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Macdonald, James
Maciver, Roderick and Norman
Mackenzie, Harry
Mackenzie, William
Macleod, Charles George
Macvicar, Rev. C.A.
Mair, Robert (Bob)
Manchester, HMS (see Charles Smith)
Markt-Pongau, (Stalag XVIII C)
Marshall, James
Marshall, Robert Oswald
Martel, Robert
Martin, Patrick Amos
Mason, Mr.
Matheison, Harry
Mathias, William Edward Vernon
Matthews, Leslie
Matthews, Joseph
Mayer, Michael
McAndrew, Donald
McBride, Robert Frederick (Bob)
McCarthy, George William (Bill)
McCarthy, Robert Edward George
McColl, Donald Robert
McConville, James (Jim)
McCreary, Richard
McDonald, Jock
McDonald, Jock
McDougall, James
McFarlane, Edward
McGovern William
McGowan, Walter
McIsaac, Willis
Mckernan, Vincent
McNeil, James Latta
McNulty, James
McNulty, Michael (Mike)
Metcalf, Douglas D.
Michaels, Harry
Millar, Samuel (possibly Kidd)
Miller, Fergus Ronald
Milroy, Peter
Mitchell, James (aka Tony or Anthony)
Mockett, Edgar Robert
Montague, F.
Moodie, George
Moore, George William
Moore, John Russell
Moore, Robert Lee
Morris, George William
Morris, Stanley
Moscoe (Moskowicz), Joe
Moscrop, Leslie
Mounsey, Michael
Muggridge, Harold Sydney
Mullen, Michael
Munford, George
Murray, Stephen

Michael Mullen

Can you help with further information on Michael?  He was a PoW in Stalag XXB and comes from Scotland.  He was repatriated in 1943 with the Red Cross exchange of wounded, as he went from Black Watch to the Army Medical Corps. His daughter has a photo her mother sent to him at stalag XXB which he brought back with him and it is stamped on the back.  As her father never spoke much of his time as a PoW it is difficult to get information.  His daughter, Mary, would be interested to hear any stories or memories you may have.

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Harry Mathieson

Harry Mathieson from Grimsby, Lincs, wrote directly to me. He says:

I am 79 was in 78th Divison 1943 until demob 1947. Have a copy of Battle Axe Weekly on computer copied from one I have. Served with RASC with 36 Inf Brigade. Memories of driving jeeps with a platoon at Cassino, the Mad Mile and Railway Station with the West Kents. All the smoke and mules, some of them dead and blocking the paths on mountainside. Also we used jeeps as stretcher bearers as they could take 4 stretchers. We could go almost anywhere, carry ammo and use a trailer and chains on all wheels. In daylight with the Red Cross flag flying we brought back wounded. Germans had respect for the flag. Yours Sincerely Harry Mathieson. Driver. RASC.327 Coy/217 Field Ambulance (attached). Jeep Platoon/57 Coy 36th Inf Brigade.

Does anyone else remember Harry? Were you one of the wounded he saved or were you in his regiment? If so, please do contact me.

Harry's memories can be found here on this site (with his kind permission) and on the the BBC WW2 People's War site.

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Robert (Bob) Mair

Richard's father was a PoW from 1940 -1945 in Poland. One of the camps was Stalag XXB at Thorn. He is now 83 years old and only now is he getting interested in what passed. Any information would be gratefully received. His name is Robert (Bob) Mair and he served with the 1st Lothian and Border Regiment; which was then swallowed up by the 51st Highland Divison. He was born in Leith, Edinburgh and was captured 12th June 1940 at St. Valery en Caux.

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Jock McDonald

Mo's grandfather was a PoW at Stalag XXA. His name was Jock McDonald and he played saxaphone with a band formed in the camp.

Mo would love to know more about his life when imprisoned there. Unfortunately he died in 1977 and did not like to talk about his spell at this awful place.

He became freindly with a Polish family and one name that Mo has is Fritz Begelski (unsure about the spelling) he continued to keep intouch with the family after the war.

Please contact Mo if you can help.

Thank you to Bill Niven for this information.

