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Fainer, Frank
Farley, Charles G.

Farnborough, Hampshire period ended 1947
Fawcett, John
Fedoreshenko, George
Feltham, Richard John Lillico
Felstead, Richard (Dick)
Fenton, Kenneth
Finkelstein, Morris M.
Firmani, Omberto
Fitz-Patrick, Trevor Desmond
Fitzwilliams, Clixby
Fiut, John C.
Flachaire, Samuel
Forbes, Thomas
Foster, Cecil
Fowler, John Frederick (Fred)
Fowles, Clarence
Francis, Lloyd
Freer, Peter

Froehlich, Bernard
Fulton, James

Richard Feltham

Can you help with further information on Dr Richard (Dick) John Lillico Feltham?  Click here to find out more about him.

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Thomas Forbes

P/O Thomas (grandfather of Tom Forbes) was a  Lancaster bomber pilot during the war and was tragically killed on July 13th 1943.   Three of his crew survived the crash in the Bay of Biscay to be picked up and eventually became prisoners of war.  One, Leslie Matthews, was taken to Camp 357, Torun (Thorn) in Poland.   Tom has found out a great deal about his grandfather, the squadron he flew  with and has been in touch with many relatives of 12 squadron crew. 

However, the PoWs have eluded him.   His aunt remembers visiting Leslie's parents in Palmers Green in London - she thinks after the war - which might  mean the Leslie never came back. Tom understands that between 2,500 and 3,500 died during the horrific death marches. 

Although Tom is not related to Leslie, he would like to find out more about him and the other bomber crew.

Sgt Leslie Matthews, Lancaster Navigator, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 148817.  Leslie and/or his parents lived in Palmer's Green, North London.  He was a PoW at Camp 357.

Sgt E. Southon, Lancaster Mid Upper Gunner, 12 Squadron, RAF Service No - 1622030.

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Farnborough, Hampshire period ended 1947

Chris Cruden lived in Farnborough, Hants before and after WWII and recalls posters immediately after the war advising against approaching suspicious looking objects. They also received lectures on this subject at school advising to contact the police. In 1946 a friend lost his foot after kicking a football they found in deep grass near Fleet pond. Do you have information on this period which ended about 1947?

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Cecil H. Foster

Sergeant Cecil Henry Foster was a Regular soldier with 2nd Battalion Kings Royal Rifles. Ray's mother informs him that they used to write to A Company.

He was in Borneo (early 1939-?) just before the war and Ray has has a photo around of him being presented with the Long Service medal in Eygpt.

He was sent to Calais and took part in the defence of that town before being overrun.

Ray is currently reading Airey Neave's story of Calais "The Flames of Calais" (1972, Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN 0 340 10533 X).

Cecil was Ray's uncle, his mother's brother, and he used to love seeing him although he was only born in 1942 and of course Cecil was a prisoner until 1945.

Ray was only 7.5 years when he died. He had only a short period of life after release during which time his son died and then he himself died in February 1950, aged 44.

My uncle was I believe Army Southern Area Light Heavyweight Champion. He used to play in the band, we have a photo of him amongst a group on a route march, playing a tuba.

Uncle Cecil helped maintain a terribly bad start to the war. In 1939 my mother's cousin went down with HMS Royal Oak; 1940. My uncle made PoW at Calais; May 1941 another uncle went down with HMS Kashmir at Crete; December 1941 my father's ship HMS Ark Royal torpedoed and sank in the Med - luckily he survived, breaking the sequence!

Cecil was born in 1906.

Please contact Ray if you have any information.

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Lloyd John Francis

Betty is looking for information on Lloyd John Francis from Clinton,Wa. He was on a PoW on a ship that was sunk because it was not displaying a PoW flag.

Betty doesn't know the year but possibly 1943 to 1945.

Lloyd was a pharmacist rank of some sort.

Betty would like to know the name of the ship, what country was in charge of it and any other details surrounding Lloyd's time in the service.

If you can help, please contact Betty.

31st May 2010

Tracy sent the following information:

"Francis, Lloyd John: pharmacist mate 3d class; serial no 3813103; from Clinton, Washington, US; aboard the Arisan Maru (a hell ship) torpedoed 10/24/44 with loss of 1782 pows and 50 civilians by either the USS Shark/Snook. The Shark was sunk that day and the Snook was lost at sea several weeks later. There were 9 survivors, 4 recaptured. A video was made in 1996 entitled "Sleep My Sons -The Story of the Arisan Maru" with commentary from the 5 escapees. Film was produced by son of one of those lost on that day; copy can be obtained from Westtar Home Video for $37.00."

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John C Fiut

Cola's father, John C. Fiut, from Cleveland, Ohio, served in WWII as a Rifleman in Company K, 28th Infantry and participated in the battle of Normandy and Northern France.

