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Iselin, Jacob
Island Farm, Bridgend, South Wales, UK

Jackson, William Nelson
Jacobs, George
Japanese Bomber Mission
Jay, Alec
Jennings, Arthur Ernest
Jennings, Ernest G.
Jervis, HMS
Jesus, Victor
Johansen, C.C.
Johns, Derek
Johnson, Bill
Johnson, Clair
Johnson, Johnny
Johnson, Melvin W.
Johnson, Stan
Johnstone, William Henry
Jones, B. R.
Jones, Charles Frederick
Jones, Leslie
Jones, Raymond Swanson
Jones, Robert (Bob) J.
Jordan, Digger
Jordan, Leslie Patrick
Joseph - Polish Pilot
Joyner, Albert
Juszkiewicz, Danuta

Island Farm, Bridgend, South Wales, UK

Peter Phillips is a writer currently researching the history of Island Farm, Bridgend, South Wales. It seems the US 28th Infantry Division and/or the US 1st Infantry Division were based there during the first half of 1944 It also seems that General Eisenhower addressed the troops there on 1/2 April 1944. Peter would love to hear from anybody who was stationed there, or maybe able to help his research in any way.

Please contact Peter if you can help in his research.

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Frank Crockford

Can you help with further information on Frank?  He was a driver with 'B' Company, 1st Battalion Queen Victorias Rifles (QVR) stationed at Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent from September 1939 - May 1940.  He was a friend of my father, Lewis Edwards, and I would like to find out what happened to him and the other men who were stationed there.

Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals) and Ron Harwood (Signals)

Below is a picture of them all (click to enlarge).

Back Row (L-R)
Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals), Frank Crockford (Driver)
Front Row (L-R)
Ron Harwood (Signals), Dad: Lewis Edwards (Signals)
'B' Company - 1st Bn QVR
Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent
September 1939 - May 1940

I have heard from Frank's grand-daughter (Clare Fay) and her father is compiling some information for me.  As soon as I have it, I will put it up on the site.  I am really looking forward to reading it and seeing the photographs that John has from his father. 

Clare wrote:

"Amazingly I was searching through the internet for any information on my family's surname Crockford, when I found your website looking for information on my grandad, Frank Crockford.

Sadly my grandad passed away in 1987, however my dad (his son John Crockford) and his wife Phyllis are still alive, greeted this news with some excitement. Both my nan and Dad remember your father and offered me loads of memories. I have printed all of the info off for my dad to read and he will be getting back to you. He also has many photos from the war including some of Lew as well as some of the ones you have.

We will be in touch very soon, however in the meantime you have my address."

If you can help with any information, please contact Clare

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Vincent Patrick Nield

Vincent is looking for information on his father, 3449947 Vincent Patrick Nield, Pte, 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was sent to Dunkirk from Eccles Drill Hall (TA) and his friends were Stan Johnson, Bill Johnson,Chris Griffin and Eric Heap.

Vinny has a picture of the 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (TA) taken in (approx.) 1939.

If you know anything about Vincent or, indeed, any of his friends, please get in touch with Vinny directly.

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Vincent Patrick Nield

Vincent is looking for information on his father, 3449947 Vincent Patrick Nield, Pte, 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was sent to Dunkirk from Eccles Drill Hall (TA) and his friends were Stan Johnson, Bill Johnson,Chris Griffin and Eric Heap.

Vinny has a picture of the 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (TA) taken in (approx.) 1939.

If you know anything about Vincent or, indeed, any of his friends, please get in touch with Vinny directly.

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William Nelson Jackson

Jane's father was Captain William Nelson Jackson and he served in the Staffordshire Regiment in WWII.

He was involved in Intelligence activities - getting people across Europe into Spain - he also spent a lot of the war in Kenya. Jane has many photographs of his days in Kenya. He had a Grey Parrot and rode horses across the plains.

