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Baber, Harry
Bailey, Arthur
Baker, Guy
Baker, Richard Henry
Baker, Walter William
Barkley, Robert (Bob)
Balen, Dujo
Balmfort, Jack
Bangle, Charles
Barraclough, Arthur Gilbert
Barrett, Kenneth
Bartlett, Wilfred E.
Bastiani, Gordon Murry
Bates, William
Bateson, Dennis
Baxter, Gerald "Gerry"
Baxter, Robert
Baxter, Thomas
Baylie, Ernest Angelo (Jnr)
Beadman, Thomas
Beckingham, William
Beedell, Victor
Begelski, Fritz
Belanger, Roger
Bennett, Elroy E.
Bennett, Raymond James
Berska, Martha
Biggs (Sgt)
Birch Philip George John Harold
Birchley, Ernest
Bird, Ronald
Bishop, Sidney George
Bitzberger, Robert
Blackshaw, James
Blows, William (Bill)
Bolan, John S. (also spelt Bolen)
Bond, Arthur
Bond, Richard (Dick)
Booker, Bertram
Bookman, Stan
Bowdidge, George Harold
Bowditch, John
Bowen, Joseph
Bowen, Raymond Henry
Boyle, Andrew
Boyle, Jim
Boyle, Patrick James
Bradshaw, William
Brady, Arthur
Brafman, Chaim (Maxi)
Braun, Robert (Buddy)

Bremen Troops
Brighton, Stanley
Brockhill, Leslie
Brooker, Elijah
Brookfield, George Henry
Brown, Clement
Brown, Joe Bill
Browning, Stan
Brunskill, Joseph William
Bryan, Leslie William
Buchanan, James
Bunting, Marlyn Arch
Burma Road  
Burbridge, Keith
Burden, J.
Burdess, Jack H.
Burgeson, Floyd
Burke, John
Burmingham, Edward
Butler, Peter Edward

Jack H Burdess

John Burdess is trying to find information on his father, L/CPL Jack H Burdess, DLI 6th Battalion, who was a prisoner of war during 1940-1945 during which time he spent a period at Stalag XXA until, John believes, the Russian advancement on the camp when the Germans marched them out (a hunger march). Here are some photos of Jack that John has kindly sent to me to help jog any memories (please click them to enlarge).

John is also trying to locate a book called "A Terrier Goes To War" by J. Roberts but unfortunately the book is out of print. If you have one that you could offer John, please contact me and I will pass your information on.
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James Buchanan

Fred Buchanan is interested in finding information about his cousin, James (Jim) Buchanan, who he believes was a piper with the Black Watch Regiment. Jim was born in Belfast ca.1914, the son of Fred's uncle, James Buchanan and is wife Cissy Kennedy. Family tradition has it that Jim was captured in France during the early days of the war. Fred would like to find out Jim's family history and his wartime experiences. Please let me know if you know of Jim or his family.

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Robert (Bob) Barkley

Deborah is looking for photographs or information on her grandad, Robert (Bob) Barkley. Bob was captured in Boulonge on 25 May 1940. He marched to Germany and held prisoner in Stalag XXA, moved to 3A Camp17 and finally to Camp135. He was with the Auxilliary Military Pioneer Core attatched to 4 Squadron Royal Air Force. He was from Blyth, Northumberland.

Bob's PoW number was 10533. He was part of a group left behind with a rifle to share between 8-10 men. He hid behind a wheel as the Germans approached and watched one of his friends shot. He was captured not long after.

One of his stories was of an incident which took place in the wash facilities. He took a too long and was reprimanded and suffered being hit in the face with the butt of a rifle. He lost several teeth and had to have the remainder out when they were broken by another prisoner.The kind act that followed was another prisoner actually made him a set of teeth out of wood! Needless to say he was forever grateful, but his family never new who this man was.

Bob came back a changed person and never really got over the war which he volunteered to join against his wife's wishes.

Sadly he has now passed away and Deborah and her uncle are gathering information and tracing his family tree. They would love to hear from anyone who knew him or shared the same hut.

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George Harold Bowdidge

Sandy is seeking information her father, George Harold Bowdidge, Royal Artillery, who was captured at St Valerie and imprisoned in Stalags XXA, XXB and IIIC. George entered the RA as a boy trumpeter in 1926 and with his musical ability could have participated in camp shows.

Sandy has provided a little more information that may help jog somebody's memory. Her parents marriage broke up shortly after his return to England and he died in 1960. Sandy has his Army record but no details of time spent as a PoW apart from dates. He served with the Royal Artillery and was posted to the 23rd Field and promoted WO11 1st September 1939. Reported missing 12th June 1940 and then reported PoW captured St Valerie (12th June 1940) 9th August 1940. Sandy only has vague recollections of him, perhaps the most vivid of herself at about five sitting on top of a piano in a mess whilst he thundered out popular tunes.

If you know of George or were a PoW with him, please contact Sandy directly.

22nd August 2010

Sandy sent through the following picture and further information.

"Attached is the photo - My father, George Harold Bowdidge, is is in the centre of the second row from bottom - the one with the little Hitler moustache!!
On the back of the postcard there is an official German stamp, in German, annotated Stalag XXA.
Written in pencil is my father's name and Oflag 111A. The card is dated 1.1.43. On the official POW roll he is listed as being in Stalag 383. I know that Oflag 111A became a camp for NCO's, Stalag 383, so this adds up.
Would be great if others on the photograph could be identified. I recently caught up with a cousin I have a not seen for over 60 years and she said that George had a particular friend called Stuey Ampston (?) - She was not sure of the spelling."

