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Kadlubowski, Chester
Kaplan, Jerry
HMS Kashmir and Kelly
Kay, Norman
Kelly, James
Kemberling, Mervin L.
Kembly, Peter
Kennedy, Gilbert
Kennedy, Michael
Kenny, James (Jim) Henry
Kidwiler, Bill (Stalag Luft 3)
King, J. B.
King, Olive M.
Kirby, Douglas
Kitchener, Alfred William
Kirwan, Frank (Francis)
Kofler, Elfrieda
Kosul, Walter
Kramer, Armand
Kraus, Philip
Krautle, Alfred
Kruger, Pieter Andries

Stalag Luft 3

Jennifer is trying to find details about the time her stepfather was a PoW at Stalag Luft 3. He was there for 2 years and was forced on one of the several death marches of WWII. The march he was a part of lasted approximately 5 days and went from Stalag Luft 3 to Munich, Germany.

Her stepdad's name is Bill (William) Kidwiler, and he was and still is from the Seattle area of Washington. He was in the 99th bomb group, Squadron 416. His B-17 was shot down around Foggia, Italy. At that time, they were flying their missions out of north Africa. Jennifer did find information on a death march from Stalag Luft 3 to Stalag Luft 4, which was very close to Munich, Germany. However, her stepfather does not remember all of the details, although he was loaded onto a boxcar and remembers trying an escape.

Jennifer has found stories of some of the other marches, but no information on that one in particular.

These particular PoW's were rescued by General McArthur (and his troops with tanks), because a friend of Jennifer's family was with McArthur's troops that day. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Philip Kraus - Stalag VIIA

Deborah is looking for information on her father, 1st Lt., Philip Kraus, (might be listed as 2nd Lt. as he was upgraded after his return). His service number was 0677779. He was with the 450th Bomb Group/722 squadron/15th Air Force. He was in Stalag VIIA (although actually in hospitals the whole time although assigned to this Stalag) - Number G-19470. He was wounded on a raid to Regenburg on 22nd February 1944. He was repatriated from Hielag IVD (Zw) Annaburg on 21st January 1945. He went home on the M.S. Gripsholm and spent time at Valley Forge General Hospital.

Deborah says:

"I notice from reading the messages on this site that you are British, and the bulk of the inquiries are British, but you might be able to help me. My father was an American pilot whose plane was blown up over Germany, on the way to bomb the military plant at Regensburg on 22nd February 1944. He was badly burned and taken by ambulance to (as he puts it) a convent clinic close to where he landed. He thinks it was in or near Mallersdorf. Then he was taken to a hospital - he called it a 'Luftwaffe Lazarette' - near Munich. He was repatriated from a camp at Annaburg in February, 1945.

Everything I find says that he must have been in Stalag VIIA, but he insists that he wasn't because everything that my mother sent - letters and packages - to Stalag VIIA never reached him.

Is it possible that since he was in hospitals the whole time, that they were separate from the actual PoW camps, but used the same address?

I am very confused. I am trying to write his military history to post on the website of his bomb group, so I want the most accurate information.

By the way, he was treated the entire time for a badly burned face and he had many plastic surguries under the hands of German doctors."

If anyone help with information on Philip Kraus, please contact Deborah.

I have heard from a lady called Kathy who says, "Stalag VIIA was at Moosburg. My father was also there. The nearest hospitals to this camp were Freising and Regensburg."

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Michael Kennedy

Information required on Les's uncle, Michael Kennedy, who served in WWII.

He was formally of Dodds Road, Reigate, Surrey (last known address).

Les is seeking information on where he served during the war. They have some information that he may have served in Burma. He had no immediate family.

He originated from County Donegal, Ireland.

Please contact Les Mcintyre if you have any information.

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Walter Kosul

Sandi is looking for any information on her uncle's father, Walter Kosul, who was in 407th Infantry, 102nd Division. He was killed in Germany and I she is trying to find out any information on him.

Sandi is writing for her uncle who was a small boy when his dad was killed.

He is looking for the name of the battle and town in Germany where his dad's life was taken.

If you can help at all, please contact Sandi

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Alfred Krautle

Michelle is looking for any Navy Veteran who may have known her grandfather, Alfred Krautle (Seabee in Okinowa and Guam during WWII 1942 - 1946) or her grandmother, Genievieve Kovacs (Krautle) (Navy WAVE in at around the same time).