He arrived in France on 4th July 1944 and was injured in France on 25th August 1944 by mortar shells that affected his sight for the remainder of his life.

It would be an honor to hear of others who have experienced life with their father's vision empairment disablity (WWII injury) similar to Cola's dad's. He sadly died from complications of a brain tumor in 1997 at the age of 75. He spoke very little of his experiences in WWII at Normandy and hid his empairments from all but his immediate family for 52 years.

Information regarding Company K, 28th Infantry would be appreciated.

If you can help at all, please email

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Charles G. Farley

Someone is looking for information on their grandfather, Charles G Farley. He is still living but suffered a stroke. He served in the 101st Airborne in WWII.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email

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Bernard Froehlich

Jeanne is trying to find anybody who may have known 2nd Lt. Bernard Froehlich. He died from injuries when a test flight crashed on 27th August 1943 in Aspull, Wigan.

The pilot died in another crash in 1945 and she is especially looking for the 2nd Lt. Co-pilot William H. Campbell who's whereaouts is unknown.

Bernard was Jeanne's 1/2 sister's biological father and she has always wanted to know more about him. She is very ill and at 61 already living in a nursing home. Jeanne will be going to visit her in a couple of months and wanted to surprise her with anything on her father's history - she doesn't even know Jeanne has found out his first name yet!!

If anyone has any information on either Bernard or William, please email Jeanne

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John Frederick (Fred) Fowler

Sharon is trying to find out about her grandfather, John Frederick (Fred) Fowler, born in Edinburgh in 1915, who was a Driver for the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) from 30th September 1939 to 27th March 1946. His Service Number was T109353 and his PoW No. 7797. He died in 1966.

The CICR have given Sharon the following information:-

John Fowler was a Prisoner of War in Germany, captured on 12th June 1940 at St Valerie. The family story goes that John was captured trying to get away but broke his leg jumping a wall. He was transferred from Stalag VIF to Stalag XXIB on 8th July 1940. He was transferred from Stalag XXI C/Z to Stalag XXB on 14th June 1941.

Sharon also has a letter of reference dated 24.01.1946 from someone which looks like "L M Stewart, (some writing she can't make out), RASC" and stating that "Dvr F Fowler was in my unit in 1939 and served under me up to the time we were captured in June 1940. At the time of capture he was a L/cpl and had we not been a PoW would have gone a very long way in the army. I know him personally very well ....". The address at the top of the reference is Clayton Officers Mess, RASC, Aldershot.

Sharon sent through the following pictures (click to enlarge):

Fred and Margaret's wedding 19th October 1945
Fred may be 2nd row from the front, third along (sitting).
On the back of the photo are signatures with J F Fowler top right
The RASC badge

If anyone has any information on Fred or indeed remembers him, please email Sharon or try the alternative email.

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Clixby Fitzwilliams

Dan's grandfather, Clixby Fitzwilliams, was also involved in the rescue of the Dutch royal family that is recounted on this site (and that is cross-posted on the BBC's site) by Captain Tilley. He had just joined the Welsh Guards after graduating from Cambridge University.

Dan is in the process of writing up his account for submission on the site and came across Tilly's posting.

Clixby doesn't remember Tilley's name but perhaps the opposite is true.

If you can assist with any other information or if you were part of the rescue of the Royal Dutch Family, please contact Dan.

I have heard from Andrew Cuthbertson who is investigating HMS Hunter and been in touch with Dan to gather more infomration.

Please click here to find out more about HMS Hunter.

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Kenneth Fenton

Nick has contacted me with the following information:

"In the photograph in the newspaper dated Sept. 1942, the group shot of Stalag IXc shows top left Sgt. Robbie William McDonald (Wireless operator/Gunner) and bottom right Sgt. Alan Andrew Fuller (Navigator) fro Blenheim IV XD-'L' for leather, V6258 of 139 Jamaica Squadron which was piloted by my Father Sgt. Kenneth Fenton (service No. 1053472, POW No. 39204). I beleive that my Father is actually sitting next to Fuller in this picture out of shot.

I beleive that the photo would also show the crew of HSL 108 which was sent to rescue them after they crashed in the North Sea on 1st July 1941but cannot make them out.

My Father escaped from here on 20th November 1941 with Sgt. J McCairns but they were subsequently re-captured.

He went on to Stalag Luft's 3 and 6 and then Stalag 357, Thorn and Fallingbostal."

Nick is compiling information and anyone who can help, please contact me and I will pass the details to Nick.

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George P Fedoreshenko

Nancy is looking for anyone that knew her father, George P Fedoreshenko, or Stephen L. Daly Captain MC

This is what she has from some records:

"Bruck Air Ordnance Depot APO 66." (Does anyone know what that means?)