Click to enlarge picure.

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Marta Berska

Marta Berska is trying to find some history on her father, which she thinks might be limited. She is also adding details in to a book she is writing about her family.

Marta's family background is Polish and it appears to have an element of mystery of which she is trying to reasearch and solve.

Her mother was in a forced labour camp in the Bremen area North Germany which is where she meet her father and Marta has a photograph of him in uniform. Prior to the war he was in the Police Force in Warzawa, so having survived the war she thinks he may have been with a British company anywhere from 1940-45 in the area.

Martha's big question is how can she find out his history?

It had been mentioned by a past family member that her father was presented with medals of which she would like to find out more about.

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Andrew Boyle

Mark is trying to find out some information on his grandad who was a PoW at Stalag Luft 3 during the war. His name was Andrew Boyle. He assisted in the building of the tunnels. Please contact Mark with any information.

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Sgt Biggs and Sgt Rouse

Looking to find out about Sgt Biggs PoW 979 and Sgt Rouse PoW 1033, from Squadron 103 Stalag 357 in 1943.

If anyone has any information, please contact Sandey.

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Joseph William Brunskill

Craig's grandfather was a PoW at Stalag XXB. His name was Joseph William Brunskill and his PoW number was 7744. He used to live at 18 Johnson Terrace, West Auckland.

Please contact Craig or David if you can help him with information on Joseph.

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Robert Perry Burke

"No-name" is looking for father-in-law, Robert Perry Burke, who was in the 3rd Army, 35th Division, 134th infantry, C company. He was captured by the Germans March/April of 1945 and spent some time in Stalag X11A in Linburg, Germany and was liberated on March 28, 1945.

His family are trying to find him in Marseilles, France as this is where he went after leaving the USA.

If anyone help with information, please use the Feedback button on the Contact page.

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Bremen Troops

Martha would like to find out more about the troops in the Bremen area 1945, and Polish soldiers attached to the British units. March 1945- May 1945.

Please contact Martha if you have any information.

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Jim Boyle

John Boyle is seeking information regarding his uncle, Jim Boyle, a PoW in Germany during World War II. He was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland and served in The Irish Guards, so John believes. He died in the U.S.A. in 1969.

Please contact John if you have any information.

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Elijah (Tom) Brooker

Kelvin's late father, Elijah Brooker (aka. Tom Brooker) of the 6th Airborne Division, Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, was in Stalag X1B.

He was captured the same day that Operation Varsity started and he was there for a month.

Kelvin would like to hear from anyone who has photographs of the camp or knew Elijah.

If you have any information that can help in tracing these medals, please contact Kelvin

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Stan Bookman

Sandra Vincent is looking for information on Stan Bookman.

He was in Stalag X11A and she has his dog tags.

If you can help, please contact Sandra

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Gordon Murry Bastiani

Rebekah is searching on any information on the Queen's Own 1st Royal West Kent Regiment during WWII. In 1961 the Regiment was amalgamated with 1st Battalion, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), to form the 1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Buffs, Royal Kent Regiment [information about amalgamation found at Land Forces]

Her grandfather, Gordon Murry Bastiani, was in the Regiment under a Lieutenant Braithwaite.

The Regiment toured a vast amount of places including Egypt, Turkey, Greece and South Africa.

If you can help with information on Gordon or the Regiment, please contact Rebekah

Neil Jackson contacted me to say his father-in-law was Gordon Bastiani. Unfortunately Rebekah's email address no longer functions so please, if you know of Rebekah, get her to email me again via the contact page.

Luke Reyerse has contacted me on 24th February 2008 to say he is Gordon's grandson and is very close to him if anyone needs further information.

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Dennis Bateson

John's uncle, Dennis Bateson, lived in Hull and served with the Coldstream Guards. He was taken prisoner at Dunkirk and force marched to Stalag XXA in Poland, PoW number was 5356. He escaped a couple of times but was re-captured.

John's mother is now 80 and he would very much like to find information about Dennis' capture, regiment friends and time in PoW camp.

If you can help with any information, please contact John

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Burma Road

I received the following message but unfortunately the person did not give their name, their uncle's name nor their email address. Please could this person contact me again and provide an email address so I can get in touch with you?

I quote: "My uncle is a WW2 veteran I have a original copy of his batalion when the US army was segrated he fought on the Burma Road"

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Keith George Burbridge

Sarah wondered if anyone remembers her late father, Keith George Burbridge, a Signaller in the Middlesex Yeomanry.

Keith was a PoW in Austria for 4 years. He was captured in Greece and imprisoned in Stalag XVIII C (she thinks).

Sarah knows that Keith worked on the railway at Klagenfurt and also on nearby farms.

If you can help with any information, please contact Sarah

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Harry Baber

Kaye is trying to find any details about her partner's father, Harry Baber, who was in the Kings Royal Regiment in the 2nd World War. She is looking for general information or photographs.

If you can help, please contact Kaye

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Guy Baker

Someone is looking for any information about his/her great uncle, Guy Baker.

The information they have is that he was in the Army from 1943-1945 and was missing/killed in the South Pacific. Guy was presumed to be a PoW.

Guy's parents were Joseph and Ida Baker and he was from Illinois.

