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Adams, Alfred J.
Adhana, Subedar Sumera Ram
Akley, Emmett
Aldous, Cyril Arthur (Dodger)
Allen, James Gorton
Allen, Wilfred
Alred, John Charles
Amato, Ralph
Ambridge, William Francis
Anderson Jnr, Claude
Anderson, John (Jock)
Angelsmith, Theta Joyce
Angus, James Alexander
Armitage, Leo
Armitage, Stanley Thomas
Arnett, Voyd Bond
HMS Artic Hunter
Ash, Arthur William
Ashby, Terry
Athorn, Frank
Atkinson, Ronald
Aunsmuir, Ladybank, Scotland
Ayers, James
Aylwin, Frederick
Azra, Alphonse

Claude Anderson Jnr

Claude's son, Terry, is looking for information on his father, Claude Anderson Jnr, who was in the Army in 1945. He married Terry's mother, Alice Walton, after the war. Although Terry does not know where his father was stationed, he knows he did go to Germany and possibly was shot in the leg. He may have received a purple heart. Claude lived in Rice Virginia, Prince Edward County and is buried in an Army cemetery in Ohio. Claude's father's name was Claude also and his mother was Gertrude. Please drop me a line if you can help Terry in his search.

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Ralph Amato

Sam Gillan has a brief account of his uncle Ralph Amato's experiences after his capture at Dunkirk on Mark Hickmans website Prisoners of War. Sam has asked that I include it here as he is trying to get as much information on Ralph as possible.

Please contact Sam if you have any information.

Update - Ralph was with the Cameronians and was held at Stalag XXB.

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Emmett Akley

Leigh and her husband are trying to find any information on his grandfather, Emmett Akley. Emmett was a PoW in WWII and was held in Germany.

If you can help, please contact Travis or Leigh

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John (Jock) Anderson

John is trying to gain as much information as possible on his great uncle, John (Jock) Anderson, who was captured at the battle of St Valery in 1940 and who he believes was possibly held at Stalag XXB.

John was in the 51st Highlanders and was originally from Elgin area in the North East of Scotland. He was a cook in the army and also possibly did a bit of boxing too.

If you can help, please contact John

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John Charles Alred

Marjorie is trying to find any information about John Charles Alred of Bradford. During the Second World War he was in the Durham Light Infantry and served in Africa (she believes) around 1940.

If you can help with any information on John, please contact Marjorie

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Cyril Arthur Aldous

Raymond has been tracing his father, Cyril Arthur Aldous (aka Dodger), days as a PoW from 1940 – 1945. See information and photographs on Cyril here.

If you can help with any information on Cyril, the regiment or the camp, please contact Raymond

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HMS Artic Hunter

Andrew contacted me to say he was very interested to read the story of the rescue of the Royal Dutch Family. "It was very fascinating and gives an excellent insight to the bravery of all those involved." Andrew is researching his family tree and therefore has particular interest in the rescue.

His great uncle, George Moore, served as skipper on HMS Artic Hunter, a trawler commissioned as a minesweeper during the War. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for his service. Apparently, Andrew's grandfather had once said that this award was given for George's part in helping the Dutch Royal Family leave Holland.

Andrew would be interested if anyone could confirm whether this ship was part of the fleet that was involved in the evacuation.

If you can help with further information, please email Andrew

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Aunsmuir, Ladybank, Scotland

Lucy's father is trying to get information on his father who was an Italian PoW at Aunsmuir in Ladybank Scotland. All the information they have is his first name - Ciro.

If you can help with further information, please email Lucy.

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Ronald Atkinson

Matthew is researching a relative of his who served with A Coy, 217 Field Ambulance RAMC from 1940 - 1944. His name was Private Ronald Atkinson RAMC and he was badly wounded on the 31st May 1944. He died of wounds on the 7th June 1944. It is believed that his Ambulance Jeep hit a mine. Having read the account by Harry Matheison of his time with 217 Field Ambulance RAMC, Matthew wondered if he would be able to shed any light on this matter or if he maybe knew him.

Matthew is currently serving in the RAMC and is researching this for personal interest. He also hopes to write an article for the RAMC Journal on this subject and any information would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew also sent a photo of Ron. He is in the centre. Click here to view it.

If you can help with details on Ronald or the RAMC around 1940-1944, please email Matthew

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Arthur William Ash

Looking for information on grandfather, Arthur William Ash, RASC.

Arther was a PoW in Stalag IIIB from 1940 to 1945.

If you can help with details on Arthur, please email.

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James Gorton Allen

Virginia is looking for any information about her father, James Gorton Allen, who served in the Irish Guards, 3rd Battalion, from 1941 to 1945. He served as an Instructor at Caterham in 1941 and was then moved to Malton in 1943. As Sergeant Allen he was involved in the Normandy landings in June 1944. He reached Nymegen in the campaign but was later wounded in November and taken back to England to recover.

