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Hall, John
Hall, Robert
Hall, Sydney
Hamburg, Ervin W.
Hamingway, Francis (or Hamigway)
Hamilton, Alec
Hancy, Percy
Hanly, Thomas
Hann, Frederick
Hannam, Jack
Hardy, Andre
Harlow, Albert William Harrison
Harner, Charles R.
Harper, Henry
Harper, James
Harriman, Jeffrey Arthur
Harris, William Charles
Harrison, Thomas William (Tommy)
Hart, Francis Gordon
Harwood, Ron
Hatcher, Henry Donald
Hatt, George
Hawes, Altus 'Al'
Hay, James M
Hazell, Norman Eric
Held, Clifford Lenord
Heap, Eric
Hearnden, Cecil
Hegwood, Norbert Driggs
Hendry, William
Heseltine, Thomas Henry
Higgin, Albert Edward
Hill, Edward
Hill, Harry
Hire, Richard W.
HMS (please see appropriate ship name for anything related to HMS, ie. HMS Chameleon is under "C")
HMS Hunter (see also Peter Sidney Thompson's help request)
Hobbs, George
Hodges, James
Holland, Robert Albert
Holmes, J.
Holmes, Sidney
Hook of Holland
Hopkins, Albert Edward ("Tiny")
Horne, Robert William Peter
Howard, George William
Howe, John (Jack)
Howells, David
Howes, Levi
Hubert, Eric
Hudgins, Charles A. (Snr)
Hughes, George
Hunt, Timothy Daniel
Hutchings, James William Thomas
Hutchinson, Bartholomew

Frank Crockford

Can you help with further information on Frank?  He was a driver with 'B' Company, 1st Battalion Queen Victorias Rifles (QVR) stationed at Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent from September 1939 - May 1940.  He was a friend of my father, Lewis Edwards, and I would like to find out what happened to him and the other men who were stationed there.

Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals) and Ron Harwood (Signals)

Below is a picture of them all (click to enlarge).

Back Row (L-R)
Johnny Johnson (RPs), Jack Smith (Signals), Frank Crockford (Driver)
Front Row (L-R)
Ron Harwood (Signals), Dad: Lewis Edwards (Signals)
'B' Company - 1st Bn QVR
Whitbread Hop Farm, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent
September 1939 - May 1940

I have heard from Frank's grand-daughter (Clare Fay) and her father is compiling some information for me.  As soon as I have it, I will put it up on the site.  I am really looking forward to reading it and seeing the photographs that John has from his father. 

Clare wrote:

"Amazingly I was searching through the internet for any information on my family's surname Crockford, when I found your website looking for information on my grandad, Frank Crockford.

Sadly my grandad passed away in 1987, however my dad (his son John Crockford) and his wife Phyllis are still alive, greeted this news with some excitement. Both my nan and Dad remember your father and offered me loads of memories. I have printed all of the info off for my dad to read and he will be getting back to you. He also has many photos from the war including some of Lew as well as some of the ones you have.

We will be in touch very soon, however in the meantime you have my address."

If you can help with any information, please contact Clare

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Levi Howes

Barry Howes is trying to find information on his father, Tpr Levi Howes, who was a PoW at Stalag XXB. Levi's PoW number was 5523. Barry is currently trying to find out what he can about this camp because his father would never speak about it when he was a child. Barry does not know his father's army number or regiment but is am in the process of contacting the MOD to try and find this. Barry understands Levi was captured in Belgium but unsure when.

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James Hodges

David is the nephew of James Hodges who was captured at Dunkirk. He would like any information on him or his whereabouts having lost contact with the family since leaving London (Battersea, SW11 ) his and David's birthplace. David only has a wartime postcard sent from M-stammlager XXA with another unreadable word underneath which was sent to his late mother, Mrs F Wallace (later in 1945 married his father John Goode on death of her 1st husband). This card is dated 00-6-42 in pencil is his name and Stalag XXa (143) Germany. This postcard was in lots of old photos from his brothers attic.

Please contact David if you have any information on James Hodges.

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Ervin W. Hamburg

Amanda is looking for anyone who may have fought with her grandfather, Ervin W. Hamburg, in the 101st Airbourne during WWII. Amanda doesn't know much about his experience in the war except that the commander died and Ervin had to take over. He also received a German general's hat after surrendering to the Americans because the German said "I won't be needing this anymore." Amanda remembesr him speaking German and knows that his parents or grandparents came to the United States from Germany. She would like to find out more information about his time in the service, or better yet, someone who fought with him as a surprise for her father's birthday (June 16th) as well as for the rest of his family. He married her grandmother after the war and had eight children; she said he occasionally had nightmares about the war and never forgot what he saw.

Ervin was born in 1909. He lived in Wonewoc, Wisconsin after the war where he owned and operated the Hamburg Bakery with Amanda's grandmother and their children. He got a medal of some kind whilst in the war and Amanda believes he stormed Normandy.