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Douglas D. Metcalf

Meridian (sig.) is looking for information on their grandfather on their mother's side. His name was Private Douglas D. Metcalf and he died on 26th December 1943 in the North American area. Their mother grew up without her father and their father (her husband) died when Meridian was only 10 years old. When she passed away in 1998, I received a paper from her estate signed by Roosevelt stating the above information.

If anyone help with information on Douglas, please email his family.

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Joseph Matthews

Stella is looking for any information on Sergeant Joseph Matthews who was captured August 10th, 1914 in Germany. He was later interned and was married at Murren, Switzerland. Stella thinks he was in the "Dublin Fusiliers".

If anyone help with information, please email Stella.

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Peter Milroy

Peter was with the Black Watch and was taken at Dunkirk. He spent time as a PoW but Norman does not know what camp he was in. He was Norman's grandmother's half brother. He lived in Dundee, Scotland

If anyone help with information, please email Norman Robbie

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George Moodie

John is seeking information on his father, Corporal George Moodie, Number 305814, Seaforth Highlanders. He was a PoW in Stalag XXB from 1940 to 1945. John now believes he was on the Death March but hey don't know where he was repatriated.

On letters to the Camp it is addressed Stalag XXB (60) - what does the 60 stand for?

John also believes George tried to escape on 2 or 3 occassions.

He was a medic and he also worked on a German officers farm - there is a photograph of this. John also has a photo of him with 5 other prisoners in camp - inscribed g.b.304.

At the end of the war he returned to his home town of Edinburgh.

Here is a picture of George on his own and also one with his commrades in Scottish Barracks before they set off for France. Do you recognise anyone in the second picture? Were you one of George's commrades?

Please have a look at the Stalag XXA/XXB photographs page to see more photographs of George Moodie and other PoWs that we would like to identify.

John has come across some more information in a notebook of his fathers. His father and 3 other PoWs were due to meet up in Aberdeen after the war. John is unsure whether this happened or not. The entry was dated 1st June 943. The names and addresses were:

George Moodie, 34 Milton Street, Edinburgh
James M Hay, 5 Birch Cottages, Craidellashie, Banffshire
Charles George Macleod, Strathview, Urgha, Tarbet, Isle of Harris, Inverness-Shire
Craig Gordon, c/o Mrs Young, 14a High Street, Buckie, Banffshire

If you are or know any of these people, please get in touch.

Please contact John if you have any information on George.

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Michael Mayer

Rifleman Michael Mayer (otherwise known as either Mick or Mike) was in the 1st Battalion Queen Victoria's Rifles (King's Royal Rifle Corps).

He was killed in Action on the 23rd May 1940 and remembered with honour at the Dunkirk Memorial in France.

He was one of many which were once based at the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood.

Michael married a women which nobody in Clare's family knows of, apart from A. E. Hastings, living at 1 Charlton Lane, Charlton SE7?

Clare has no idea whom she is and would appreciate any help.

Also, does anyone know what happened on the Battalions task from Paddock Wood to France?

If you have any information, please contact Clare

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James Marshall

John's father, Private James Marshall, was in the Black Watch and was captured at St Valery in early 1940.

He was sent to Stalag XXB (162) and was there for the duration. His PoW number was 15758.

John is looking for any information about his war record.

If you can help, please contact John

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James Anthony Emery Moore Mitchell

Hilary is seeking information on her great uncle, James Anthony Emery Moore Mitchell, (known as Tony or Anthony) who was a PoW in Stalag XXB from June 1940. He was captured in St Valery and marched to the Polish/German border.

James came from near Invergordon in Scotland and was a member of the Seaforths.

Any information that anyone has regarding James or the camps would be very helpful to Hilary as she is located in Australia and limited to researching via the Internet and email.

If you can help, please contact Hilary

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John Russell Moore

John's father, John Russell Moore, was Sergeant in the 1st Battalion, Queen Victoria Rifles.

He was born on 13th July 1913 in Penge and was wounded in the chest and captured at the battle of Calais.

John died in 1964 when his son was just 15 years old and as John's (jnr) mother had died before him, he does not have much to go on and would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers his or can provide any information about his experiences.