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email

31st May 2010

Tracy sent the following information:

"Baker, Guy: Pvt Serial no 16017846; 60th Coast Artillery Corps responsible for harbor defense of Manila and Subic Bay; Japanese captured Manila 1/2/42; Baker not taken prisoner until 5/7/42 so probably was in a guerilla faction as the Bataan death march started in April. Died 12/8/43 in Tokyo Sectional Camp #3, Hiraoka Nagano, Tokyo Bay Area 35-139; interred Ft. William McKinley, Manila, Phillippines."

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Marlyn Arch Bunting

Karma is looking for information on her father, Marlyn Arch Bunting, born 12th December 1925 in Iowa.

His Service Number was 37696614 and he enlisted on 5th August 1944. Marlyn was nicknamed 'Preacher' because he carried his Bible with him and is a born again Christian.

He may have been injured in England and hospitalized in France. Karma's aunt told her that her father volunteered to crawl out to a strategic point to plant some explosives. She told me he volunteered because of his Christian faith.

Marlyn came from a farming family of 12 brothers and sisters and his father's name was Arch Charles Bunting and his mother's name was Beulah (nee Crow).

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Karma

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Leslie William Bryan

Mark is looking for information on his father, Leslie William Bryan, a Fusilier in the Royal Welch Fusiliers and was a PoW in Stalag XXA for 5 years.

Leslie was a boxer and a drummer in the band. Does anyone remember him or remember hearing his name?

If anyone has any information or remembers him, please email Mark

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Chaim Brafman

Daphne is writing her father's biography and is looking for information on anyone who remembers him from Stalag XVIIIC in Markt Pongau. Her father's name is Chaim Brafman (aka Maxi) and he mainly remembers Anthony Ambleton Smith. Anthony and Chaim made few attempts to escape.

If anyone can help, please email Daphne

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Victor Beedell and Rev. C.A. Macvicar

Mark has a card sent from Stalag XXA in 1941to a Rev. C. A. Macvicar in Birkenhead from a Victor Beedell.

Mark's father was in the same camp and he would like to know if anyone knows of these people.

If you can help, please email Mark

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Robert Baxter

Robert's late father, Robert Baxter, was a PoW at a camp near Dirschau, Poland, between 1940 and 1942 when he was transferred to Stalag 383, Hohenfels, Bavaria. He was from Galashiels, Scotland and a Sergeant in the REME. He was badly injured in an air attack on a vehicle convoy near Dunkirk and left behind when the British troops retreated. Robert would like to find out the name and number of the camp at Dirschau.

If you can help, please email Robert

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Jock McDonald

Mo's grandfather was a PoW at Stalag XXA. His name was Jock McDonald and he played saxaphone with a band formed in the camp.

Mo would love to know more about his life when imprisoned there. Unfortunately he died in 1977 and did not like to talk about his spell at this awful place.

He became freindly with a Polish family and one name that Mo has is Fritz Begelski (unsure about the spelling) he continued to keep intouch with the family after the war.

Please contact Mo if you can help.

Thank you to Bill Niven for this information.

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Kenneth Barrett

On behalf of a neighbour, Kenneth Barrett, who is 81 now, Thelma is looking for anyone who served on HMS Chameleon from 1944 - 1946.

Kenneth also served on HMS Jervis, HMS Canton and HMS Thyme. He was in the 12th Minesweeing Flotilla.

Here are some photographs (click to enlarge them):

Kenneth Barrett
Ken (far right) with friends
Ken (left) and friend - taken in either Durban or Port Elizabeth

Please contact Thelma if you can help.

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Arthur Gilbert Barraclough

Anthony has recently began trying to trace his grandfathers WWII history. His full name is Arthur Gilbert Barraclough. He was in the BEF at Dunkirk. He served in the 2nd/7th Battalion of the Duke of Wellington Regiment and was possibly captured at Dunkirk sometime between May-July 1940. From there, Anthony believes he was declared Missing in Action, until he reappeared in a PoW camp in Poland (Stalag XXID).

Like many, Arthur would not discuss his War service with Anthony and he would dearly like to find out more as he died in 1984.

Anthony would like any help or information on Stalag XXID and to find out about any of Arthur's regiment/PoW friends, especially any that are still alive and remember him.

Please contact Anthony if you can help.

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John Burke

A gentleman is seeking help in finding information about his grandfather, John Burke, of Newcastle upon Tyne who served with the Gordon Highlanders. John was a PoW from 1940 to 1945

Please email if you can help.

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Kenneth Breakey

Jeff is trying to trace anyone who has any memories of Gunner Kenneth Breakey, South African Army Number 108866, Ack-Ack Division, taken prisoner at Tobruk in June 1942, PoW Number 75147. He was at Campo 60, Section M in Lucca, Italy and transferred to Stalag VIIIC in 1943.

Jeff is also looking for family of a "Brown" who was in section M with Kenny. Brown drew a picture of the camp with an inscription we would like to share with his family.

Please email Jeff if you can help.

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George Henry Brookfield

Trevor is trying to find out about his father, George Henry Brookfield, whom he believes was a PoW in Stalag XXA. He died in 1987 and rarely talked much about his experiences. After Trevor's mother died recently he came across an old photograph which his father is in and which has Stalag XXA written on the back.

Trevor's sister believes he was in the Durham Light Infantry and Trevor also has a postcard that George sent to his mother from France that may have his army number on it, 4034142.