If you can help, please contact Amanda directly.

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Percy Hancy

E. Kerrison is looking for information on their late grandad who was in Stalag XXB. He was a Lance Corporal in the army and his name was Percy Hancy (Robert William).

Any information contact E. Kerrison

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Vincent Patrick Nield

Vincent is looking for information on his father, 3449947 Vincent Patrick Nield, Pte, 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He was sent to Dunkirk from Eccles Drill Hall (TA) and his friends were Stan Johnson, Bill Johnson,Chris Griffin and Eric Heap.

Vinny has a picture of the 8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers (TA) taken in (approx.) 1939.

If you know anything about Vincent or, indeed, any of his friends, please get in touch with Vinny directly.

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George Moodie

John is seeking information on his father, Corporal George Moodie, Number 305814, Seaforth Highlanders. He was a PoW in Stalag XXB from 1940 to 1945. John now believes he was on the Death March but hey don't know where he was repatriated.

On letters to the Camp it is addressed Stalag XXB (60) - what does the 60 stand for?

John also believes George tried to escape on 2 or 3 occassions.

He was a medic and he also worked on a German officers farm - there is a photograph of this. John also has a photo of him with 5 other prisoners in camp - inscribed g.b.304.

At the end of the war he returned to his home town of Edinburgh.

Here is a picture of George on his own and also one with his commrades in Scottish Barracks before they set off for France. Do you recognise anyone in the second picture? Were you one of George's commrades?

Please have a look at the Stalag XXA/XXB photographs page to see more photographs of George Moodie and other PoWs that we would like to identify.

John has come across some more information in a notebook of his fathers. His father and 3 other PoWs were due to meet up in Aberdeen after the war. John is unsure whether this happened or not. The entry was dated 1st June 943. The names and addresses were:

George Moodie, 34 Milton Street, Edinburgh
James M Hay, 5 Birch Cottages, Craidellashie, Banffshire
Charles George Macleod, Strathview, Urgha, Tarbet, Isle of Harris, Inverness-Shire
Craig Gordon, c/o Mrs Young, 14a High Street, Buckie, Banffshire

If you are or know any of these people, please get in touch.

Please contact John if you have any information on George.

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Thomas Hanly

Martin Purcell is looking for information on his grandfather, who was in Thorun (Stalag XXA) for most of the war.

His name was Thomas Hanly, Army Number 794947 and he was a Gunner with the Artillery.

He was captured in Dunkirk and a prisoner until 9th May 1945.

Martin has an album of photos here very similar to many shown on the site, but none of his grandfather.

As Martin lives in Ireland, he has no idea how to get any information on his grandfather's time as a PoW. He passed away when Martin was very young but Martin would love to be able to piece together that part of his life for his children.

If you can help, please contact Martin.

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Harry Hill

Rick is looking for information on his grandma's brother who died in WWII in August 1944 somewhere in Europe.

Harry made Rick's grandma beneficiary of case of his death, but not much more is known about Harry.

Rick is trying to find any information or survivors that may have known Harry. He was from Pekin, Illinois. He was in his late teens or early twenties serving in the Army.

He is buried in France as the result of the war.

Rick's grandma is 94 years old and he would like to give her some resolution.

If you can help at all, please contact Rick Voss

31st May 2010

Tracy sent the following information:

"Hill, Harry P: SSgt; Serial no. 16016313; 22d Infantry Reg, 4th Infantry Div; buried Normandy American Cemetery, Colleyville-sur-Mer, France, PlotD, Row 3, Grave 39; 22d Infantry Regiment activated 3/6/40, arrived European Theater of Operation 1/28/44, arrived on Continent on D-Day; assaulted Utah Beach 6/6/44 in the vicinity Pavenoville, France; involved in Cherbourg Penisula Operation 7/19/44-8/2/44; died 8/28/44 before next operation began on 9/6/44 probably due to mop up."

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Francis Gordon Hart

Terry's father was born on 4th August 1899 and was a professional soldier with Northumberland Fusiliers.

He was at El Alamein and Tobruk and Sidi Barrani.

He was captured and spent the rest of the war as a PoW but Terry has no idea where as he would not talk about it.

All Terry knows is that an officer visited him in the mid-1950's and thanked him for helping him to escape.

Terry would love to know more about the circumstances of his capture and where he was confined and would welcome any help with pursuing his research.

If you can help at all, please contact Terry

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Timothy Daniel Hunt

John is looking for information regarding a relative who was in Jersey at the time of the occupation.

Timothy Daniel Hunt went to Jersey with his wife and two children from Ireland. Shortly after arrival, Timothy disapeared until the end of the war and the British Liberation.

When clearing out old belongings, a passport was found for Timothy. However, it was a green Reich passport.

If you can help, please contact John

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Robert Albert Holland

Robert is trying to trace his father's Army history.