Michelle's grandmother's discharge papers were lost at the time of her death in May 2003 and Michelle has been trying ever since to obtain her much deserved flag and thus would really love to hear from anyone who may have known her grandparents or can help in her search for their Service History.

If you can help, please contact Michelle

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J. B. King

Billy is searching for information on his uncle, J. B. King. His discharge papers says he was part of the 82nd Combat Engineers. He was a light machine gunner and fought in the Italian campaign. He was wounded in Italy and received the purple heart. His service number was 34611103.

If you can help, please contact Billy

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Alfred William Kitchener

Brian is trying to trace his fathers time spent in the Buffs. Brian believes he was in North Africa from 1941-1943 and in Anzio in 1944. His name is Alfred William Kitchener and was possibly in the 1st Battalion. He was a Private and his Army Number was 6292314.

If you can help, please contact Brian.

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Douglas Kirby

Alice is looking for information about Douglas Kirby, 3rd Armored Division, Serial Number 33659306 who died on 28 February
1945. Alice and her family have adopted graves in Henri Chapell and in Neuville en Gondrozand. They would like to find out if Douglas has any living relatives.

Any information, please contact Alice.

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Olive M. King

Beverly is trying to trace her grandmother's work history during the War and find anyone who served with her. Her name was Pte. Olive M. King (W/105227) 1 Coy ATS Sigs Germany (demobbed 21st March 1946).

Beverly has her personal documents and discharge book along with some other papers including an address and autograph book signed by all sorts of different people.

Olive was signed up as a Domestic in the A.T.S in 1941and her discharge papers say she was a Mess & House Orderly. She has letters to thank her for her help in the potsdam conferance. She received three medals.

Any information on Olive, please contact Beverly

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Armand Kramer

Loïc is looking for information on his father, Armand kramer, who was a PoW in Stalag XXB.

Armand was born on 20th April 1919 in "The Grand Lucé" in the department from "The Sarthe" in France. Loïc has a document of the International Committee of the "Red Cross" dated September 6, 1940 by which the soldier "Kramer Armand 270.R inf " was with the camp of stalag XXB N° 52.901 in Germany since June 15, 1940.

Any information on Armand, please contact Loic

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HMS Kashmir

Tracy's uncle served on HMS Kashmir and she is going on holiday to Crete where his ship sunk.

She has been trying in vain to find the location of the ship or the harbour it was sunk in, so that she can lay some flowers on behalf of his remaining brother and sister.

The only other information she has is that HMS Kelly was also with him.

Any information on HMS Kashmir or HMS Kelly, please email Tracy.

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Pieter Andries Kruger

Peter's father, Pieter Kruger, was a PoW from 1941 to 1945. He was captured during the battle of Sidi Rezegh.

Pieter used to talk about the war but he was very tight lipped. When we did talk he said he was a fighter pilot. Needless to say it was a big surprise for his son. Here is some detailed information on Pieter:

Pieter Andries Kruger
ID number 180423 5004 00 3
AA Gunner UDF, P6025
PoW 1941 to 1945

Peter is trying to trace his fathers' whereabouts during WWII. They used to have discussions around the War as Peter is very interested in the history of the WWII. Pieter used to tell him that he was a pilot and flew in Egypt and Italy. Unfortunately he passed away in 1990 but his memory always lived on in Peter.

Family History

Father : JC Kruger, 1 Railway Cottage, Schoombie (Passed away around 26/11/1942) (Middelburg?)
Mother : Johanna Kruger
Sister : W J Kruger, 46 Gloucester Ave, Dalview, Brakpan. (became next of kin 26/11/1942)
Wife : E J Kruger, T41 Sheareea Ave, Robben Island
Regt No P6025
Mustering Gunner AA Brigade
Home address after war C/O C.A.T.C Robben Island
At Joining 19yrs 11mths at 28/03/1938
Trade Cabinet maker / Knynsa
Education Std VI
Previous service S.S.B (48699) 01/11/1937 to 25/03/1938
Features Height - 5ft 5inch. Eyes - Green-brown. Hair - Light brown. 1 scar left thigh.
Notification - Missing File no WRC.79/4630 14 December 1941 date of signal 07/12/1941. unit 3rd A.A. Regiment S.A.A.
Prison camps Germany Stalag 7A
Italy Camp 52 Chiavari
Camp No 8006 Unterfohring - Medical Orderly released Medical Hospital, Munich, Germany

Peter says:

