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LaPlante, Bernard P.
Lacki, Edmund (aka Szwemin)
Lager Bezeichnung m. Stammlager VIII B Italag
Lake, Albert
Lambert, Joseph
Lambert, Thomas Albert
Landragon, Thomas Wright Scott
Lane, Thomas
Lane, W.C.N. (Stalag XVIIIC)
Lane, Thomas Samuel
Lansford, Jack Lewis L.
Lavender, Henry William
Law, William
Leach, Alan
Leach, Thomas Henry
Leader, Clarrie
Leaney, Alfred James
Leduc, (Captain)
Lee, Walter Edwin
Leech, Clifford Bassil
Leggatt, Donald
Leggett, Victor
Leighton, Frederick (Joe)
Lennox, James Barr
Leonard, Llewellyn
Lessing, Chris
Lewis, Albert Henry
Lewis, Dick "Tiger"
Little, William Thomas Stanley
Littlebury, Alfred George
Lodge, Frank
Lodge, Frank
(The two Frank's above are different people)
Loen, Floor
Longster, George Smith
Love, Daniel W.
Lupson, George Henry

Floor Loen

Floor is looking to find her father.  Here is some information on her:

"I am 57 years old.  I was born on July 14, 1945, in a reception house for unmarried women called "a maternity clinic" in Breda, The Netherlands.  During the War, my mother, Johanna de Grout (now 81), lived with her parents on Voorterweg in Eindhoven.  In October 1944 she became pregnant with me. My father was a member of British 30 Corps which liberated Eindhoven. I have never met him nor do I know his name. All I do know is that he had reddish hair and he will now be about the same age as my mother, maybe a little older.   I am hoping that I may yet get to meet him. I realise that 30 Corps had many soldiers, but I live in hope. So, can you help?  Were you a member of 30 Corps? Do you remember any of your friends talking about a Johanna de Grout?"

You can visit Floors website directly where you will find more information and pictures that may jog memories.  You can also contact Floor or her cousin, Michel Janssen directly.

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Bernard P. LaPlante

Bernard P. LaPlante was with the 168 Engineer Combat Battallion from the battle of Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, where he was captured on the 21 December 1944 at St. Vith, Belgium. He was liberated on 11 May 1945 by the Russian army and flown back to Camp Lucky Strike in France. He stayed there a couple of weeks and then boarded a liberty ship back to New York and home for a 60 day recuperation leave. He was sent to camp Myles Standish until 27 October when he went to camp Edwards on the Cape and was finally discharged on 28 October 1945.

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WCN Lane, Stalag XVIIIC

Ian Lane's father, WCN Lane (deceased), was a prisoner in this camp in 1944/45 after being captured at Arnhem. He was a corporal in 'B' Company, 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment. He remembered at least one other airborne prisoner being there as well. He remembered having to work on the railway lines at Klagenfurt.

The full ID of the camp (from an official postcard) was M.-Stammlager 317 (XVIII C).

Was anybody else at this camp or did anyone know Corporal Lane?

Ian is also interested to hear from anyone with information about 'B' Company 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment especially during the Arnhem action.

Please contact Ian directly.

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Victor Leggett and Malcolm Phillips

Nicki is trying to find two people, one a definite family member. Victor Leggett and Malcolm Phillips both lived in Aldershot in the 60's and 70's. Nicki recently heard that Victor Leggett lives in Farnborough now. They would both be in their late 50's to early 60's.

Anyone know of these two people? If so, please contact Nicki directly.

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Dick "Tiger" Lewis

Kathy's father, 'Tiger' Dick Lewis of the Leicester Regiment was captured by the Italians on 17th November 1941. He was taken to a camp in Italy, she believes, PG 29 Viano.

Kathy would like any information on this camp. Dick was there for approximately 2 years before he escaped and was then in two different camps in Germany.

If you can help, please contact Kathy

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George Henry Lupson (aka Darkie Boy)

Hayley is looking for any information regarding her grandad, Sergeant George Henry Lupson, PoW number 11755. He was in one of the Stalag camps between 1939-1945.