Robert Albert Holland served in the Army during WWII. He was a driver and his number was 14288612, R.A.S.C. Robert was born in St Olave in Bermondsey in 1923 and was living in High Street, Watford, Herts in 1943 and remained in Watford after the war.

He died in 1991 and any information about his time in the Army would be of interest.

If you can help, please contact Robert

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John Hall

Sarah is researching her father's military service during World War Two. His name was John Hall and he was born on 24th June 1918 in Whins of Milton, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He died on 12th January 2004 in Seaford, Victoria, Australia. Sarah's mother predeceased him in 1998 and Sarah is the youngest of their seven children.

John served in France with the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in a Bren Gun Carrier Platoon from the beginning of the war. Sarah knows he was captured in Northern France in 1940 and held as a PoW in Germany (working first in a limestone quarry near Jena, and then working at Stalag IXC in Bad Sulza, Germany until the end of the war.

Sarah has sent me the following picture of John. Click to enlarge.

If you can help with any information, please contact Sarah

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Sidney Holmes

Ali is looking for her grandfather, Sidney Holmes (nicknamed Jack or Decko). Ali thinks he served with Royal Artillery at Dunkirk. He was captured and sent to PoW camp in Poland.

Can anyone give Ali any information on him, or what camp he was in, or even regiment to help her piece together Sidney's life and experiences to put on their family tree.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Ali

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William Hendry

Sharon is looking for information on her great uncle, William Hendry. William was an Able Seaman on board HMS Eagle but died on 14 March 1940, aged 21.

It appears there was an internal explosion on HMS Eagle on that date in March in the fore bomb room, when 13 ratings were killed. HMS Eagle returned to Singapore for repair.

Here is the Memorial document for William and two pictures of him.

William Hendry with his sister Margaret
William Hendry

If anyone has any information on William or the circumstances of his death, please email Sharon or try the alternative email.

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Norman Eric Hazell

Alison is for information on her paternal grandfather, Norman Eric Hazell, who was with the 2nd Royal Durban Light Infantry. He was captured in Tobruk in 1942 and was in Stalag VIIIC from 1942 to 1945.

Norman is a South African, born 9th September 1908. His service number was 7100 and his PoW number was 75991.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Alison.

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Francis Hemingway (or Hamigway)

Fabbi is trying to trace a camp in which her grandfather was held during WWII. She enlisted the help of Hazel Stockdale from Huddersfield Library and Jane Helliwell from Dewsbury Library, who subsequently contacted this site. Here is the information provided. If you can assist with information on the camp or, indeed, knew Fabbi's grandfather, please make contact.

Fabbi's grandfather, Igino Costi, was incarcerated at Stirley Hill Hostel in Leeds or Huddersfield from 1944 - 1946. Igino will be 90 on 19th May 2006 and Fabbi is trying to locate the commander of the camp who was very kind to him. She appreciates that he is unlikely to be alive but wonders if any of his family are and could make contact prior to his birthday (if possible).

Igino was given an identify document, serial number Z253614 and his PoW number was 505330.

To help anyone who may remember, Igino was born in Casina (on the hill of Reggio Emilia county) on 19th of May 1916 and he now lives in downtown Reggio Emilia, Italy. At the end of 1940 he was captured and detained as a PoW in Libya (North Africa) by the Sixth Division of Australian Army under General Wavell's command. He was later sent to India where he lasted until 1944.

From India, Igino went to England where he was kept from May 1944 until May 1946 when he was released and went back to Italy by sea. He docked in the port of Taranto, Italy on 1st June 1946.

The “camp” where he was kept as a prisoner was located in Huddersfield, the chief in charge of the camp was a man from Dewsbury whose name was Francis Hemingway or Hamigway. Igino has fond memories of him and he still keeps a book received from Francis the title of which is “The Mill on the Floss” by George Eliot.

Once back in Italy, Igino tried to write some letters to his former chief Francis but at that time he realized that the address that he used was not the right one, so he lost any contact with the man at that point.

If you know about the camp, are a relative of Francis Hemingway or Hamingway or remember Igino himself, please contact me, Jane, who is a Local History Projects Officer at Dewsbury Library or Fabbi whose grandfather was at the camp.

July 2006

Jane contacted me and sent me a copy of Fabbi's email to her following the search for information.

With Fabbi's permission, I will publish some of it here in due course.

Jane wondered whether we could find Mrs Cullivar so there is a request here. Can you help?

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Charles R. Harner

Karen is looking for information on her father, Charles R. Harner, born 1914, Army, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, went through at least one concentration camp and took many pictures.

Charles joined the Army in February 1943 and was discharged in June 1946 - finishing with (or at) the 1st Infantry Division Headquarters in Bavaria, Germany.

He spent:
8 months as Tank Destroyer Unit Commander
5 months Administrative Officer
11 months Infantry Unit Commander
(Jan 1945 -April 1945 319th Infantry)
8 months Special Services Officer

He was at Ft. Benning for Tank Destroyer School - Feb 1943

Charles died when Karen was 5 (1957) so I knew very little.