He was married and the address she has is "Langendiebach near Hanan Erlangen Germany". (Does this make any sense to anyone. She understood Langendiebach was a base. Could one get married on a base?).

Nancy was born at the 385th Station Hospital, Nuernberg, Germany.

George's job was Truck Driver-Light #345

If anyone can help, please contact Nancy.

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Omberto Firmani

Maureen's grandfather, Omberto Firmani from Durban, was killed in Bardia on 16 December 1941. He was with the RDLI 1st Infantry.

Maureen is looking for any stories or information that might survive from anybody who was there at that time.

If anyone has any information, please contact Maureen

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James Fulton

Tarek's maternal grandfather was CSM James Fulton of the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

James was a prisoner at Stalag XXB during WWII and was appointed "Man of Confidence" during his captivity.

Tarek has some photographs and documents, including a few of his own written accounts but would appreciate any further information anyone might have regarding his grandfather.

If anyone has any information, please contact Tarek

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Frank Fainer

Moonstone says:

"I am trying to find information on my uncle Frank Fainer.

He was a Canadian, born in Ottawa, lived in Montreal and joined the RAF after working his way across to Britain by shovelling coal in a merchant ship early in the War years.

He was born in 1916. He was a small man whom I believe became a gunner in the RAF. He was Jewish.

It is my understanding he was shot down over Africa and was a POW in a comp there where he met some south africans. He was released and spent the rest of his life in advertising and journalism at the jewish herald in Johannisburg, South Africa.

Interested in trying to find info on his enlistment and where he was a POW."

If anyone has any information, please contact Moonstone

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Morris M. Finkelstein

Susan says:

My uncle was a WWII POW, and he is not listed on your web page.

His name: SGT: Morris M Finkelstein
Residence State: Pennsylvania
Report Date: 6 Jun 1944
Latest Report Date: 30 Jul 1945
Service Branch: Army
Arm or Service: Infantry
Arm or Service Code: Infantry
Organization Type: Parachute Infantry
Area Served: European Theatre
Detaining Country: Germany
Camp: 006

He was a POW on 6 JUN 1944, he was with the 82nd ABN DIV, 505th PIR Co H.
POW Normandy, he was in Stalag 2B (IIB).

If anyone has any information, please email Susan

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Samuel Flachaire

Bernard's great uncle, Samuel Flachaire, was held in Wolfsberg (Stalag XVIII A) and the working commando HV 25 in Kapfenberg. Bernard is writing a paper and would appreciate any more information on Samuel that anyone has.

If anyone has any information on Samuel, please contact Bernard

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Clarence Fowles

Robyn says:

"My father was in Stalag XVIII (18) D from 1941, then to Stalag XVIII (18) A, his name was Clarence Fowles, a kiwi serving with the Australian army, does any one know of him or have any photos. I heard he worked on a German Farm as a POW?"

If anyone has any information on Clarence, please contact Robyn

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Peter Freer

Simon says:

"Pilot Officer Peter Freer R.A.F. 29 Sq. night fighter, died 11.5.1941 Battle of Britain pilot, my maternal Uncle, anyone know."

If anyone has any information on Peter, please contact Simon on Twitter (@ceemoon51).

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Richard (Dick) Felstead

John emailed to say:

"I am researching 2 members of my extended family who were POW's in WWII. Both held at some time in Germany. Both are now dead, so I cannot refer my enquiries to them personally.

My uncle, James Frederick Osborn was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery and was captured in North Africa. He was initially detained in Campo 59 at Servigliano, Italy. From 1943 he appears to have held at Stalag VIb, Muhlberg.

My cousins husbands father Richard "Dick" Felstead, was captured at Dunkirk in 1940. We know nothing about where he was when captured or where he was intered. We believe he was in the Middlesex Regiment.

Any help or advice will be gratefully recieved."

Please email John if you can help with information.

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Trevor Desmond Fitz-Patrick

Alan emailed to say:

"I was wondering if you would help me find out a bit more about my father's experience as a POW during WWII by posting a request for help on your site? His details are as follows:

Trevor Desmond Fitz-Patrick
2nd Royal Durban Light Infantry
20.7.1941 - 21.6.1942: Middle East (Embarked in Durban on SS Llandoff Castle; disembarked Suez (12.8.1941))
21.6.1942 - 7.11.1942: POW Benghazi, Libya
7.11.1942 – Sep 1943: POW Italy
Sep 1943 – 31.3.1945: POW Germany
31.3.1945 – 16.5.1945: UDF Repatriation Unit, Brighton, England

His POW number was 75698. Or it may have been 75678.

If you are able to help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated."

Please email Alan if you can help with information.

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John Fawcett

Sue says:

"I am trying to find more details of my father, John Fawcett. He was in Stalag XXB and on the forced march."

If anyone has any information on Peter, please contact Susan.

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