He was a bare knuckle boxer and his nickname was "Darkie Boy" and he was imprisoned with an actor called Sam Kidd.

George sadly passed away in 1977.

If you can help with any information, please contact Hayley

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Frederick Angus Leighton

Barbara's grandfather, Frederick Angus Leighton (known as Joe), was with the Black Watch along side Harry Dalby and is the forth on the left in the middle row in the picture.

Barbara is awaiting Frederick's service records but she does know that he was in Stalag 1B, Camp 4A, Hohenstein, Poland.

Barbara would appreciate any information on this camp or anyone else who knew him.

Like Michele's grandfather, Frederick was captured at St Valery and as far as she knows, Stalag 1B was the only camp he was in.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Barbara

Barbara provided me with the following update in March 2005:

"...very recently I recieved an email from a lady in France whose grandfather was also captured at ST Vallery when mine was. He was also in the same PoW camp Stalag 1B from 1940/1945. She has very kindly sent me photos of the camp and gave me quite a lot of information about it. She herself visited the former PoW camp last summer. I have searched the net for months on info on this camp but found nothing. The only info I have been able to gather is that there were not that many British PoWs there - they were nearly all French. This will explain why the info was very limited. The lady herself does not speak any English but her husband does so they both have helped me greatly. Incidently she has her own site but as yet it is not in English."

Barbara has also sent me the Stalag IB document, a plan of the camp and a photograph.

"...I have also been advised to get a copy of a book called Henri Laloux, Avril 1945, libere par l'Armee rouge. Apparently this book is about the author who was in Stalag 1b at the same time as my grandfather. The photos the French lady sent me came from this book. However Ihave tried to obtain this book but it is not available here and also it is published in French so as i can not speak it would be no good for me."

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Edmund Szwemin

Mr/s Lacki is trying to find information on their grandfather, Edmund Szwemin, who was born in Poland in 1921.

He was captured in 1944 at Normandy and taken to No19 PoW camp but s/he cannot find any records of this camp.

He then enlisted in the Polish Army under British Command with the assumed name Edmund Lacki.

If you can help, please email K. Lacki

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Jack Lewis L. Lansford

James and Dorothy are looking for information on Jack Lansford who was from Waco, Texas and was in the 200th cac (New Mexico National Guard unit). This unit had only 200-300 'out-of-staters' so could be something people would remember.

The details they have are as follows:
"200th" CAC Reg Hqt
"200th" Cecil Uzzel/Jake Light, all neighbors
Escaped Bataan, surrendered Corregidor
Bilibid/Cabanatuan/ Taga Maru
Died 14 January 1944 - Niigata 5b, Japan

When James was 12, his mother took him to a small church so that they could talk to Cecil Uzzel about Jack. Sam Boswell, Cecil Uzzel, Jake Willie Light and Cecils' uncle Cisco (or Sisco) (59\60th cac Corr) all survived to return home. Cecil told James of how his uncle carried his bags of coal for him so that he might survive to get his whole rations. He had fallen off of the trestle 20-40 ft. and badly injured his back.

If you know of any of these people or the regiment, please email James

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Thomas Henry Leach

Tony is looking for information on his grandfather, Thomas Henry Leach, date of birth 14 March 1919.

Thomas was a Fireman and Trimmer on the Port Wellington. His PoW Number was 88501, Milag. Discharge Book Number R138918. He was a PoW until end of the War.

He came from Roman Road, East Ham, London, E6 and whilst he was in Milag he ran and owned the casino. Thomas is pictured on the far right in the picture above (click to enlarge).

If you know anything about Thomas or were in Milag, please email Tony.

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George Smith Longster

Richard has a website dedicated to his father, George Smith Longster, who was imprisoned in Italy and Stalag XVIII C, Markt Pongau, Austria.

George is nearly 95 so would probably be one of the older prisoners in the camp and helped to build the Chapel.