Karen does remember one night when she was about 10 years old (early 1960's) and a man called who had served with her father and her father had helped save him in some way. The man was blind, but Karen doesn't know if that was an injury or not.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please contact Karen.

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Alfred Henry Humm

Jayne is looking for information about her father, Alfred Henry Humm, known as Alf. He was born in 1918 and was a PoW for 5 years.

Alfred didn't talk about his wartime experiences at all. Jayne's mother thinks he was in the Royal East Kents and was captured at Dunkirk.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please contact Jayne.

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Henry Harper

David is interested in getting any information regarding his late father-in-law, Private Henry Harper, service number 2985477 who was in the Argyle and Southern Highlanders.

Henry was captured by the Germans around Dunkirk on 13 March 1940, and held at Stalag IXC from 12 June 1940, until repatriated on 15 September 1944 on health grounds. He was prisoner number 413.

David is interested in anyone who may remember Henry or have information on details of his capture, friends in the camp, and his service life if any exist.

Please contact David if you can help piece together information about Henry.

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Hook of Holland

Frank is a Dutch journalist investigating the embarkment of British troops and the so called "Demolition Party's" at the Hook of Holland from 10-14 May 1940. He is searching for published material, eye witnesses, etc.

Please contact Frank if you can help with any information on the Hook of Holland

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HMS Hunter

Andrew Cuthbertson is seeking to find the surviving crewmen or their families of HMS Hunter.

Andrew writes:

"This is actually the second time your website has helped me make contact with the elderly survivors of HMS Hunter. I am surprised by how many of the now elderly gentlemen are still alive, although they were the younger crewmen at the time of conflict. My father's generation have long departed for the sea anchor in the sky.

Over the last eighteen months I have made contact with some sixty two surviving crewmen as far away as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in addition to the large number of widows, children and grandchildren of crewmen. The common theme of the surviving crewmen was what a happy ship HMS Hunter was while that of the extended families is trying to find out information because the crewmen rarely spoke of their experiences. Hunter had the distinction of being in the last Royal Navy engagement of the Second World War and receiving the very very very last bombing by enemy aircraft.

If you visit Amazon.com and enter their book section you will see a comprehensive summary on the book and me as the author by entering the following keywords: Andrew Cuthbertson.

Writing the book was for me a journey of discovery to who my late father was. He was very elderly when I was born and while I knew he had served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War he always refused to talk about it. With his death in 1980 I thought that his story had been lost. Imagine my surprise when winding up my mother's estate in 2001 I found in father's old sea chest a two volume war diary and a Distingushed Service Cross still wrapped in the registered mail packaging it came thought the mail in...father had never opened the package to look at his award and had packed it straight into the sea chest never to see the light of day until I sorted out my mother's affairs.

I then resigned from my job as a senior executive with the Rio Tinto Group (mining company) and embarked on a three year journey of discovery of who my father was visiting the US naval records in Washington, the Royal Navy records in London (plus interviews with some of the Hunter crewmen), Germany for the U-boat records and Tokoyo for what was left of the Imperial Japanese Naval records. It was worth the effort and was able to access a complete set of naval records just releases from confidential classification."

Please contact Andrew if you can help with any information on HMS Hunter.

UPDATE: Received from engkror@online.no on 7th March 2008:

The wreck of a Royal Navy destroyer has been found in a Norwegian fjord, 68 years after she sank during battle.
HMS Hunter has remained undisturbed since April 1940 when she sank, killing 110 people during the Battle of Narvik.

It was found 305m (1,000ft) under water by a Norwegian mine control vessel on a multinational training exercise.

The site will be marked as a war grave on Saturday. Major General Garry Robison said finding HMS Hunter had been a "poignant moment".

HMS Hunter was one of two Allied destroyers lost during the first Battle of Narvik - the Germans lost four destroyers.

'Long lost'

The 1,880 tonne H-Class Destroyer had a crew of 145 - 110 of whom were killed when she was sunk at 0530 GMT on 10 April 1940.

There have been several attempts to find her over the years, but it was the Norwegian mine hunter Hnoms Tyr, while on an exercise with the Royal Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy and Royal Netherlands Navy which discovered her.

Being able to pay our respects along with our Norwegian and Dutch allies is particularly fitting to those who lost their lives

Maj Gen Garry Robison
Commander, UK amphibious force

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said HMS Hunter was discovered using an "echo sounder".

"It became clear that this was the long-lost HMS Hunter, lying as she was when she had finally succumbed to the unforgiving waters after bravely fighting during the Battle of Narvik," it said.

Ships from the Royal Navy, the Netherlands Maritime Force and the Norwegian Navy, will lay wreaths over the spot in a commemorative service on Saturday.

Poignant moment

Ships will sail in "formed line" past the site, which will now be marked as a war grave.

Maj Gen Robison, the commander of the UK's amphibious force, said: "Finding HMS Hunter was a poignant moment and being able to pay our respects along with our Norwegian and Dutch allies is particularly fitting to those who lost their lives."