Please email Trevor if you can help.

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William (Bill) Blows

Michael contacted me after seeing the picture provided of PoWs in Stalag XXA/B by Helen of her father, James McCard Devlin (reproduced here) and he believes his father, William Blows (Bill), may be the chap standing in the second row far right.

Bill was in the Royal Sussex Regiment Service, No 5727656 Stalag XXA.

Michael is trying to find out as much as he can about his father as he passed away in 1987.

In the 1960's there was a short story published in an Englis newspaper called "Escape to a Firing Squad" It was written by a man called Bob Masters and he knew Michael's father from the camp. Bill and Bob corresponded for a while but over the years they lost contact.

Please email Michael if you can help with any information on Bill, Bob or Stalag XXA/B.

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Arthur Bailey

Arthur Bailey enlisted in the Regular Army at Middlesborough on 5th October 1931, the Corps for which he enlisted was The North Staffordshire Regiment. He was 17 at the time.

His daughter, Helena, has records of his service from 1931-1945, and a few photographs.

Arthur found it to upsetting to talk of his PoW experience, so there is very limited information. However, he suffered 2 or 3 nervous breakdowns which were a result of the traumatic experiences. Here is the limited information available about Arthur's War experience, from the odd occasion Arthur would mention it.

It was during the retreat of BEF to Dunkirk in June 1940 he was injured, it appears he was marching beside a train, under an invasion banner (possibly) which was a big white star, probably at Le Mans. He was seriously wounded and made a tournequet himself as he had a main artery severed at the top of his leg. He was taken to hospital in Rennes and there is a photo of him with his nurse. He received a blood transfusion with the donor being a German Medical Officer. Following a fair recovery, (his leg was paralised) he was taken to Germany to work in salt mines and stone quarries. He mentioned Stalag 9C and Oflag 9A(H?). The Swiss Red Cross, on an inspection, said he was unfit to work so he was moved to an Officers Prison Camp as a servant. At the end of the War he was taken to Paris, then Le Havre, and returned home to England. After 3 months leave he went to Ilkley and was discharged from the Armed Forces as medically unfit.

At this moment Helena can add that whilst Arthur was put to work as a servant for the Officers, he used to sleep in the Officer's beds on the nights an escape was planned so as to make it look as if the Officers were all present. Also he did tell her just before he died that he remembers giving a German Officer a bar of soap for his new baby, and how grateful the German was for this. A brief mention was made that the prisoners were only given one meal a day of some stale bread and water - he weighed only just over 6 stone on his return to the UK.

Arthur met his wife in late 1945, and during their 45 year marriage he could never bring himself to speak much of his life before they met, he remained troubled and had nightmares of his PoW experiences until he died in 2000.

Today we have to be so very grateful to all those men and women who sacrificed so much during such troubled times. His family say "thank you dad for your part and thank you to all the servicemen who fought for England".

If you can help Helena to fill in the gaps of her father's military/PoW life, or would like to see the photographs available to see if you have a family member in them (the photos are probably 1933-1938 taken in India), please get in touch.

Please email if you can help.

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Thomas Baxter

Scott is searching for information on his grandfather, Thomas Baxter, who was born in Glasgow (date of birth unknown).

Scott knows that he served in North Africa during WWII but due to the fact that he lost so many close friends and allies during the conflict, he was reluctant to talk about it.

Thomas was in the Scottish Infantry and possibly fought in the battle of El Alamein. He reached the level of General but this may have occured after the War. Any information on Thomas Baxter and his duties during the second world war would be much appreciated.

If you can help, please email Scott.

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Ernest Birchley

Julie's father, Ernest Birchley, was an Australian pilot shot down over the North Sea whilst stationed at Leuchars in Scotland. He was shot down while attacking the German Cruiser Prinz Eugen and spent the next 3 years (1942 - 1945) imprisoned at Stalag Luft 3 apart from a short stint in Sagsn while Stalag Luft 3 was being extended.

If you remember Ernest or were in Stalag Luft 3 with him, please email Julie

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John Herbert Buckley

Derek is looking for information on his father, John Herbert Buckley, who served in the RASC and was captured at St. Valarie. Before and after the war John lived in Jersey, Channel Islands. His wife was Mabel and he had one son, Derek Mandy. Here is a photo of John.

If you remember Derek, were you in the RASC or at St. Valarie with him? If so, please email Derek

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Joseph Bowen

Maureen is seeking information about her grandfather, Joseph Bowen, who died on 25th July 1916.

Joseph was in the Kings Royal Rifle Corp (KRRC) regiment, R5283 Private, Catologue Ref WO 372/3.

Any information about his battles and death would be most appreciative also his service medal, if any.

If you can help, please email Maureen

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Patrick James Boyle

Tom is trying to find any information on his grandfather, Patrick James Boyle, from Glasgow Gorbals.

Tom knows that he was in the Pioneers.

Patrick was born in 1908 and married Mary Ann Kilkie at St Francis Church, Gorbals and died at 10.1/2 Eglington Street, Glasgow in 1946. Patrick was a butchers assistant in Glasgow before he died. His mother was Rose Montford (maiden name) and his father was Francis Boyle.

Tom would love to see a photograph of Patrick as he has never seen him and wonders if there are any family still alive who would like to get in touch.

If you can help, please email Tom.

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John S. Bolan

Michele came across this site looking for her grandfather's name. She says "I am too young to remember any events such as these but I do remember stories of my Grandfathers in the war. I miss hearing them told."