Richard is looking for anyone who remembers George from the camp.

If you can help with any information, please email Richard

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Clifford Bassil Leech

Has anyone got any information on Clifford Bassil Leech, Army No. 848182.

Clifford was a bombardier in the Royal Artillery, located in Sidcup, Kent.

Clifford was PoW No.7392. He was capture in Tripoli (Tobruk), June 1942 by the Italians and marched to Stalag XVIIIA (18a) in Austria. He was there from 20th June 1942 until 22nd June 1945. He worked on a farm where the owner's son was called Hans.

If you can help with any information, please email me.

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Joseph Lambert

Bettina is searching for her grandfather, Joseph Lambert.

Joseph was born in 1925 near or in Akron, Ohio and stayed in Germany during WWII and after it's end then returned to the USA in 1946. Joseph's brother was a preacher but for which church is unknown.

He was in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart/Germany and in Berlin during WWII. He was a member of the III Infantry Division and something like the "blue devils". He went back to the states from Hamburg/Hafen possibly in the summer of 1946, because Bettina's mother was born in November 1946 and her grandmother had no chance to inform him about her pregnancy.

Bettina is trying to find him or any relatives who can help her search.

If you can help with any information on Joseph, please email Bettina.

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James Barr Lennox

Mandy is interested in talking to anyone who may have been in the same company as her birth father, whom she has just recently found out about.

He was in the RASC No 6 TRNG BATTN DRVS in Sheffield in 1941 and he then went to B company and later to BNAF as an ambulance driver.

His name was James Barr Lennox from Seaham, Durham.

If you can help with any information on James, please contact Mandy.

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Thomas Wright Scott Landragon

Amanda is looking for info about her grandfather, Thomas Wright Scott Landragon, who was in the Royal Corps Signals attached to the 51st Highland Division. He was captured at St Valery and held PoW at Stalag XXB, Poland for 5 years. Thomas passed away when Amanda was 6 years old and sadly all his letters have been lost.

Amanda would be grateful for any information on Thomas, the Regiment or fellow PoWs from Stalag XXB.

If you can help with any information, please contact Amanda.

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Albert Lake

Janette's son, Aaron, is working on a project on WW2 and was interested in the battle of St Valery-on-Caux as both his great grandfather, Albert Lake, and his great uncle, William Elvin were taken PoWs there on surrender to the 7th Panzer Division.

Both men were in the1st Division of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders.

Albert had been billeted at Landes before the battle and Janette thinks he stayed in a PoW camp in France. Billy was certainly taken to Germany but she doesn't know where.

Janette has an old photo that she thinks her grandmother must have been sent by her grandfather and on the back it says STALAG XXA Gepruft 49.

If you can help with any information, please contact Janette and Aaron

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Walter Edwin Lee (aka Sonny, Bunny)

Looking for information on Patti's father's wartime experiences and maybe friends who served with him during the 2nd World War.

His name was Walter Edwin Lee (AKA Sonny, Bunny) and was born in 1912 in Wood Green, London. He was called up in 1939 and served with the 1st Battallion of the Leicestershire Regiment "The Tigers".

If you can help with any information, please contact Mrs Lee-Salter

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Frank Lodge

Greg is looking for any information about the following two soldiers (second was his father):-

Major Sydney Francis Emanuel - was in Welsh Guards 1939 - 1945; mostly involved in training with Guards Armoured Division. Born in Perth WA; attended Cambridge University.

Pte. Frank Lodge - 1st Battalion Welsh Guards; at Dunkirk and then servant to the above for the duration.

If you can help with any information, please contact Greg

March 2010 - Jeanette contacted me as she had met a Frank Lodge at the Liberation of Eindhoven event this year but it turns out it is not the same Frank. However, the good news is that we have been contacted by a friend of the Frank that Jeanette met and they are now in touch.