Something awful was said to have happened but he did not tell Jane this himself. She was told by someone serving in Staffs regiment. If he was the sole survivor of a particular incident it would help Jane make sense of his subsequent depression and suicide in 1968. He was only 54.

Jane says it is so difficult to piece soldiers individual experiences of war together as everyone's stories are so specific and individual.

Jane's father always told them he had had wonderful experiences abroad during the war. However, this does not match what happened to him.

If you can help Jane with more information, please contact her.

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Japanese Bomber Mission

Does anyone know the name and address of any crew member of the bomber that while on a mission to bomb Japan had an incindarary bomb explode in the aircraft which was picked up by a crew memeber and thrown out of the airplane?

Could the person who asked me this question please contact me as you did not provide your name or email address for any responses?

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Arthur Ernest Jennings

Anonymous is looking for anyone who may have known their father, Arthur Ernest Jennings.

He was captured at Dunkirk and was a sapper in the Royal Engineers.

The only item they have is a photograph of his mum sent to him at Stalag XXA, Gepraft 4.

His PoW number was 11062 or 11962.

He was young approximately 18 or 19 years of age.

If you can help at all, please email.

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B. R. Jones

Alison was wondering if anyone can help tell her more about Stalag XXB.

Her great uncle, B.R.Jones, Regiment No. 13499 was a PoW there for numerous years and she has photos which may be of interest to other people.

Alsion would love to know anything at all about the camp life and her uncle if anyone remembers him. She recently went to Sachsenhausen in Berlin and is involved with the "Peoples War Project" with the Imperial War Museum.

If you can help, please email Alison

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Leslie Patrick Jordan

Tim's father, Senior Gunner Leslie Patrick Jordan, Army Number F52162, was captured at Dunkirk in the early years of the war and Tim believes he was subsequently incarcerated in Stalag XXA (PoW Number 10799). Leslie was in the Royal Artillery Regiment, Unit 392/98th Field. He was on board ship number 2123 that left port on 9th May 1945.

Tim knows very little about Leslie as he died in 1971 when Tim was quite young. His ashes are scattered in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (as it was called then).

Leslie came from the Wandsworth area of London.

If you can help with any information on Leslie, please email Tim

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HMS Jervis

Did you serve on this ship between 1944 and 1946? Were you in the 12th Minesweeping Flotilla? If so, please contact Thelma as she is trying to help a neighbour, Kenneth Barrett, find some old comrades.

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Robert J. Jones

Stuart is looking for information on two men that were captured at the Battle of Arnhem.

Desmond G Davies of the RAMC attached to the 2nd Battalion Parachute Brigade, PoW Number 89420 ended up in Stalag IVB and Robert J Jones of the 2nd Battalion South Stafordshire Regiment, PoW number 89674.

They met for a short time at Stalag XIIA but Robert was moved to another camp later and Stuart does not know which one that was. Robert is still alive but his memory fails him and he knows he moved soon after Desmond was moved but can't remember to where.

Any thing that may help Bob remember - he's now 89 - would be appreciated.

If anyone remembers Robert or Desmond, was in the camps with them or a regiment friend, please email Stuart

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Clair L. Johnson

Looking for the family of Clair L. Johnson, who served in the 1277th ECB in Europe. He was KIA. He left behind a wife and daughter, whom he was said to have loved very much. Only other information available is that he was from Los Angeles, California.

If anyone remembers Clair, please email.

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Derek Johns

David is trying to trace a Lt. Derek Johns who was in the Welsh Regiment in 1942/3 then stationed in Barmouth. He was later traced as a officer in the reserve force 1946.

If anyone remembers Derek, please email David.

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Stan Johnston

Chris is looking for information on his father, Stan Johnston, who was on the SS Canton.

If anyone remembers Stan, please email Chris

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Joseph (Polish Pilot)

Linda is looking for a gentleman callled Joseph, a Polish pilot who was in and around Scarborough, Yorkshire in 1944.

She believes he moved to Devon after the War and that is all she knows about him.