I have received the following photo of John (snr) - click it to enlarge:

John also said that in his father's letter home dated 26 October 1940, he wrote "There are four others of the regiment here, one of them, Sergeant Tonge who used to go with Nuff Morris and myself."

At Christmas 1941, John's father sent a card from Stalag VIIIB, but it was always understood that as some kind of transit camp,
and that he was not there for the duration of the war.

If you can help, please contact John

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Robert Oswald Marshall

Theresa is looking for information on her father, Robert Oswald Marshall, taken as a PoW in Calais. He was wounded around 1940. Robert's regiment number was 6895485 and his PoW number was 16116. He was held at Stalag V111B.

Teresa is looking for information on him or the camp. He was believed to have been repatriated sick in 1943.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Teresa

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Victor Beedell and Rev. C.A. Macvicar

Mark has a card sent from Stalag XXA in 1941to a Rev. C. A. Macvicar in Birkenhead from a Victor Beedell.

Mark's father was in the same camp and he would like to know if anyone knows of these people.

If you can help, please email Mark

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Mason (Duke of Wellingtons/Seaforths)

Pete Mason's father started in the Duke of Wellingtons and was transferrd to Seaforths (51st Highland Division). He served from 1944 onwards and ended up in Hamburg.

He used to mention a chap called Chris but Pete does not know his surname. He ended the War badly affected by it. He did a spell in the glass house.

George Greeves was just turned 18.

If you can help, please email Pete

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Thomas Forbes

P/O Thomas (grandfather of Tom Forbes) was a  Lancaster bomber pilot during the war and was tragically killed on July 13th 1943.   Three of his crew survived the crash in the Bay of Biscay to be picked up and eventually became prisoners of war.  One, Leslie Matthews, was taken to Camp 357, Torun (Thorn) in Poland.   Tom has found out a great deal about his grandfather, the squadron he flew  with and has been in touch with many relatives of 12 squadron crew. 

However, the PoWs have eluded him.   His aunt remembers visiting Leslie's parents in Palmers Green in London - she thinks after the war - which might  mean the Leslie never came back. Tom understands that between 2,500 and 3,500 died during the horrific death marches. 

Although Tom is not related to Leslie, he would like to find out more about him and the other bomber crew.

Sgt Leslie Matthews, Lancaster Navigator, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 148817.  Leslie and/or his parents lived in Palmer's Green, North London.  He was a PoW at Camp 357.

Sgt E. Southon, Lancaster Mid Upper Gunner, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 1622030.

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James (Jimmy) McDougall

Keny's grandfather was in the Gordons as part of the 51st Highland Division and was captured at Saint Valery En-Caux on 11th June 1940 as part of the 51st Highland Division rear guard that helped the withdrawal from Dunkirk to take place. He was imprisoned in Stammlager XXa . He was from Kinlochleven, Argyllshire, Scotland. Kenny knows he was in Stammlager XXA in Poznan until the winter of 1944, then marched back West into Germany as the Russians advanced and was liberated at Bielefeld.

If you can help with further information, please email Kenny

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William (aka. Boyo) Edward Vernon Mathias

William was in the QVR and was a PoW for 5 years at Stalag XXA in Poland. His PoW number was 18826. He mentions Ober Silesia, Work party XXA, and worked in a factory in Heydebreck.He wrote an account before he died which may be of interest. He mentions two men Jack and Busty and also Captain James.

If you can help with further information, please email Gwyneth

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William Mackenzie

Anne is looking for her Great Uncle, William Mackenzie. He was Company Quarter Master Sergeant with the 51st Highlanders and was captured at St. Valery and then taken to Stalag XXA, Thorn in Poland.

William was a Company Sergeant, his Army number was 2751655 and his PoW number was 15401.

William comes from Scotland, was born in Knockando and lived in Forres until he joined the Black Watch.

Anne heard that he moved to Perth in Scotland to be with his wife.

William's father was in the Black Watch as well and stationed at Aldershot. His name may have been Alexander. He also had a nephew, Alistair who was a sapper and stationed at HQ.