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Frank Lodge

Jeanette contacted me as she had met a Frank Lodge at the Liberation of Eindhoven event this year (2010). We have been contacted by Paul, a friend of the Frank that Jeanette met and they are now in touch.

We have also had another request for contact details for Frank from Kevin and a lovely photo that you can see here. Kevin says "Frank was in the Polar Bears (49th West Riding) Division. I met Frank last weekend at Oosterbeek in Holland at the Arnhem event. My father in law was also in the Polar Bears and my 10 year old son took a shine to Frank because of the connection." Hopefully we will get Kevin in touch with Frank also.

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Thomas Albert Lambert

Kerry is trying to find photos of a soldier who fought in WWII in the Royal Ulster Rifle Regiment.

His name was Thomas Albert Lambert and he was her grandfather.

If you can help with any information, particularly photographs, please contact Kerry

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Donald Leggatt

On going through some old family photos, Pauline has found a postcard sent to her mother in 1943 from her brother-in-law, Donald Leggatt, then a PoW of Stalag XXA (86).

Pauline knows her Uncle Don was from Brighton, Sussex but doesn't recall ever knowing he was a WWII PoW. She is trying to find out some information about him or Stalag XXA (86).

If you can help with any information, please contact Pauline

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Llwelleyn Leonard

Phillip is trying to find any information / living relatives/ or REME survivors that knew his grandfather, Llwelleyn Leonard.

He was stationed in North Africa and was killed on 12 October 1943 due to road accident, aged 31.

He was married to Bessie (ind) who had one child - Helen - who is Phillips mother (now deceased).

Phillip believes Llwelleyn had 3 brothers and lived in Wiltshire. He was born in Chipping Sodbury.

If you can help with any information, please contact Phillip

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William Thomas Stanley Little

Peter is looking for information regarding his grandfather, William Thomas Stanley Little, unit and when they were wounded/captured in 1940. William was in the SQMS RASC BEF, from London. Peter believes all the other names are people who survived "Dunkirk" and were taken prisoner. All the following names are mentioned in a letter to William. The letter infers that these men were held temporarily in France before transfer to PoW Camps.

Particularly, from the RASC :

Padre Price Rees
GW Hamilton
Corporal Sutcliffe

If you have any information on this unit and the persons mentioned, please contact Peter

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William Law

Paul is looking for information on his father, William Law, from Bristol.

William was a PoW from May 1940 to April 1945. He was captured near a place called Cassel.

He was with the 2nd Glosters and was held in Stalag XXA B.A.B. 20/40.

If you can help with any information on William or the 2nd Glosters, please contact Paul

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Alfred George Littlebury

Luke wrote to say:

"Please find a photograph, that I found in my Grandfather's belongings. Even though my Grandfather is not in the photo, the people in it must have meant something to him.

I'm led to believe that my Grandfather was in The Royal Fusiliers, I won't be able to comfirm this until I get his Army Record back.

Any case here's his details :-

ARMY NUMBER : 14558251

I do not know, how long he was held. Nor do I know when and where he was captured, he never spoke of what happened to him. Like alot of his generation, just got on with life."

Do you recognise anyone in this photo taken in Stalag IIA? They must have been friends of Alfred. (Click to enlarge)

If you can help with any information on Alfred, please contact Luke

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Thomas Samuel Lane

Steve emailed to say:

"'m trying to find information regarding my father Thomas Samuel Lane he was born in New Zealand D.O.B 12/09/1927. He served in the British Merchant Navy whilst based in the UK during WWII. I believe he was on the P/O ship "Strathallan" when she was sunk. Names of other ships he was on have all been lost. But during his time in the navy I also believe that he was Injured due to another sinking and was taken as a P.O.W to a hospital in Dusseldorf ? Germany at some stage he was returned to England as unfit for active duty due to a loss of one eye and a injury to his right arm. ?

He was sent to the military Hospital in Wheatley where they fixed him up as best as possible. From that point not much is known about him. But its his war time history we are trying to find out more about.