Michele is looking for information on her grandfather who were PoWs during WWII. His name was John S. Bolan (or Bolen) and he never recovered from his experiences and was in and out of the hospital and psychiatric wards for the rest of his life. Michele's great-grandfather was Dujo Balen.

Michele would like to find something for her father and to start their family history.

If you can help with information on John or Dujo, please email Michele

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John Bowditch

Tricia is looking for information on her father, John Bowditch (English but served with Australian regiment).

John was born on 13th December 1911 and was a PoW in 1941 and sent to work in some sort of mine.

If you can help with information on John, please email Tricia.

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Leslie Brockhill

David is looking for information regarding Leslie Brockhill - PoW 33747 in Stalag VIIIB and Stalag 317. Do you know of Leslie?

If you can help with information, please email David.

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Richard (Dick) Bond

Jackie has recently found a photo of her late father. His name was Richard (Dick) Bond and he served in the Coldstream Guards. On the back of the photos is written Campo 65, Sept 1942. Jackie did not know her father was a PoW in Italy but apparently he walked out of the camp when the guards deserted and was then recaptured and sent to a camp in Germany.

Jackie is looking for information on Campo 65, anyone there at the same time and why the guards deserted.

If you can help with information, please email Jackie.

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Raymond James Bennett

Mrs Cordwell's late husband, Raymond James Bennett, 2/11th Batallion. AIF was taken PoW at the Battle of Crete. He was in Stalag IVD and Stalag XIIIC. Raymond came from Como, Perth and would have been 88 this year (2008).

If anyone has information about the camp please email Mrs Cordwell

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Edward Burmingham

Peter Hill is doing some research on two postcards from a prisoner at Stalag XXB.

They were sent by Edward Burmingham to Peter's father, Donald Hill, in 1941.

Peter would like to try and find family of Edward and see if they want the cards.

If anyone has information about the camp please email Peter

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J. Burden

Looking for information on a grandfather, PoW No: 10994 - J.Burden, held at Stalag 1VD (E1. 116E), Germany.

If anyone has information about this person, please email

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Charles Bangle

Brian is trying to find out about his great grandfather, Charles Bangle.

Charles was a private in the The Queens own Royal West Kent Regiment 1st Battalion and his service number was 6339742.

He was killed in action in May 1940 and is buried in Esquelmes Cemetary, Belgium.

If anybody has any pictures of this regiment that would be appreciated.

If you can help with information on Charles or the regiment, please email Brian

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William (Bill) Bradshaw

Tony is looking for information on his father William (Bill) Bradshaw who was in Stalag XXA.

If you can help with information on William please email Tony

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Bertram Booker

John has a postcard from Stalag XXB to his grandparents from prisoner Bertram Booker, No. 8072, Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag XX B 65.

John also has his photograph. Bertram was John's great uncle's son but he is unsure whether he is still alive. The card is dated by him as 2nd Nov 1941.

If you can help with information on Bertram, please contact John

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William (Bill) Bates

Looking for any information on a late uncle, William (Bill) Bates.

He was PoW in Stalag XXA or XXB and was on the Long March from Poland to Germany..

If you can help with information please email

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Arthur Bond

Jeanette's father, Arthur Bond, was born in 1918 and served with The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers in WWII. Hehe was a dispatch driver and captured in the retreat of Dunkirk in 1940 and sent to Stalag XXB for 4 years.

As he was a butcher he was put to work in the local abbotoir. He was also on the Long March.

If anyone has more information about him or anyone remembers him, Jeanette would like to hear from you. Please contact using the form on this site.

28th March 2009 I heard from Major C W Potts who has information on Arthur but unfortunately, Jeanette has not been back in touch with an email address.

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Stanley Brighton

Arthur's uncle, Stanley Brighton, was held in Stalag XXB in Marienberg and he has unearthed a very good picture of him and 8 others in a group. It is a very formal picture with the number 880 on the front but on the rear an ink stamp says M-Stammlager XXB Gepruft 15 (click below to enlarge):

Stanley is on the left, seated, with the cap
Stanley is 3rd from left on the back row

The photograph was posted to his mother who was living in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Stanley was in C Company 2nd Battalion Norfolk Regiment and could have been involved in the massacre at Le Paradis. He passed on in 1986.

His service number was 5770821 and was held from 4/6/40 till 17/4/45

If you have any information on Stanley or recognise anyone in the photograph, please contact Arthur

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Thomas Beadman

Sally is looking for any information on Thomas Beadman from Leicester. He was captured 1940 and released 1945/6 and was placed on a farm which was rat infested.

Thomas' twin Harry was also captured at the same time and was held at the same place. Thomas was injured when captured and had possibly the first skin graft by a German doctor.

Sally believes them to have been in the Tigers regiment. They are only aware of one other PoW kept with them - nickname "Jimmy" (Scottish).

If you can help with any information on Thomas, please contact Sally

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Arthur Brady

Received the following from Frances:

"My name is Frances Chegwidden, I have been fasinated reading the articles on this web site particularly so because my father, Arthur Brady as a member of the Irish Guards took part in the rescue of the Dutch Royal Family. Unfortunately he didn't speak very much about it and I only have very sketchy information and would be interested to hear from anybody who may have knowledge of my father."