If anyone knows who Joseph may be, please email Linda

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Charles Frederick Jones

Charles' grandfather was held in Stalag XXA. His name was Charles Frederick Jones. Charles has copies of two postcards, that were mailed during his captivity - here they are (click to enlarge):

If anyone has information on Charles Jones, please email Charles

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Alec Jay

John is searching for information about his late father, Alec Jay, a Queen Victoria's Rifleman (QVR) who was captured at Calais in 1940 and then spent virtually all the rest of the war in various PoW camps including Lamsdorf and Setzdorf and various working parties. He spoke fluent German and acted as an interpreter and he also escaped on a number of occasions.

Alec Jay 1939
From inside the bag and featuring fellow prisoners

John's father was a Londoner living in Golders Green before the War. He joined the QVRs as part of the TA before the War and spent time at the hop farm in Beltring. He was a Lance Corporal but had a dispute with a superior officer that resulted in him being demoted to Rifleman.

There is also an article on "The Men That Stayed Behind" from The Sunday Telegraph dated May 27th, 1990. John has received permission from The Telegraph Media Group for the article to be placed on this site and you will find it by clicking here (it is in .pdf format)

Do you recognise any of the people in the group photograph?

If anyone knows of Alec, please email John

John got back to me on 28th August to say "I trust you are well. My researches into my late father continue via National Archives, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Historical Disclosures department of the Army Personnel Office, the QVR veterans association and various online sources. I have come across a further photo that includes my father and I wondered if you might consider putting it on your site along with a request to viewers asking them if they can identify any of the other POWs in the photo. You might also recognise some of them yourself."

Here is the photo (click to enlarge):

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Albert Joyner

Received the following email from Mike:

"I am looking for information to do with my grandfather who served as a tail gunner in the RAF during WWII. I do not know much...what i do know:

Name - Albert Joyner
RAF during WWII
Served his tour of duty
Received medal at Palace
I believe he served in or around Wales maybe at Stormydown Bridgend Wales, married Edna (don't know surname before marriage), I believe he met her after getting injured she was a nurse where he recovered (don't know injury's )would also like to know something about Edna as she was injured at some point with shrapnel in the back (both have passed away now)
After marriage had 3 sons - Peter, Grayham and Robert

If anyone knows of Albert, please email Mike

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Jacob Iselin

Denise's father was a PoW with the Germans during WWII. He's now deceased and Denise knows next to nothing about his journey.

A listing at the cemetery says he was in Company D, 162nd Infantry. His name is Sgt Jacob Iselin Jr.

Denise has letters from WA DC, dated 6-6-45 that he was being returned to the United States. It was possible he was in a place called Mooseburg, or something like that.

If anyone remembers Jacob, please email Denise

31st May 2010

Tracy sent the following information:

"Iselin, Jacob Jr.: Sgt Serial no. 39193103; resided Washington born 1921 Lichtenstein/Switzerland; enlisted 10/24/42; assigned to North African Theater, Italy; pow in Stalag IIB Hammerstein (Mooseberg 1.5 miles west on east side of highway) which entailed 99 work camps in vicinity of Koslin and Stolp, West Prussia; 162d Infantry Regiment belonged to 1st Battalion, 4th Division (not to be confused with 162d belonging to 41st Division that fought in Pacific)."

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Melvin W. Johnson

Does anyone know of Pvt. Melvin W. Johnson, of L Co., 314th Infantry. He died while fighting in France 18th November.

If anyone remembers Melvin, please email Michael

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Raymond Swanson Jones

Carolyn emailed to say:

"I am presently attempting to track my fathers WWII tour of Euorpe but having difficulty obtaining Military Records due to his date of birth being 1/7/1922. I need any input that may help me trace the countries, areas, all branches he may have served etc.

My name is Carolyn Anderson and my Father was an Army solider, MP, tank division in the 4TH Army. He served 1941 or 1942 untill 1948. Raymond Swanson Jones was my dad, he passed away in 1997 before we could finish our story."