If you could just lead me in the right direction as to how to find out more information it would be very much appreciated."

If you can help with any information on Thomas, please contact Steve

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Lager Bezeichnung m. Stammlager VIII B Italag

Francesco emailed to say:

"I'd like to have some information about the lager where my father was prisoner:
lager Bezeichnung m. stammlager VIII B Italag.
The corrispondence was addressed to: Laband Oberscheslesien.
I'd like to find the place in order to visit it."

If you can help with any information on Lager Bezeichnung, please contact Francesco

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Alfred Leaney

Ashley emailed to say:

"I am seeking any info please on my father's Army service (or the units he served in) during WW2. He was Alfred James LEANEY 1737277 gunner/driver RA 38th LAA Regt., serving in N Africa and Italy. He was then a driver in the ISLD serving in Italy, the Balkans and Greece. However, he trained in the UK as a 'Don R' (despatch rider) possibly in Nottingham. Believed to have sailed to N Africa on M.V. Largs Bay from Greenock."

If you can help with any information, please contact Ashley

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Clarrie Leader

Received email to say:

"Just wishing to know if anyone knew my father, Clarrie Leader of Stalag XV111D in Marburg or at another camp in Unterpremstätten, Graz? He was a stretcher bearer and was captured in Greece and was processed in Salonika. Any news or photos of the areas at that time would be greatly appreciated also, or anyone's experiences at these camps. He was a New Zealand soldier, Private and aged 28 when he left for war.He was repatriated to Barcelona and then on the Wanganella home. If anyone knows of someone's story on the Hellas ship which was blown up. I understand this was meant to be a hospital ship with the red crosses but that doesn't seem to equate from what I've read."

If you can help with any information, please contact me.

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Henry (aka "Harry") William Lavender

Peter email to say:

"I'm trying to find out any infomation of my late father who enlisted into The Buffs from 1939 /1945 on the outbreak of the Second World War. The only information I have gatherd so far is that my late father - Private Henry William Lavender Regimental No 6288283 - was listed as a PoW in Stalag VIIIB Teschen, Poland.and his P.O.W. number was No 296. Sadly my late father passed away on the 20th December 1960 where he settled down after demob. and his last known address was 68 Belasis Avenue Haverton Hill Teeside.

My memories are very vague of my late father as me and my late brother was quite young when he passed away. I would really appriciate if you can verify that this information is correct. and that any other information that you can give me about my late father's army service and any photograph's that you will be able to get of him either on his own or with his friends would ve good.

It would be good to have something to remember him by especially on Rememberence Sunday's.

I hope that I have given as much infomation as I have and would be ever so greatful if you can help me to find out anything. I am myself an ex-service man now retired and served with the Second Bttalion The Light Infantry from 1971 up until 1983. And thank you for all the help that you may provide."

16th January 2012 - Peter has written again to say:

"And the text of my last enquiry has change somewhat as follows. He was most definitely a prisoner of war and the camp he was in was called ( Stalag XX B Marienburg Poland ) and I have also found a photograph of him and his friends dated ( 1941-1945 ) on a work detail in a milk factory west ( Prussia ). It says on the photograph ( J Henry ) middle row but not from left to right or the opposite way and it also says that he was in the ( Green Howard's Regiment ) and not the buffs regiment as I thought at first.

Unfortunately I cannot recognise him or confirm that it may be him.as I have no family family photographs to say a positively yes all though saying that with what information that I have sourced so far. I have a very strong suspicion that it may be him hopefully. Therefore can you make further enquiries on my behalf to find out what my fathers rank and also regimental number was and his regiment and battalion he served in before and after the war had ended."

If you can help with any information, please contact Peter.

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Leduc (Captain)

Martin email to say:

"I am trying to find info on a Capt Leduc base in Milford Common 1942-45 think Leduc is correct Canadian Army if you can find out if he was based there would be a great help as he is my wife's granfather , have always been told that he was a captain but can not find any info."