If you can help with any information on Arthur, please contact Frances

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Jack Balmfort

Received the following from a Polish reader:

"Szanowni Pañstwo ! Posiadam fotografiê przedstawiajac¹ ¿o³nierzy angielskich ze M-Stammlager XXA. Wœród nich jest: JACK BALMFORT No14 CHAPEL ROW.WILSDEN. NR. BRADFORD.YORKSHIRE. ENGLAND. ¯o³nierze tej grupy pracowali u Niemców w miejscowoœci Rudna (niem. DEUTSCH RUDEN bei Weissek ,kreis Wirsitz"

If you can help with any information or translation (better than Google!), please contact me.

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Peter Edward Butler

Received the following from Lucy:

"My late father, Lance Corporal Peter Edward Butler served in "B" Company, no 6 platoon, 1st Battalion, Queen Victoria Rifles. He was captured at Calais on 24th May 1940,( Fort Nieulay), and marched/entrained to Stalag V111B at Lamsdorf. Peter worked at E3 Blechhammer from June 40 until the spring of 1942.His diary ends on 2nd April 1942, after a 7 day sentence in solitary for refusing to work in the coal mine at Petershof any longer. At some point, he was moved to Stalag 111D at Genshagen, near Berlin, as I have photos of him there dated Jan and August 1944.I think he worked in the prison library there for a time.
I would like to know what happened to him from spring 42 until going to Genshagen. Also, where he spent the last months of the war before liberation. He was good friends with a man known as "Jonah", and with " Tabby" and Cecil Pawley ("Paul").
If anyone recognises Peter from these details, and has any information at all about him, I would be grateful if they could get in touch via yourself."

Lucy has provided the following pictures to help jog memories:

Peter (on left)
Peter (2nd from right)
Peter Edward Butler, Genshagen, Stalag IIID August 1944
Peter (on right), Tony Abraham and Joe Worsley in Genshagen, Stalag IIID, August 1944
Group photo, taken at Genshagen in Jan 44, Peter Butler is 2nd from right in back row. It's a photo of the men in Room 5, Block Two.

Lucy said:

"Attached are 5 photos, 2 of which were taken in 1943 according to notes on the reverse, at the POW camp at Ehrenforst, Blechhammer ( Stalag V111B). Dad is 2nd from right in the group of 4, and on the left in the other one. The other 2 ( one of Dad on his own smoking pipe, and the one of the 3 men, with Dad on the right in
shorts) were taken at Genshagen, Stalag 111D in August 44. The other 2 men in the photo are Tony Abraham and Joe Worsley. In the large group photo, taken at Genshagen in Jan 44, Dad is 2nd from right in back row. It's a photo of the men in Room 5, Block Two.
Dad was from London, joined the QVRs in 1939, in the motor cycle battalion and was encamped at Beltring, Kent, then moved to Loye racecourse, near Kennington, Kent, in May 1940, sailed on SS Canterbury 22nd May, to Calais."

If you can help with any information, please contact me.

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Robert (Buddy) Braun

Received the following email from Patricia:

"Robert "Buddy" Braun- WW II Motor Machinist's Mate- 1st class.
Was on the YMS-15 and the Pioneer AM-105 Minesweepers during WWII.

Description of the tours:
USS YMS 15 was built by the Rice Brother's Corporation , East Boothbay, Maine. Her Keel was laid July 5, 1941 and she was launched July 16, 1942. She was completed on December 5, 1942 and commissioned December 16, 1942 at Boston Naval Yard. Lieutenant J.G. Thomas L. Tantum in command. She commenced her fitting out from 6-26 December. Upon completion of her fitting out she headed for shakedown training out of Charleston, SC. Upon completion of the shakedown she was assigned to EastSeaFron for temporary duty out of Charleston, SC.

March 1943 seen YMS-15 transferred to EastSeaFron for permanent duty. She operated out of Charleston before getting underway in convoy for North Africa, arriving May 6, 1943 at Beni-saf, Algeria. She swept the coast until May 24, 1943. She then went to Bixerte, Tunisia where she strung her sweep gear in the harbors July 8, and remained in the area until she made ready for her next operation, Sicily, departing with an Invasion Force, she arrived July 9,1943. She began sweeping the landing area along with her sister ships July 15. She completed her sweeping of the landing area and anchored. She shot down a German Torpedo Plane (Ralph Peters-Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd class) attacking the Invasion Force on Sept 8, 1943. The Vessel was commended by the Flag Officer Western Italy for minesweeping operations north of Anzio during the period of June 23-July 5, 1944.

She then shifted to Salerno on the coast of Italy. Arriving September 9, 1943. Again she moved in close and strung her sweep gear, clearing mines away from the beaching and anchor areas. She completed this operation Sept 21, 1943.

For the next couple months she cleared various area, and much needed yard repairs. On February 10, 1944 she arrived at Anzio after the main landings that took place on January 22,1944 and were there during the months of February 1944 and May 1944. The vessel was commended by the Commander Destroyer Squadron 16 for the performance of duty at Anzio during the month of May 1944.

She soon was called on once more, this time for the Invasion of Southern France where she arrived August 15, 1944. This landing area reached more than one hundred miles of shore line, including Marseille. The area was secured September 15, 1944.

Part of the crew went home on September 14, 1944. French crew came aboard and were trained .

YMS-15, along with many of her sister ships transferred to France- the YMS-15 was transferred on October 1 and renamed the Myosotis D-338. She continued sweeping mines along the French Coast. She was returned from a lending lease on March 21, 1949 and sold to France the same day.