If anyone remembers Raymond, please email Carolyn

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Digger Jordan

Email to say:

"Does anyone have any info on Captain Digger Jordan,my Dad (Douglas Mainwaring from Port Talbot South Wales) now approaching his 90th birthday served with him on the desert until War ended when they were in Udine, Italy. 1176 309 Company RASC. Has anyone heard a story of a British soldier riding a motorbike in Italy/Austria with an alsation dog on the petrol tank of the bike, (that was Dad) the dog a former SS dog he found close to death and nursed back to health was put on company rations by the Major."

If anyone can help, please email

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William Henry Johnstone

Julie emailed to say:

"I am looking for any information i can on my grandfather who served in WW2.His name was William Henry Johnstone service no"(NX23601).He along with many others was captured in Crete on the 1/6/1941 and became a pow four 4 years in Stalag XVIIIA (18A). Unit in which he served under when captured was 2/1st AAOC.I would love for him to be added to your list,or even better if their maybe anyone that may in the slight chance have any information on him.My father,Williams son passed away many years ago and i really do not have anyone that can help me with any information."

If anyone can help, please email

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Leslie Jones

Lesley emailed to say:

"Looking to get in touch with any servicemen who would have been a POW at Stalag Luft VII, and knew my Dad, Leslie Jones, ("Jonesy") while there? My dad was in the RAF and shot down over Germany, then taken to Stalag VII. He was born in Llangollen, Wales; however, grew up and went to school in Liverpool. He attended Tiber Street school there."

Click to enlarge the photos

Leslie & Doris Jones
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones

Lesley has added an inteview here (safe .pdf document) that was done with her father about his experiences.

She also sent an update on 28th January 2013 saying:

"At long last I've been able to find most of Dad's POW and war documentation, pictures, letters to home, flight log, and correspondence from the War Ministry about his capture.

I thank you both for your patience while I went through all my parent's possessions looking for these (in particular !!). They are now safely at their new home in an assisted living facility in Renton, WA ~ 3 miles from my home.

Krista: I hope that these will be helpful to you in possibly locating some of my Father's comerads. I'm not sure of the names of the individuals in the Flight Group picture, and am in hopes someone might reach out to you or me to assist in identifying them. I did locate a letter from an Etta Naughler from Nova Scotia, Canada (dated Dec.1944). The letter was written to my Father's parents, Thomas and Emily Jones of Liverpool, England. It mentions a Mrs. Pickering (address indicates she lived in Norton, Malton, Yorkshire), who mentions her son Alan missing; it says he was a rear gunner. It also mentions a Gerald, who's listed as the Bomb aimer. It appears that she heard from the parents of an Edward Adair, too, who said they'd received a letter from him saying nothing more than "don't worry" and he "hoped to be home soon". I do not know if there's any relation to my Father's crew with them or not. It appears from her letter that she's related to Gerald, and may even be his Mother.

I've yet to write to the RAF War Commission to see if my Father's indeed entitled to the 5 medals mentioned by my Uncle he may be owed for his service and POW status with the RAF."

If anyone can help, please email Lesley

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Ernest G. Jennings

Marian emailed to say:

"Trying to find information on my dads brother. He was a PoW in WWII at Stalag XXB. His name is Ernest G Jennings."

If anyone can help, please email

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C.C. Johansen

PJ emailed to say:

"My Father, Major CC Johansen, 27th Machine Gun Btn. NZ2EF was POW in Oflag X11b Sept.'43 until March '45. He was in room 25b."

If anyone can help, please email PJ

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Victor Jesus

Yves emailed to say:

"My grandfather Victor JESUS was prisoner in the polish camp of prisoners located in Czarne. He was in the stalag 2B (IIB) from 1940 until 1945. Do you think it is possible to find some pictures of him and his friends in this camp? He was registered with the number 335."

If anyone can help, please email Yves and do let us know as we'd love to share the photos.

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