Norwegian defence spokesman Colonel John Ogland said: "Being able to host this large multinational exercise is great for us but to find HMS Hunter whilst doing so makes it very special indeed.

"We remain close allies and are eternally grateful to those who helped preserve our freedom"

20th December 2011

Stacey wrote to say:

"I have several photos from HMS Hunter (escort carrier) & a couple of anecdotes from my late father, Peter Sidney Thompson (See Help T) who served aboard her during WWII. The text I read by Dan Brocklebank corresponds to some of the photos - when the small Japanese vessel came out to escort HMS Hunter into Penang, I have a picture of the deck of the boat complete with Japanese servicemen & the rising sun flag aloft at the stern."

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Robert William Peter Horne

Bobby is going to Arnhem in September 2006 and is trying to gather some information on his father, Robert William Peter Horne who was in the AAC, possibly 156 Battalion.

Robert was dropped in Arnhem on 18 September 1944 and was taken as a PoW on 29th September 1944. His Army Number was 6087103, Serial Number 2395 and his PoW Number 90562.

Please contact Bobby if you can help with any information on his father.

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Robert Hall

Janet is trying to find out any information on Robert Hall (RAF 351390). She believes he was stationed at Melbourne in Yorkshire or one of the other local airfields. He married her mother, a WRAF, Kathleen Underwood, on 23 December 1942 in Liverpool. Robert was 40 years old and Janet's mother 22 years old. Janet's mother was stationed at Melbourne although Janet understands she went to Egypt in about 1944/5. Janet cannot find Robert listed on the CWG and think he must have been misssing in action but doesn't know anything else.

Please contact Janet if you can help with any information on Robert Hall.

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J. Holmes

Looking for more information on Driver J. Holmes, Royal Engineers, captured at Dunkirk and went to Marienburg PoW camp where he worked on a farm.

Does anyone have information on his regiment or job?

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Sydney Hall

Looking for details on Sydney Hall, who was a PoW in Poland - Stalag XXA possibly.

The actor Sam Kydd was in the same prison camp as him. There are a couple of photos in the family of a large group of men outside a hut, with great big icicles hanging down.

Does anyone have information on Sydney?

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Jack Hannam

Trying to find information on grandfather, Jack Hannam from Hull who was a Gunner in the Devonshire/Dorset Regiment.

Believe he served in German Celle, Gibralter and N W Europe. Very little information on him as he died when requester was 8 years old.

Here is a photgraph of him and some army buddys and he has wrote on the bottom "The Duke Boys" (click to enlarge).

L-R:Jack Hannam, Stan, Kim, Geoff
1945 Belgium

Does anyone have information on Jack? If so, please email.

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Thomas Henry Heseltine

Natalie is looking for information on her grandfather, Thomas Henry Heseltine who served with the 50th Division Northumbrian Light Infantry RASC in the Battle of Dunkirk and does have a couple of medals.

All Natalie knows is that he was in the Army for six years and joined when he was 21 and was living in Bradford, West Yorkshire before he was called up.

Sadly Thomas died a few years ago and Natalie never got to ask him what happened and what he did, he never liked talking about the War.

Thomas got rescued after the fighting on a boat and Natalie thinks it may have been called HMS Coddington.

Does anyone have information on Thomas? If so, please email Natalie.

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Kenneth Hawkins

Jon is trying to find anyone who was interned at Stalag XXA with his father, Kenneth Hawkins, who died in 1973 when iJon was 11 and thus he never had the chance to talk to him about his War years.

All Jon knows is he tried to escape several times and did the long march as written about in Sam Kydd book "For you the War is Over".

Jon does not have his PoW number but he does know he was with the T.A in Maidstone, Kent.

Does anyone have information on Kenneth? If so, please email Jon

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George William Howard

Royal Marine, George William Howard, Service No. PO/X 100212, son of George and Ellen Howard of Halton, Yorkshire). Royal Marine Howard was captured at Sfakia, Crete on 1st June, 1941 and killed whilst attempting an escape with Thomas Culshaw

Please see entry under "Thomas Culshaw" for more details.

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Herman & Irish (nicknames)

Sully says:

"I recently heard a story about 2 men/pilot & rear gunner of a Lancaster Bomber, names Herman and Irish (? nicknames). They were shot down by German flak gun during WWII over Germany?

Herman cut away his seatbelt & parachute, jumped out after alerting Irish who had parachute. Herman caught Irish on the way down - Irish had broken leg - landed together - Herman found missing boot on plane wing - caught by Germans - became PoWs.

Does anyone know this story and the names of the men - work at a War Memorial and would like to know details please."

Please let Sully know if you can help.

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Cecil Hearnden

Stalag XXB.