The Myosotis was disarmed June 3,1955 and was returned/restored to the US with the help of Taiwan. It was renamed the Yung An and was retired from service in 1993 and was demolished.

YMS-15 earned Five Battle Stars for her WWII service.

Other notes: 30 crew members and 4 officers. Some of the crew went on to serve on the Pioneer AM-105

I have a list of all the crew members and all the commanders on this vessel! My father, Robert "Buddy" Braun, was a Motor Machinist's Mate- First Class. He was on this ship for 3 years and then went on to the Pioneer at the end of the war.
He married Edna Manning and had four children.
My dad passed away in 2004! I would love to talk to other family members of this crew!"

If you can help with any information on Robert or the crew, please email Patricia

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Joe Bill Brown

Received the following:

"My grandfather Joe Bill Brown from West Virginia is a POW veteran of WWII. He is 89 years old and his mind comes and goes.

I believe he may have served with a unit known as the Rainbow Division. Can you tell me how to find out more information? He does not like to speak about it and I am interested. My mother and her sisters know more, but will not speak of it. Please tell me how I can find out more?

His date of birth is January 2, 1921. Will that help my research at all or am I just going to hit a dead end with the military?"

If you can help with any information please email

31st May 2010

Tracy sent the following information:

"Brown, Joe Bill: PFC. pow Camp 007 (US designation, probably Stalag IIB as Stalag IIA was designated 006); born 1/2/42; enlisted 9/3/42; reported pow 1/25/45; returned 6/45; 42d Infantry Division is the Rainbow Division (patch contains a rainbow); trained at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma; 3 infantry regiments (222d, 223d, and 242d) with detachment from HQ arrived in Marseille, France 12/8-9/44 and formed Task Force Linden; assigned to 31 mile line along Rhine facing 2 German Armies; entered combat in vicinity of Strausberg on 12/24/44 releaving 36th Infantry Division; family may contact Rainbow Memorial Foundation, Inc which is open to both veterans and family members."

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Robert Bitzberger

Received the following:

"If anyone has any information on Robert Bitzberger, captured during the Battle of the Bulge and sent to Stalag IIA in Neubrandenburg, Germany, please let me know."

If you can help with any information please email Bob

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Gerald Baxter

Kevin sent the following:

"I am tracing my late fathers service in WW2 :
Gerald 'Gerry' Baxter
Rifleman 2nd South African Division
Captured in North Africa
POW in Camp 65 Gravino (Italy)Aug1942
Escaped Sept 1943
Recaptured Feb 1944
POW in Stalag Luft 11A Altengrabau
Transfered to Dessau May 1944

I would appreciate any articles/information/photographs"

If you can help with any information please email Kevin

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Ronald Bird

Ronald Bird served in RAF in Egypt, from Norfolk. Anyone remember him?

If you can help with any information please email me or @Jenchatterbox on Twitter

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Floyd Burgeson

"Captain Floyd Burgeson,34th Division, Des Moines, Iowa-London School of Hygiene & Tropical Med.12 das. '42 - Served queen tea. I have picture of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine class (62 men) Dad took for 2 weeks in September \October 1942. Before he shipped to Algiers and the North African Front at Tunisa, where he was captured."

Click to enlarge

If you can help with any information please email Nancy

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Raymond Henry Bowen

Amanda emailed to say:

"I am trying to find more information on my grandfather: Raymond Henry Bowen. Apparently he was a bomb instructor in the South African Airforce during the war. He served in North Africa and Italy during WWII."

If you can help with any information please email Amanda

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Roger Belanger

Angela said:

"I wondered if it would be possible to have a request posted to see if anyone can recall Roger Belanger a Canadian military officer based at RAE Farnborough during the last war. I have a photograph of him taken together with what I believe to be his sister Jeanne. 145 Cove Road in Farnborough is where my family lived during the years 1939 - 1945 their names were Norman and Dorothy Joan Rowley." Click to enlarge the photo.

If you can help with any information please email

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Clement Brown

Looking for anyone who has any kind of information about Clement Brown. He served in the South Staffordshire Regiment and was part of the 1st Airbourne Division he served at the battle of Arnhem he came from Willenhall in the West Midlands.

If you can help with any information please email

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Ernest Angelo Baylie Jnr

Susan sent the following:

"I'm trying to find any information about my grandfather Ernest Angelo Baylie Jnr. The last known record of him was at Malbork, Poland. We believe this place to be Stalag XX-B. From family history research it seems he enlisted in the Black Watch regiment in WW2 in the UK.
He was born in 1898 in the UK, but moved to Victoria, Australia, then enlisted in WW1 in 1918. After WW1, he returned to Victoria and 'disappeared' out of my father's life around the late 1930s.
Any information would be appreciated as he is a family mystery!"