If you can help with further information, please email Anne

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George William Moore

Andrew contacted me to say he was very interested to read the story of the rescue of the Royal Dutch Family. "It was very fascinating and gives an excellent insight to the bravery of all those involved." Andrew is researching his family tree and therefore has particular interest in the rescue.

His great uncle, George William Moore, served as skipper on HMS Artic Hunter, a trawler commissioned as a minesweeper during the War. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for his service on 3rd September 1940 for minesweeping coasts of Holland, Belgium and France.. Apparently, Andrew's grandfather had once said that this award was given for George's part in helping the Dutch Royal Family leave Holland. It is noted that the Germans invaded Holland on May 10th 1940 and that the Dutch Royal Family had fled prior to them taking control of the country shortly afterwards.

George lived in Hull and worked in the fishing inductry prior to the war. In 1939 he was a trawler skipper. He then joined up with the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) during the War.

The records show that from 20th February 1940 - April 1940 he was T/A/Skipper. Lt of the HMS Arctic Hunter (minesweeping trawler). The records state that in February 1941 the ship was still indexed as a minesweeper, but no longer listed as such.

Andrew would be interested if anyone could confirm whether this ship was part of the fleet that was involved in the evacuation.

Andrew's father has a photograph which he is waiting to receive which he will pass on to this site to see if it jogs any memories.

If you can help with further information, please email Andrew

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Robert Edward George McCarthy

J is looking for information on his/her father, Robert Edward George McCarthy who was a German PoW.

Robert was a Rat of Tobruk and he always said that he was in the labour part of Auschwitz but his dog-tag has Stalag 317 on it. He said that he was first held in a camp in Italy and then moved. He was an Australian and may have been known as "Reg" (from his given name initials) in the camps.

Unfortunately, Robert would never talk about his experiences and has now passed away.

If you can help with further information, please email J as s/he is looking to write a book on Robert.

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Michael Mounsey

John came across a letter in an old box that he has had since he was a boy, the details of which may be of interest to readers of this site.

it is dated June 19th 1944 from a Michael Mounsey 8166 - STAMMLAGER XX A (4) addressed to Mrs Burden Taylor of Denecroft, Jesmond Park East, Newcastle on Tyne. You can read the envelope or the letter.

It would be nice to know who Mr Mounsey was and did he survive?

If you can help with further information, please contact me so I can pass the information on to John.

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George Munford

Looking for information on grandfather, George Munford, who served with the Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry (Royal Green Jackets).

George served in North Africa and was at Tobruk. He was also at the retreat of Dunkirk and the battle at Anzio which is where he became a PoW and was sent to Stalag VII (near Moosburg).

George covered a lot of areas during the War but like so many didn't like to talk about it much.

After he died in 1999 his family applied for his medals and also found some information about where he had been, etc.

If you can help with further information on George or his time as a PoW, please email.

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Robert E. Martel

Looking for information on father, PVT. Robert E. Martel of Lynn, MA.

He was attached to the 82nd Airborne (unit unknown) and he participated in D-Day, fought in the Battle of the Bulge (Nijmegen Bridge) and was in the Ardennes of Belguim in December 1944, where he was captured about Christmas.

Robert was taken to Stalag XIIA, Limburg and then transferred to Stalag IXB, Bad Orb, where he stayed until the end of the war in April. Robert was 19 when captured and he weighed 86 lbs at liberation only 4 months later.

Sadly, Robert passed away in 1986, and his daughter would love to find as much information as possible to pass on to future generations. The only other thing she knows for certain is that before he went to Eurpoe, the Army sent him to school in St. Louis (radio school possibly).

Does anyone have any information, if not about Robert, then perhaps his unit or the prisoner camps? If you can help with further information, please email.

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George William McCarthy

Looking for information on WWII PoW George William "Bill" McCarthy (a husband's uncle). He's from Mississippi, was a PoW in Perrier, France. Was there 10 months, worked in a factory and escaped near end of war

Does anyone have any information on Bill, please email.

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Stephen Murray

Peter is looking for any information on his father, Stephen Murray, ships' cook No 19431946, Royal Navy and any former shipmates.

