find information on my dad, Willie Phillips. In WWII he loaded private boats. He loaded Kennedy's private boat. Kennedy called him Whitey."

If you can help Martha, please email

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Walter Payjack

Received email from Tammy to say:

"I am looking for information about my grandfather Walter Payjack. He served in WWII in England. I do have his medals from the war would they have any info on them? I don't know anymore information than that. Please let me know if there is any way I could get a picture of him in his uniform or any other info about him. Thank you so much for your help."

If you can help Tammy, please email

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Henry Quezada

Received email from Larry to say:

"My father was a POW at Stalag IIA (2A) Neubrandenburg Mecklenberg 53-13. I'm looking for any information, documents, pictures, etc. His name was Henry Quezada."

Larry has sent the following picture and also a copy of his father's enlistment documents (Page 1 and 2). Click to enlarge or open.

If you can help please email Larry.

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John Pratt

Received email from Ann to say:

"I am searching for relatives of Sapper John Pratt who died 17.10.40 His Coy was 560 field coy Royal Engineers. He was killed along with my Father's Brother and one other Sapper.They were killed whilst laying mines along the Norfolk Coast. In a separate incident 2 from the Royal Norfolk Reg. were also killed. As the Soldiers killed lifting the mines after the War have a Memorial my Father wants to put a plaque for the 5 killed laying the mines. I would therefor like to contact any relatives of Sapper Pratt.

His last known address was Herts Hill, South Benfleet just to let them know of our intentions.

I also wondered if you have any info on the 560 Field coy whilst they were in England. At their time of death they were in Gt. Yarmouth. Cannot find any info until they left for Far East which was after my Father's Brother Died."

If you can help with information, please email Ann

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Syd Peck

Received email to say:

"Does anyone remember my father, Syd Peck, The Buffs and1st Battalion East Surrey Regiment, between 1939 and 1952? As a POW in Austria, Wolfsburg and Kapfenberg camps,1943 to 1945? North Africa. Up to Barnard Castle and Marske Camp 1951."

If you can help with information, please email

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Henry Francis Pate

Mary emailed to say:

"Cpl H.F Pate (Henry Francis known as Harry) was with the 2nd Durban Light Infantry captured Tobruk 21 June 1942 and was marched from Tobruk to PoW camps. Would like to know what was the March Route and roughly how many survived the march?

He might be remembered as trading Red Cross Food parcels with the Guards for 3 Violins which he subsequently brought back to South Africa.

I do know that he tried to teach himself how to play whilst in camp and told a funny story at his experience. One of the other POW`s in the camp came up to him one day and asked him if he could play "Far, far away" My Dad took this literally and asked if the tune could be whistled and he could then identify it. The reply that came back was just turn round and start walking and stay far, far away with the ********* violin.

He was pretty ill when the Americans came through and was shipped to a Military Hospital in Brighton in England where he was for quite some time before returning to South Africa. He was allowed to be at home with the family for a very short time and then was admitted to King George V Military Hospital here in Durban."

If you can help with information, please email Mary

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Thomas Peters

"I am searching for a Thomas Peters who was attached to the 7th Field Hospital in France, in 1945. He was a medic. I would also like to know the location of this unit and it APO address for June of 1945. I am trying to help out a lady find her father's family. "

Click to enlarge

If you can help with information, please email

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Harley Paine

Received an email from Andrew to say:

"I was looking at the article about Fergie Smith, I believe my father, Harley Paine, 101st LAA At. is in the same photo, if it is him he is in the back row 3rd in from the left. I would very much like to be in touch with anyone else who has any info about this group of men, my father died 15 years ago, but I know that for a number of years he met up with some of his pals from the Stalag."

If you can help with information, please email Andrew

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William Edward James Pratt

Received an email from Richard to say:

"My grandfather, Major William Edward James Pratt - 1426377 - Royal Artillery was evacuated from Dunkirk 1st June, then captured around Elalamein in 1942. He was a PoW in Padula, Italy then Oflag XIIB Hadamar. I have photos also a list of a evening meal 18/9/44 in which he is listed. There are many names on table list. On Brigadier Eden, Brigadier Smerset, also Major Morton who the tour guide knew. My grandfather was on table 8 as Lt Pratt. There are approx 250 names on list. He lived in Eastbourne,"

If you can help with information, please email Richard

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L. F. Purdue

Received an email from Darlene to say:

"I have recently been to Gallipoli and have photos but no information on my grandfather and his father. They lived in Reading, UK. Grandfather was L F PURDUE (Sergeant Frank Purdue) Royal Engineers and was mentioned in a dispatch for distinguished service on 15 December 1942. Great grandfather (W F PURDUE) is seen in a photo receiving a medal (I think) from King George on 7/4/1928? He is seated after loosing a leg, according to family however we are not sure where or how. There are also photos of six medals which I can scan and send if it will help, as I'm not sure which man they belong to. Any help would be appreciated as this is all I know about these men, except my grandfather moved to Australia after the war and so we are now Australian."

W F Purdue
Whose medals are these?
W F Purdue, 2nd from left, front row
W F Purdue and King George 7th April 1928
L F Purdue (on right)
L F Purdue

If you can help with information, please email Darlene

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Samuel Powell

Some photographs and information added to the WWII Memories Facebook page from Samuel:

"My dad, Samuel Powell, (b.6/4/20), was taken prisoner on 28/5/1940 while serving with 2nd Battalion HQ coy. Northamptonshire Regiment, at the Battle of the Ypres-Comines canal in Belgium. The prisoners were marched for days and weeks with little or no food except what they could scrounge, those that were too tired or weak to carry on were often shot. They slept on the ground in what they wore, as it was hot weather when they were captured, most had little in the way of warm clothing. They were then crammed into railway cattle trucks with little light or ventilation and no food, water or toilet facilities, with few respite stops until they arrived at Stammlager XXA in Torun, Poland, on 7th July. As this was a camp for "other ranks" the prisoners were expected to work long hours (dawn until dusk, typically,) six and a half days a week. As the war went on, conditions improved slightly, Red Cross parcels were handed out (sparsely) and clothing was replaced gradually. The prisoners had certain entertainment, theatre groups, bands, education groups, sports, etc. (my dad remembered Sam Kydd from XXa, he would always point him out if he was in a film on tv). In 1945 when the Germans forced the prisoners on the "death march" in one of the coldest winters on record, my dad and his recruiting sergeant got away and carried out small acts of sabotage such as cutting telegraph wires, while sleeping rough in pig styes, ditches and barns. Eventually they came across a unit of American tanks and after removing their greatcoats and revealing their British uniforms underneath, narrowly escaped being shot and were liberated. He arrived back in England on 11/4/1945."

Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell with his boxing match winnings

If you can help with information, please contact Samuel via the WWII Memories page

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