Chas' father, Cecil Hearnden (known as 'pop') was at this camp having been captured near Calais during the Dunkirk retreat. He was in the RASC, aged 40 when the War started. He survived The Long March owing to the good nature of a German guard. Regrettably Chas's mother did not keep any letters and his father would never talk about it. They have both passed now, but Chas is gleaning as much information as possible to pass on to his children.

Can you help Chas with more details? If so, please email him.

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Bartholomew Hutchinson

Steven has been trying for a long time now to find out how his grandfather was killed. His name was Bartholomew Hutchinson, No: 317289 with the 9th Queens Royal Lancers and came from Sunderland originally.

He was killed on 9th June 1940 but there appears to be no regimental history of that period other than they were parked up for rest and repair at La Haye Malherbe for the night. Even more intriguing is the fact that he is buried in a civilian churchyard indicating that he may not have been killed in an act of War ?

Can you help with information on Bartholomew? If so, please email Steven

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Richard W. Hire

Johnny wrote to say:

"I have a set of original situation maps for the 79th. There are 4 maps in all. Full of illustrations and comentary about battles. My Father Sgt Maj Richard W Hire gave me these maps a short time ago with the story of how he came to be in possession of them.

I would like to send someone a copy of these maps. Only two sets of these existed. The other in Louisana but lost track of.

Dad still alive but had a couple of close calls recently so the legacy has been passed to me."

Can you help Johnny to find a safe home for the maps? If so, please contact me.

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Albert Edward Higgin

Yvonne wrote to say:

"I would like any information on my uncle who was in Stalag 1VA. I think his PoW number was 12062. He died in the prison in the November 1942. I have a card that was sent by him wrote in pencil on the 25th Sept 1942. So stortly after he must have died. No mention on the card as to him being ill. Would love some photo's of the camp if any, also anyone who knew him.

My Uncles name was Albert Edward Higgin, his regiment was 3rd H.Q. sigs., Royal Corps of Signals Army number 2337563. He lived in West Didsbury, Manchester.
I do have a picture of where he was buried. I would like to know what he died of, also the conditions in the camp, and if anyone knew him. Also how long he was there for. I only have a couple of photo's of him and they were taken before the war. I believe my Grandma burned everything about him when he died."

Can you help Yvonne to find out about her uncle? If so, please email.

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Norbert Driggs Hegwood

C. Pupton wrote to say:

"My grandfather, Norbert Driggs Hegwood was in the Navy as a ships cook from 1941 - 1947. He was discharged as a Ships Cook 1st Class. He enlisted for the navy 3 days before Pearl Harbor. I have some information on his service, but he died in 1978 when I was only 6 years old, so I did not get to spend much time with him. The only story that I heard about was told by my grandmother. When he served on the USS Buckley, his shipped ran into a German U-Boat (U66). Click here for information on the story.

Any information is MUCH appreciated.

Service (Vessels & Stations served on):
U.S.S. William P. Biddle: 02/12/42-03/14/42 U.S.S. Pastores 6405: 03/15/42-11/12/42
U.S.S.YMS-239: 04/16/43-09/21/43
U.S.S. Buckley (DE-51): 03/08/44-08/18/45 U.S.S. Pickaway (APA-222): 01/21/46-05/03/47 U.S.S. PC (C)-1169: 05/03/47-10/11/47

Asiatic-Pacific Medal
American Area Medal with 1 Star
African-European Medal
World War II Victory Medal (Issued)
Good Conduct Medal"

Can you help with information? If so, please email.

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George Hughes

Doreen wrote to say:

"Seeking infomation about my dad, George Hughes, KRRC, PoW Stalag XXA, PoW No. 13683 he was captured in france in 1940 & saw out the rest of the as a PoW. Dad never spoke of the War so I would like to here about his time in camp."

Can you help Doreen to find out about her father? If so, please email her

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Albert Edward (Tiny) Hopkins

Paul wrote to say:

"My father, Albert Edward (Tiny) Hopkins, was held in Stalag XX-A Torun, Poland, after his cature at Dunkirk and I have several photographs of him with his fellow POWs while held at the camp." which he has provided here:

Albert Hopkins (back row, right hand side). Other soldiers are Ed Goble, C.S. Williamson and Nick O'Gorman.
Back of picture with names of other soldiers:
Ed Goble (London)
C. S. Williamson (South Wigston)
Nick O'Gorman (Pell Green)
Albert Hopkins (back row, right hand side)
Unknown soldier Titled “20,000 Years in Sing-Sing”
Albert Hopkins (back row, far left)
Albert Hopkins (middle)
Albert Hopkins (middle)
Albert Hopkins (middle)

Albert Edward Hopkins (nickname “Tiny”) 6914348
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Service with the Colours 15-7-1939 to 10-5-1946

Served Overseas BEF France 22-1-40 to 20-5-40
Missing 21-5-40 to 31-7-40
POW Germany 1-8-40 to 25-4-45

Do you recognise anyone in these pictures? If so please email Paul or contact me directly.