Can anyone help with information on or knew George? If so, please email Peter.

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Stanley Morris

Gary is interested in any information he can get regarding HMS Eagle. He believes his uncle went down with her in 1942. His name was Stanley Morris and he was a stoker on board, but cannot find out if this is true.

Any information, please email Gary.

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Edgar Robert Mockett

Justine is trying to research her grandfather's whereabouts during WWII. Edgar Robert Mockett served in the 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment in The Middle East (Jan 41 - Mar 42) and then Burma (Mar 42 - Dec 44).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Any information, please email Justine.

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Duncan McConachie

Liz would like to know if anyone has any information about Duncan McConachie who was captured in France in June 1944 and spent time in Oflag 79 until the end of the war.

Any information, please email Liz

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Donald Robert McColl

Keith is looking for information on his father, Donald Robert McColl, Kings Regiment - Gibralter, Libya, etc.

Any information, please email Keith

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Fergus Ronald Miller

John's father, Cpl Fergus Ronald Miller, 5th Iniskilling Dragoons, was captured at Dunkirk in 1940 and interred in Stalag XXA 3A.

He returned to the UK April 18th 1945. He never talked about the war and is long passed on. John is doing some family history and is looking for any help and advice with regard to information, web sites, etc.

Any information, please email John

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William (Billy) Mcgovern

Paul is looking for information on his father, 2345097 Signal William (Billy) Mcgovern.
No.4(14) coy.mob centre.
Royal Signals, Huddersfield, January 1944
Lived in Silverdale, Newcastle, Staffordshire.

Quiet Catholic family man. Worked on telegraph poles in the War and talked about being in Italy and posted to Scotland.

Passed away in 1978.

Any information, please email

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Edward McFarlane

Janet is trying to get information on her great uncle, Private Edward McFarlane, of the Black Watch Tyneside Division.

He was captured in 1940 at Dunkirk and went to Stalag XXA where he died on 26th May 1944. However, the family do not know how.

If you have any information on Edward, please email Janet

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James Arthur Macdonald & Harry Mackenzie

Received the following email:

"I would like to get in touch with anyone who knew my brother-in-law, F/O James Arthur Macdonald and his good friend F/O Harry Mackenzie both of 198 Sqdn. flying Typhoons. They were known as the Merry Macs. Both were killed 3 weeks apart: James in Feb. '44 and Harry in Jan. '44. Both were menbers of the RCAF assigned to the RAF. James was from Vancouver, BC and Hasrry from New Westminster."

If you have any information on James or Harry, please email

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Walter McGowan

Judith emailed to say:

"I have a photograph of my uncle Walter McGowan in Stalag VIIIB. If anything connected with the POW camps can be amusing it is quite good fun as it shows two football teams 'Scotland' v 'England' - I know that my uncle successfully escaped from here and would like to know if anyone knows anything else."

Here is the photo (click to enlarge):

If you have any information on Walter, please email Judith

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James Latta McNeil

Avril sent the following email:

"Can you give me any info on james latta mcneil who was a pow between 1939-1946 he was in the gordon highlanders but never talked about this when he came home any info would be greatly apprieciated."

If you have any information on James, please email Avril

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Harold Sydney Muggridge

Tracey emailed to say:

"Hi there. I am searching for information about my grandfather Harold Sydney Muggridge. He was captured at Dunkirk and was a POW for the rest of the war. He was a medic. His POW number was 30951. We have photographs and post cards that were sent to my dad and his step mum The mark is Stalag 1X (IX or 9?). We know he came back but he only lived to the age of 53. We believe his experiances are likely to have shortened his life. He was a very private and gentle man that talked very little about the war. I am putting a scrap book together for my dad but am finding it difficult to trace his military records. Hopefully you may be able to assist. Thank you in advance."

If you have any information on Harold, please email Tracey

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Willis McIsaac

Dan emailed to say:

"Any information on:

Pvt. Willis McIsaac, Co. G, 2d Bn., 232D Inf. Regt., 42nd Division.