"Till recently I was convinced he was a pilot although some stories he told me did not really make sense. He told me that he was downed over the Mediterranean Sea and was only rescued some days later. This was his excuse why he had a hate for swimming in the sea. He also used to be very much to himself, alone with not many friends. Towards the end of last year I tried to trace down his war record. To my amazement I had to find out that he was actually a gunner for the 1st Anti Aircraft Brigade South Africa. This I must add, I was not ashamed at the stories he told, I was more proud of him. To be a POW for 4 years and come back takes some doing and is proof of a man with character.
According to his record he started off in the service in 1938 as a gunner for the South African Artillery. He was posted to the 1st Artillery Battery in June 1938. In April 1940 he was posted to 2nd Artillery Battery. In June 1940 he disembarked in Mombasa. In December 1940 he was posted to 1st Anti Aircraft Brigade SAF MFF UDF. In April 1941 he embarked at Mombasa for Port Said on the ship “Niew Zeeland” where he arrived May 1941. From here I do not have much only that he was captured on the 23 November 1941 with the battle of Sidi Rezegh. Where and how he was captured is what really interests me. He was sent to Italy, could he have been on one of the ships that were torpedoed by the British? That will fit into the sea experience he had. There is mention of two camps in his record Camp 66 and Camp 52. He was also wounded in Italy while being a P.O.W. What happened? From Italy he went to Germany. It is suspected he was in Stalag VIIA but I do not have confirmation of that. What I do have is a company list from an Unterfohring listing. Where his name appears as a medic. I can not get confirmation as to where the POW was sent to work or even if they where part of Stalag 7A."

After his release in 1945 he was involved in an incident where he had to shoot a fellow South African in self defense. There were witnesses to the incident and I could not get much from his service records.

Any information on Pieter or his time during WWII, please contact Peter.

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Barbara is trying to assist her mother in finding out information about her late brother, Francis (Frank) Kirwan, as her mother is in her 80's and is interested in finding out about her family.

Barbara's mother was very close to her brothers - Frank who has passed away and her other brother who is seriously ill. She would like to find out more information about Frank as he was a German PoW in Stalag XX1b. Barbara knows he was on the 1,000 mile walk (Death March) but he talked little about the time. He did tell a story about a young girl who walked with them and fell by the wayside and was shot.

Barbara would be greatful if there is any information you could assist her with to help her mother have a picture of the lost years of her brothers life,

Any information on Frank, please contact Barbara

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Peter Kembly

Janet's uncle was in the Airborne Troops who landed at Arnhem. He was wounded and taken prisioner. His name was Peter Kembly and he was eventually freed by the Russian Army.

Can anyone help with where Peter was imprisoned? Is so, please contact Janet

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James Kelly

Mike would welcome any information on his father James Kelly (pte 66), captured at Dunkirk and held in Marienburg.

He was in the South West Lans Prince of Wales Volunteers and served previousely in India. After the War he returned to Burtonwood, and fathered 6 children.

He died when all the children young, hence the need to discover the circumstances.

Can anyone help with information on James? Is so, please contact Mike

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Gilbert Owen Stuart Kennedy

Mick is trying to find out about his uncle, a Dunkirk veteran, Gilbert Owen Stuart Kennedy.

He was a signaller/engineer from Lewisham and enlisted at Lee Green via the Territorials in 1937 to be called up 1939.

He was at Dunkirk and his Army Number was 901794.

Mick has his service and paybook for 1943 when 'recalled from reserve'. Would that indicate he was stood down after Dunkirk? From 1943 he is in RFA but no more details as yet to who he was with at Dunkirk. Is it likely he was with RFA then too?

Can anyone help with information on Gilbert and the RFA? Is so, please contact Mick

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Norman Kay

Julie sent an email saying:

"Hi, my name is Julie Crotty and I was trying to find out details of my Dad's movements, capture and incarceration during WWII, when I happened upon your website.

My Dad didn't talk much about his experiences and he died, sadly in 1981.

His name is Norman Kay, he was the youngest of seven from Blackburn in Lancashire and he was in the Royal Engineers from 15.10.39 to 24.6.46. I believe he was captured at Dunkirk and that he was on the 'Death March'.

His prisoner number was 15251 and I know he was in Stalag XXa(35) as this is recorded on the back of a photo from there.