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Jeffrey Arthur Harriman

Joan wrote to say:

"My Father was Jeffrey Arthur Harriman and served with the Leicestershire Tigers Regiment in the 2nd World War. He died in 2005 and never wanted to talk about his experiences in the war, but I feel now I am researching our family history I would like to know more about his army service between 1939 and 1945. I know he was a prisoner of war in Italy but I don't know during what dates. I know my mother was not advised of his survival until after my brother was born in 1943 but obviously he must have been home during 1942 as my brother was born in Feb 1943. Any information you can find would be appreciated."

Can you help Joan to find out about her father? If so, please email her

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James Harper

Leon wrote to say:

"I just wanted help to see if you could find someone who was killed in the battle of Dunkirk. His name was James Harper, he was brought up in Britain to be more precise in the West Midlands in or around Wednesbury. He was related to the names "Ward" and "Wyse". Your help would be much appreciated."

Can you help Leon with information on James? If so, please email him.

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Alec Hamilton

Archie wrote to say:

"I am searching for any information or advice as to how I can obtain information about my Father's wartime service. Private Alec Hamilton,1st battalion, The Gordon Highlanders, Army No. 2883917.

I know that he was captured at Saint Valery en Caux on or around 12th June. POW number 17219, camp Stalag IX-9c, Muhlhausen."

Can you help with information on Alec? If so, please email Archie

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David Howells

Jonathan wrote to say:

" I'm looking for more details and hopefully any photographs of my grandfather during WWII. I've plenty of information such as he was captured and held at Stalag VII-A in 1942-45.

He was a private in the Kings Own Light Infantry (KOLI), Army Number 1141752. Do you have any advice as to where I can look for more information?

POW number 133370 at Stalag VII-A."

Can you help with information on David? If so, please email Jonathan

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Edward Hill

"Hello, my name is Michele, Micky for the friends. Wrote from Italy, looking for the relatives or/and informations about the Sergeant Edward Hill. Edward was taken pow in North Africa, then bring to Italy. After the Armistice, Edward escaped to the partisan held area in the mountains south Parma, in Langhirano Corniglio area, there he join the British Mission leaded by Captain Holland (later founder of the Amplifon Company). I've found traces of Sgt. Hill (Born in Grimsby) thank to an account of an american fighter pilot who spent some months with Ed and the partisans. I would know more informations about Ed, and if possible to have a pic of him. Many thanks in advance"

Can you help with information please email Michele

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William Charles Harris

"My Father William Charles Harris who was in the RAMC was detained in Enghien, Belgium. In October 1940. Trasferred to Mecheln and then to Stalag 1Xc and repatriated via Goteborg in 1943, on the SS Drottningholm, bound for Liverpool.If anyone has any further information of this I would appreciate it."

If you can you help with information please email David

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Clifford Lenord Held

Bonnie emailed to say:

"I'm looking for anyone who knew my father,Clifford Lenord Held. He was a Sargent in the US Army and served I believe mostly in Germany. He was a tank gunner. He was born in Elmira, NY and was born 8-1926. As I find the boxes with more information about his assignments I'll post them too. I know one specific story that happened to him there. He took from a German officer a pearl-handled gun. He put it into his pants pocket. As he and another solider were walking down a road he was shot. The road had been lined with German civilians but were all wearing heavy thick clothes and coats. I don't know if they were all believed to be dead but there was a young girl maybe a teenager who had a gun and shot at my Dad as he walked by. Fortunately the bullet hit the handle of the confiscated gun and he survived with little injury. My Dad committed suicide on July 3,1965 and I've never met most of his family nor any friends. He also attended the AA meetings in Elmira, NY in the early '60's."

If you can you help with information please email Bonnie

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Thomas William Harrison

Christine emailed to say:

"Oh my god I have just been going throw the photographs of stalag XXB and there in front of me was my grand dad!!! How amazing for me after trying to find information about him on lots of sites i could not believe my eyes. Wonderful."

(click to enlarge)

Christine's grandfather appears on the back row of this photograph - the one smoking a cigarette!! His name was Thomas William Harrison aka - Tommy.
He was a private in the Humberside Fusiliers his number TWH412980. He lived in york at the time.

If you can you help with information please email Christine

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George Henry Hobbs

Alan emailed to say:

"I have a couple of photos and the letters from the War Office of my late father, Pte. George Henry Hobbs, from County Durham, who was in Campo 73. Do you know at what date the camp was liberated and by whom, I know he was brought back to England on the SS Orduna, he was also at Dunkirk I have no photos from there just his medal."

Click to enlarge images:

War Office letter
George in Campo PG 73
War Office letter
George back left with arms crossed

If you can you help with information please email Alan

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Henry Donald Hatcher

Email to say:

"Searching for information of my grandfather who served with the Royal Durban Light Infantry in WWII, and came back to Durban on the hospital ship Amara.
Any information or photographs would be welcome. His name was Sergeant Major Henry Donald Hatcher

If you can you help with information please email

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George Hatt

Tim emailed to say:

"I have recently purchased a postcard (Kriegsgefrangenenpost) sent by Cpl George Hatt of Stalag XX A to his parents in Reading, Berks. It is dated 6.10.40 which I assume is Oct. 6, 1940. I am interested in any information concerning him."