If you have any information on Willis, please email Dan

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Roderick and Norman Maciver

Bev emailed to say:

"I am looking for information on my grandfather Roderick MacIver D.O.B. Jully 14 1896, Stornoway Scotland prisnor of WWII in Germany, he was with the Cameron Highlanders Special Reserve & Gordon Highlanders

My Uncle Norman Maciver
Army #14607590
Gordon Highlanders
P.O.W. 143093
camp:Stalag #XI-A
Loc Altengrabrau, Saxony-Anhalt

Any information on either one of my relatives would be appreciated.

If you have any information on Roderick or Norman, please email Bev

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Patrick Amos Martin

Tony emailed to say:

"I would like to trace details about my father Patrick Amos Martin who was in the Army and was evacuated from Dunkirk. He joined the Territorial Army in London before the War and I think was called up immediately War was declared. I think he may have also served at Narvik. Any help would be much appreciated."

Here is a picture of Patrick with his brothers. He is standing rear, left (click to enlarge).

If you have any information, please email Tony

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Harry Michaels

Win emailed to say:

"Would like to trace a good friend who in 1946 was posted in Java, Surabaya known as Pte Harry Michaels. He was part of 2nd Battalion the Buffs."

If you have any information, please email Win

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Michael (Mike) McNulty

Ann emailed to say:

"I'd like to ask if anyone remembers my dad who was in Stalag XXB Gepruft for 5 years. His name was Michael (Mike) McNulty. He was born 6th june 1909. He had an older brother, Jim who was killed on the first day of his batallion entering Sicily. My dad was in the Black Watch. He had been a regular soldier from approx 1928 to 1936. Does anyone out there remember him or have info about Stalag XXB? He was an orderly for some time. His pals were Shorty Brogan and Micky Mullen."

If you have any information, please email Ann

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Leslie Moscrop

Dave emailed to say:

"My father was also with the Black Watch Tyneside & Scottish, he would have been captured at the same time. I do have quite a few photo's of him and other in various camps in & around Poland. The first picture below is Row Street, Gateshead in 1939 and the other taken at Lamsdorf, Upper Silisea in 1944. My father is 2nd on the left, back row, the man 1st on the left back row was in the Durham Light Infantry and we have him to thank for getting my father home on the long march (to me & my brother he was always our uncle Davy, I was named after him)."

Dave kindly sent through some more photos - seems many in Stalag XXID. Do you recognise anyone?

Row Street, Gateshead in 1939
Lamsdorf, Upper Silisea in 1944. Leslie is 2nd left, back row.
Leslie Moscrop
Stalag XXID
Stalag XXID 1941
Front of picture at Stalag XXID
Back of picture. Names are probably:
Davidson (Tonky), Dipple, Frank Taylor, Les. Moscrop, G. Driver, R. Ogden, D. Shepherd, E. Sayer, D. Johnston, B. Belcher & J. Crawley. Taken at Himetcraftfari Park, Posen, Poland, 1941.

If you have any information, please email Dave

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George William Morris

Angela emailed to say:

"I am trying to find some information about my grandad, George William Morris, he was in the Royal Engineers (Black Cats) during WWII and went all over the world."

If you have any information, please email Angela

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James (Jim) McConville

Pam emailed to say:

"My father was inducted into the US Army on March 1943, and was discharged in Nov 1945. He was stationed at Seaforth Barracks with the 216th Quartermaster Unit and his name was James McConville (probably known as Jim). He is now 96."

If you have any information, please email Pam

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Vincent Mckernan

Dan emailed to say:

"I am trying to find out as much as I can about my grandad, Vincent Mckernan. RAF number 997181. He was in Stalag Luft 3 and 6 and camp 357. His PoW number was 170.
If you could provide any information I would be most grateful, I would love to meet someone who knew him during the war years."

If you have any information, please email Dan

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James McNulty

Anne Marie emailed to say:

"My husband's father, James McNulty, was captured at St Valery, he was with the 51st Highland Division. I am trying to find out where he was held as a POW and any other info I can, as my husband has no information as in his POW number or even his army number. How would I go about finding out as much info as I can."

If you have any information, please email Anne Marie

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Samuel Millar (Kidd)

Shane emailed to say:

"I am trying to find out info about my grandfather.