I have a couple more photos with my Dad on them, one of which has puzzled me because it has the address of a R.G. Jacobs, Yiewsley in Middlesex. Imagine my shock when browsing your website that I came accross an account from John Jacobs about his Dad - George Jacobs (aka Bob) from Yiewsley in Middlesex! It sounds as though he was captured in similar circumstances to my Dad, although I have only a sketchy idea of this from my Mum, and that he became a carpenter like my Dad.

I am really excited to find out whether the R.G. Jacobs of my photo is John's Dad or maybe a relative.

Another photo is of Arthur Reginald (Reg) Howard from the Bury/Bolton area of Lancashire competing in a boxing match. He was captured with my Dad and they remained very good friends. My 'Uncle' Reg was Best Man at his wedding and I was a bridesmaid at his son John's wedding. Sadly we lost touch after Reg's wife, Agnes, died.

I would be immensely grateful if you could find any information about my Dad and if you could enlighten me any more about George Jacobs."

Norman Kay (on right)
Norman Kay with other PoWs
Norman Kay (on left)
Back of photograph with Norman's PoW number on it
Norman Kay and Reg


Can anyone help with information on Norman? If so, please contact Julie

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James (Jim) Henry Kenny

Paul is trying to find out about his father and sent the following email and diary photographs:

"My dad was a former PoW at Hadamar from the 3rd December 1943 to the 3rd April 1945 he was captured in Egypt on the 26th July 1940 and was held captive at Salmona, Italy unil the 2nd December 1943.

He served in the Cavalry of the Line which became the Royal Armoured Corps (Deserts Rats).

He had kept a Wartime diary and still has it and all his service paperwork plus many photos. He is now 88 years old and lives in North Wales. His diary is his pride and joy as it holds many memories and also letters and drawing from fellow PoWs."

Paul sent the following diary extracts (click to enlarge):

Cover of the diary
Picture and drawings
Picture of the "Passball Team" which shows as Smith, Hadley, Gale, Cravlor (?) and Kenny
Top photo - Some of the boys, Hadamar 1944
Bottom photo - Two staff teams out of PoW Camp Hadamar 1944
Close up of the bottom image (see left)
Top photo - Some of the staff of Oflag XIIB
Left photo - View of 'scholl' Hadamar with "Good luck Jim, D. Hodge, Hadamar '44"
Right - Part of the diary writings
Top photo - White cross in memory of 7 airmen who crashed near Oflag XIIB in 1943
Bottom photo - Funeral of Capt Angus Lappan who died in Oflag XIIB on 25th March 1944
Poster re escaping from Prison Camps
Xmas '44 Fancy Dress award to J. H. Kenny

Can anyone help with information on James or knew of his friends at Hadamar? If so, please contact Paul

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Mervin L. Kemberling

Received the following email:

My grandfather Mervin L Kemberling, passed away this year at the age of 94. He was stationed in Camp Lucky Strike, France during WWII. After his passing he left me with his old military duffel bag with serial numbers still posted on it and his customs tag. I began searching for his story of what happened to him during the war. In his life whenever the subject arose about his time during the war, tears welled up in his eyes and he was unable to speak about it. I was able to request his military records from the national archives because I am a veteran as well. However, due to a fire in a St. Louis office in 1973, his records have been destroyed. I am now searching for someone who knew him or who might have been in the Army Corps of Engineers, or the 755th Engineering company that shipped out of North Carolina I am assuming. I still have the tag from customs on his bag and am willing to scan it to show to anyone who might have info about my grandfather's story. He was a Staff Sergeant.

Can anyone help with information? If so please email.

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Jerry Kaplan

David sent the following email:

My father, Jerry Kaplan, was stationed in Bari, Italy for most of the 3 years he served overseas. He was a medic and cared for and transported sick and injured soldiers from Bari to Rome via train.

Can anyone help with information? If so please email David

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Chester Kadlubowski

Kim sent the following email:

I'm not finding much info about the time my grandfather spent as a PoW, but here is his info if anyone has any more information:
Name Chester Kadlubowski
Ser. Number 31065124
Grade Private
Service Army
Arm Infantry
First Report 09/13/1943
Last Report 07/14/1945
Residence Massachusetts
Organization Rifle
Parent Unit 0157
Unit Type Group Regiment Commands System
Area North African Theatre Italy
Source Official Sources
Status Liberated or Repatriated
Detaining Power Germany
Camp Stalag IIB (2B) Hammerstein 99 Work Camps In V

Can anyone help with information? If so please email Kim

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