If you can you help with information please email Tim

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Andre Hardy

Shawn emailed to say:

"My mother-in-laws father was a French soldier that was captured by the Germans in WWII, we think in Calais, France. His name was Andre Hardy. We believe he is 86-97 years old if alive. He has 1 brother - no name. Believe he was held at Colditz Castle and was killed in March or April of 1945. He was an Electrical Engineer. Some towns of interest (addresses) Chatelaillon and Somme France. Very limited info! Any help or direction would be much appreciated!"

If you can you help with information please email Shawn

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John (Jack) Howe

Pamela emailed to say:

"I have been trying to locate any information about my relative John/Jack Howe, he was a corporal in the RASC based at Aldershot approx 1943/44 then I believe he was shipped to Burma. He came from Aberdour in Scotland"

If you can you help with information please email Pamela

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James William Thomas Hutchings

William emailed to say:

"Looking for any inf on James William Thomas Hutchings.
He was in the Royal West Kent Regiment, last post I believe was at Dunkirk in the rear defense, believed taken prisoner"

If you can you help with information please email William

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Altus Hawes

Roberta emailed to say:

"Army Privare Altus 'Al' Hawes was a POW Stalag IIA (2a) Neubrandenburg, Mecklenberg. He was born 24 December, 1915 in Ballenger, Rummel, Texas. His family settled down in Tucson, Pima county, Arizona and he died and is buried there.

He told of planting trees up-side-down while a prisoner and the German guard who was a very young boy crying when the men refused to replant them right, he felt bad that the boy got in trouble.

He told the German guard broke into a Bakery to get bread for those in the group, saying his son was being held as a prisoner in the states and he felt his son was being treated better than this. He said the guards were suffering as much as their prisoners. He spoke of a very long march. My genealogy question is was this the Great Death March?"

"Al design the rubber gasket which is so popular as a threshold air stopper. But that was not what it was designed to do. The home where Al and Bonnie lived, became a flood plain during the rainy season. I heard the water would run right in one door and out the back door. Al built a retainer wall to hold out the water. After building the retainer wall, convinced his problem had been solved, Al bought new carpet. It still managed to flood into his home. He said when the rain came, he was just sick as he watched the water seeping under the front door. Then, when he went to the refrigerator for something, it struck him. That rubber type gasket on the refrigerator door held out hot air from entering and cold air from escaping. Could it hold out water? Off to the store to buy a gasket. He soon had his new threshold ready for the next rain. I am told he patented and then sold the patent. Al was a very clever person. I think of this every time I see this item at the Hardware store. my Uncle invented that!"

If you can you help with information please email Roberta

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Eric Hubert

Marleen emailed to say:

"I am searching for further information of P/O Cook Eric Hubert, RAF, #123290 born 21-12-1917. He was a PoW in Stalag III,Sagan en Belaria (Pow #6457) from Sept.1942 - end WWII"

If you can you help with information please email Marleen

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Frederick Hann

Steve emailed to say:

"Looking through WWII photos of Camp 53 in Italy in the hope of finding a group photo of my grandad who is 93 this week. He has told me many stories of the War and the PoW camp he was in until he escaped and was on the run for months. Unfortunately he is not well and in hospital at the moment and I enjoy talking to him about the War but I don't know a great deal so I'm picking up a little on the Internet. His name is Frederick Hann and he was a Gunner in the Royal Artillary. Any info you could help me with would be a bonus."

If you can you help with information please email Steve

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Albert William Harrison Harlow

Sara emailed to say:

"My late grandfather CHAPLAIN ALBERT WILLIAM HARRISON HARLOW was a PoW at Oflag VIIB camp, Eichstatt, Germany in 1944. Info can be found out about him on the Paradata. I have two black and white original photos of two PoW camps. He died in 1966. He was awarded the DSO AND MID landed in Arnhem."


Click to enlarge images above

If you can you help with information please email Sara

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Charles A. Hudgins, Snr

Teresa emailed to say:

"My dad passed away Aug 3 2016 at the age of 95 he was a SFT SGT 376 Infantry, battle of the Bulge and served under Patton---, on his final night, he did what he always enjoyed doing, he was out karaoking. His name is Charles A Hudgins Sr... June 10 1921-August 3 2016--Staff Sergeant CO 1 376 infantry, Squad Leader-653 honrable Discharge.... Battle of the Bulge, served under Patton----Received ( Three Bronze Battle Stars, Bronze Star Medal, Good Conduct Ribbon, Purple Heart, European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon, Victory Ribbon , Expert Infantryman's Badge, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Rifle Marksman )
Served 12-5-1942 thru 1-6-1947."

Click to enlarge images in new screen

If you can you help with information please email Teresa

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