If you can help with any information, please contact Martin

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Chris Lessing

Lan emailed to say:

"I am hoping to find information about my father Captain Chris Lessing who was CO of B Troop 30 AU Commando. He was a South African and seconded to the Royal Marines. He fought with Patrick Dalzel Job and was in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Brittany from D-Day to the end of the war. He spent 3 weeks at Osborne House in February 1945. He left from Minden to London and Guildford and arrived back in South Africa in September 1945. He died in September 1946 on Robben Island when I was 4 months old. I found his letters to my mother written during the war in 2007 and have been piecing together his story since then. If anybody has any information of any sort whatsoever, I would be most grateful to hear it."

If you can help with any information, please contact Lan

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Alan Leach

Alan emailed to say:

"Captain Alan Leach RAF PO 185864 (Pilot).

Alan Leach was born in Coppull 25th March 1921 the eldest son of Sylvester and Emma.
He was brother to Fred, well known in the village.
He was a Pilot Officer in the RAF Volunteer Reserve at the age of 17 and a member of 51 squadron.

The aircraft he was flying on 5th January 1945 was a Halifax. http://www.lostbombers.co.uk/bomber.php?id=11255
It took off from RAF Snaith at 16.47 hours, detailed to bomb the rail network at Hannover, Germany. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take-off and it failed to return to base.
Shot down at 19.22 by Luftwaffe pilot Georg-Hermann Greiner, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermann_Greiner it crashed 19.27 in Stockener Street, Leinhausen- Soeckern. He and five of the crew were killed and are buried in Hannover War Cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Aircraft Type: Halifax
Serial number: LV 952
Radio call sign: MH – F
RAF PO 185864 Captain A. Leach (Pilot): RAF Sgt P Neale (Flight Engineer)
RAF Flt Sgt J S Staples (Navigator): RAF Flt Sgt W G Bowen (Air Bomber)
RAAF 403167 PO Wilson L A (Wireless Operator Air): RAF Flt Sgt W M Burton (Air Gunner)
The surviving crew member was RAF Sgt D E F Thomsett (Air Gunner) ((**Read his story – attached**))

Alan Leach in flying suit
Alan receiving his medal
New grave for Alan

He received the following medals:
1939/45 Star http://www.ww2awards.com/award/32
France and Germany Star http://www.ww2awards.com/award/36
Defence Medal http://www.ww2awards.com/award/30
War medal 1939-1945 http://www.ww2awards.com/award/31

Alan Leach is buried (Grave 2,F,7-7A), http://twgpp.org/information.php?id=2689439"

If you can help with any information, please contact Alan

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Thomas Lane

Cheryl emailed to say:

"I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Thomas Samual Lane who was a POW at the end of WW2 in Dusseldorf Germany.

Thomas Lane, 1940s
Thomas Lane

Thomas was born on the 12 September 1927 in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand although his parents were both English. He served in the British Merchant Navy while based in the UK during WW2. I do not know the camp details sorry, only that he was taken to a hospital in Dusseldorf, Germany after his ship was torpedoed and sunk. He was blinded in the right eye and had a bayonet through one of his arms. At the end of the war Tom was repaturated and demobed. After which he joined P&O Lines and became a steward."

If you can help with any information, please contact Cheryl

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Daniel W. Love

Judy emailed:

"Looking for information on father-in-law, Daniel W. Love, 422nd Infantry 106th Division. Captured in the Battle of the Bulge on December 16, 1944. Held in POW camp Stalog IXB Bad Orb, Germany until he was liberated April 15, 1945. Thank you for your help."

If you can help with any information, please contact Judy

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Albert Henry Lewis

Martin emailed:

"I have my father's war diaries (ALBERT HENRY LEWIS) and I am trying to find out more of his stay in POW camps which included Oflag V-A. He was a barber by trade. He was in A Company of the South Wales Borderers when he joined up in 1940 which became the Welch regiment later. Any information on him, the camp, the final days etc would be appreciated."

If you can help with any information, please contact Martin

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