His name is Samuel Millar, son of Abraham Millar, of Ballymena, born 1916 (maybe March 9). Samuel served in the Royal Ulster Rifles. He may have been born by another name, Kidd. I don't know his mother's name. He married Audrey Joyce Kate Barnett, April 12 1941, in Yeoville, England, and then later moved to Canada (Thunderbay, Ontario).

I am hoping to find out more about him, and his parents."

If you have any information, please email Shane.

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Robert Lee Moore

Leann emailed to say:

"I am looking for information on my grandfather, Robert Lee Moore. ROBERT LEE MOORE (6983970), TEC 5, CAC, BATTERY "B", 68TH AAA GUN BATTALION.

As far as I can tell, he was awarded to medals in addition to his purple heart. I'm not sure what for as I just got this information but it reads: Atzd Bz Sv Star
I have several photos that he had of his friends during his service and will post in a few days. He was from Northwest Tennessee. "

Army papers

Battle participation award

Purple Heart
WWII friend

Click to enlarge any image

If you have any information, please email Leann

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Joe Moscoe (Moskowicz)

Randi contacted me to say:

"My dad, Joe Moscoe (Moskowicz), was a POW captured at Dieppe. He was with the Royal Regiment of Canada and held in Stalag VIIIB/344. I have his war log from the camp. He has several pages of signatures "

If you have any information, please email the site at the Contacts page.

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Markt-Pongau (Stalag XVIII C)

Gary emailed to say:

"I'm researching a unit that liberated the pow camp Stalag XVIII C Markt-Pongau. I would very much appreciate corresponding with any soldiers that can tell me about their day of liberation by the American paratroopers."

If you have any information, please email Gary

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Robert Frederick (Bob) McBride

Tony emailed to say he is looking for information on his father::

"His name was Robert Frederick (Bob) McBride. He flew for RCAF 415 Squadron I believe and was held at Stalag Luft 3 (III) after being taken prisoner in November 1942. He participated in the Great Escape, being the 80th prisoner through the tunnel. And, the first one captured after the tunnel was discovered."

If you have any information, please email Tony

Barb recognises Bob's name from Goon in the Block and is now in touch with Tony.

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Donald McAndrew

Graham emailed to say:

"I need to inform you that my father passed away on Christmas day at the age of 93. Born 09/11/1921 in Morayshire Scotland he joined the Seaforth Highlanders at the out break of World War II and was stationed at North Cave before the Normandy invasion. After taking part in the invasion on D plus 1 he saw action in Belgium and Germany.

After the War he returned to East Yorkshire where he settled for the rest of his life. He was a life long member of the British Legion and was awarded the gold badge for 40 years loyal service.

Following in my fathers footsteps I joined the Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire in 1981 and served for 17 years.

The reason I am informing you of this news is the family have had a discussion and would like a presence from the regimental association at his funeral on 16th January 2015 at 13:30 hours. There is to be a Church service at North Cave with a Cremation at Haltemprice Crematorium followed by the Wake which is being held at the Bear Inn at South Cave. If any members of the Seaforth Highlanders can attend or anyone from the Royal British Legion, the family would be most grateful."

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If you have any information, please email Graham

19th January 2015: Delighted to tell you that Don had a super turnout at the funeral with the Royal British Legion doing the honours.

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F. Montague

Traci emailed to say:

"I'm looking for help in finding a long lost uncle, he was private F.Montague, Black Watch, in Stalag 1V-C. I know he married a German girl called L. Nordwald, and never heard from again, would love any info on him or where he went."

If you have any information, please email Traci

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Richard McCreary

John emailed to say:

"I am trying trace information about my deceased father, Richard McCreary, 8th Battalion, DLI, 4446954, who lived in Washington, County Durham, and who went as part of BEF who went to France in 1939. Father was taken POW on 21/05/1940 and released in 1945. He was captured close to Arras in France in May 1940 and spent the rest of the war in various Stalags around Germany and Poland. In particular I remember him mentioning Scheinfurt in Bavaria."

If you have any information, please email John or Alan

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