If you can help with any information please email Susan

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Elroy E. Bennett

Karen sent the following request for information on her father:

"Name: Elroy E. Bennett
Born July 27, 1915 in Buena Vista, Wisconsin
Entered service 12 June 1941
discharged on 31 Oct 1945 serial # 36 212 663 company he was discharge from ( not his original company from what I was told.), Btry C 551st AAA Bn
military specialty; Rifleman 745
There are records of him coming home on leave in Jan of 1942 (stationed in New Jersey at the time) and again in June of 1942 ( Stationed in Delaware at that time)
Places he stationed: New Jersey, 1941; Delaware 1942; Washington D.C. date unknown ( has a patch on shoulder in wedding picture dated 1943 that is insignia on the troops who guarded the Capital, believe it was 12Th.
from his DD214
departure date sated 10 Jan 1945 arrival date 22 Jan 1945 ETO destination
date of departure 16 Oct 1945 destination USA arrival 25 Oct 1945
time in service 3 years 7 months and 2 days forgein service 9 months and 16 days.
reason for separation AR 615-365 RR 1-1 (Con of Gov't 15 Dec 1944 Demobilization

Number stamped on discharge is 3985299 Varo Milw. Wis.
Does any of this make any sense to you, I am not military but would like to find out more.
I can scan this discharge paper and some pictures if that would help?

My father went to Fort Being Ga. in 1943, account say my mother was on her way to be with him when her train crashed between Delaware and Ga. in the crash she lost the daughter they were having.
My father from my mother's account was shipped out from Fort Being, on the way to the oversea base he was transferred three times from one ship to another.
My mother got a telegram in early 1945 of my father missing in action( about March), my brother was born June 1945 and he was 9 months old when my father was found and came home.

How do I find out where he was and what happened to him. I know he would never talk about the service and what happened to him, my mother said he was a broken man when he came home and took many years for him to enjoy many things."

If you can help with any information please email Karen.

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Stan Browning

"Trying to find out more about Stan Browning.

Stan was with 4 Ox & Bucks as a territorial (army number 5384287) and was captured outside Cassell at the end of May 1940 trying to escape to Dunkirk.

He was a POW in Stalag VIIIB (8B) in Poland and was liberated in May 1945 after being marched to Germany between 23 Jan - 5 May.

I've also attached a couple of photos that may help. (Click to enlarge)

Stan Browning
Stan Browning is at the back, far right

Many thanks for your help - Stan was a very special man, like many of that generation, quiet and unassuming. His wife is still alive and if we could find anything then I know she and her son would be extremely grateful."

If you can help with any information please email Mike

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Sidney George Bishop

Maureen emailed to say:

"I am trying to find out the repatriation date of my father Sidney George Bishop No. 25843 STALAG XXA(3)
I have a picture of him dated 22/8/43 with the M-Stammlager stamp on the back."

If you can help with any information please email Maureen

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Philip George John Harold Birch

Peter emailed to say:

"Wish to find out as much information as possible about my late step father who may have served in the Royal Navy during 1939-1945. The only information that I have is from my sister who has just recently told me that when we were children he usd to tell us his stories of when he was on his ship in action, which at the time must of be very intense.

His date of birth was 19th August 1924 and his place of birth is Birkenhead, Liverpool and his full name is Philip George John Harold Birch and he was known to his ship mates as "Slim" because of his thin build. At this present time I haven't got any detais of his parents as I am wating for a copy of his birth certificate.

I do have a slight bit of information which I'd sourced form the webb that may have some bearing, which is he may of served on H.M.S. Charybdis which was commissioned and built in the Bikenhead ship yard and may have possilbly enlisted and joined and served on that ship during 1939-1945. I can remember my sister telling me that he used to to tell us how he and his ship mates were involved in some way of sinking the Bismark."

If you can help with any information please email Peter

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Walter William Baker

Ed sent the following:

"I am looking for any information relating to my grandfather Walter William Baker. He served with Kings Royal.Rifle Company (KRRC) during WWII defence of Calais. He was taken Prisoner of War and taken to Stalag XXA until XXB was completed. He was awarded numerous medals including BEM from King George for his numerous escape attempts. Sadly, he passed away in 2008. He was very conservative with his experiences and therefore the information I have gained is only what I have discovered since he passed. I would appreciate any details you could offer me."

If you can help with any information please email Ed

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William Beckingham

Jessica sent the following:

"My Grandfather (FL William Beckingham) was in Stalag Luft III with FL Kazik Zakrzewski. I am currently putting together a photographic memoir for my father. In this memoir are some beautiful pencil drawings and water colours of my grandfather.

I've enclosed 3 images drawn/painted by Kazik Zakrzewski, two of my Grandfather, F/Lt William Beckingham, and one of the exterior of Stalag Luft III. There are also two photographs which may be of the play "Messalina" held at the camp."

Click to enlarge.

William Beckingham by Zazik
William Beckingham by Kazik
Stalag Luft III by Kazik
Messalina production

If you can help with any information please email Jessica

13th June 2017: Marcus says "I have information for Jessica, with regards to William Beckingham, my mothers Uncle, but i am unable to contact her via the email link enclosed within her request." If anyone knows Jessica, please ask her to get in touch.

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Richard Henry Baker

Maggie emailed asking for information on her late father:

"Richard Henry Baker, born 17th September 1912. He came from Hackney, London and was in the Royal Signal Corps, The 14th Army (the forgotten army in Burma) from 1939-1945."

If you can help with any information please email Maggie

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James Blackshaw

Brenda emailed asking for information on her late father:

"James Blackshaw from Nottingham. Served in Burma during WWII."

If you can help with any information please email Brenda

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Wilfred E Bartlett

John emailed asking for information on his uncle:

"Wilfred E.Bartlett was a PoW in Stalag XXB in 1942 at age 23. He served in the Northamptonshire Regiment. His Army No. was 2614756 and his PoW Number was 12447."

If you can help with any information please email John

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