If you can help with details on James, please email Virginia.

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Leo Roger Armitage

Rosemary is looking for information on the experiences of her father as a prisoner of war. He is now deceased.

His name is Leo Roger Armitage. He was a gunner in the 2/3 Light Ack Ack. He served on Crete and was evacuated on the Hereward which was bombed. He was then taken to Rhodes prior to being a POW in northern Italy and then escaping.

He escaped from Il Campo Di Prigionia P.G. 106 around October 1943 and made his way over the Alps into Switzerland.

Please click to enlarge the photo.

Rosemary is trying to find information especially about that period.

If you can help with details on Leo, please contact Rosemary

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James Alexander Angus

Henry's father, James Alexander Angus, was born in Aberdeen and was a PoW in Stalag XXA (Henry believes) in Torun.

When Henry was a boy he remembers James always talked about Sam Kydd as a fellow PoW. Other than that Henry knows nothing of his PoW experience.

James met Henry's mother, Janina Lewandowska, of Torun and married her after he was liberated and repatriated to Aberdeen in 1947.

If you can help with details on James, please email Henry

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James R. Ayers

Richard's father, James Ayers, was a PoW at Stalag V-A in Germany from January 1945 until he was liberated. That is all Richard has except for a postcard sent from that camp to his family.

If you can help with details on James, please email Richard

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Wilfred Allen

Searching for anyone that either served or was with 1815415 pte/Cpl Wifred Allen,from Stoke On Trent served with the South Staffords and was taken Prisoner of War at Arnhem,and taken to Stalag IVD.

If you can help with details on Wilfred, please email Mr Allen

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Alfred J. Adams

Sirs, I am trying to find information on my uncle, Cpl. Alfred J. Adams 33581526 . I am told he was with the WW11 Co. I 317TH Infantry of the 80TH Infantry division. He is listed as being K.I.A. on 10 Nov1944 but i have a reltive that says he was M.I.A. I would also like o cantact any members of his unit. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

If you can help with details on Alfred, please email Joe

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Frederick Aylwin

Valerie wrote to say:

"My dad, Frederick Aylwin (b. 1923 in London), joined the TAs in the 1930s and was subsequently enlisted and to fight in WW2. My dad died when I was 17 - a time when I was uninterested in his military past... Am still waiting to get his service records from the MoD (they have a tremendous backlog and we may need to wait up to a year). In Many thanks for all your help."

If you can help with details on Frederick, please email Valerie

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Frank Athorn

Request to say:

"Wistritz Stalag 1VC. Do you have any info/links re Frank Athorn POW in this camp during WWII?"

If you can help with details on Frank, please email

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Voyd Bond Arnett

Request to say:

"My father was in the Essex Scottish regiment that was captured in Dieppe. He was an American serving with the Canadian army. His name was Voyd Bond Arnett and had been a coal miner in West Virginia before he joined the army. I am looking for any mention of him from any sources anyone has."

If you can help with details on Voyd, please email

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Subedar Sumera Ram Adhana

Udham sent a request via our Facebook Page to say:

"Looking for information regarding my grandfather who was subedar sumera ram adhana in british indian army (rank/Group/I.C. no.-JC6871 subedar). I my limited knowledge he had gone to take part in WWII in Italy and he was missed for 7 years and come back after 7 years. As my knowledge he also received M.C., I.O.M., I.D.S.M. and retire on 03-09-1946. If any one has data about recepients of these above mentioned medal plz share with me."

If you can help with information, please contact us.

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Theta Joyce Angelsmith

John emailed to ask:

"I am trying to trace anyone who knew a THETA JOYCE ANGELSMITH my mother who lived Brighton, around 1941 to 1946, she was I think a volunteer on the anti air craft search light in ww 2 where she met my father,a Canadian gunner a JOHN CLOUTIER who may have been attached to the Cameroon Highlanders and who was possibly stationed in Lindford, Brighton or the Seaford area, may be someones parents etc of that time may have some recollection.

The addresses my mum lived at were 2 Belmont Street and also 27 Over street."

If you can help with information, please email John.

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Terry Ashby

Gail asks:

"My father was with the Royal Naval Patrol Service on the minesweepers in WW2, from 1941 onwards. He was on HMS Buttermere and HMS Lord Middleton and was wondering if there was anyone out there who was on the same ships ( I think they were originally trawlers). His name was Terry Ashby from Grimsby and he was based at Fleetwood. He was involved in the D-Day operations though I am not sure which ship he was on at that time. He sadly passed away last May aged 87 years old, having kept it quiet from his family that he had lung cancer. How he managed that I will never know and he is definitely my hero. I miss him dreadfully. I would love to hear from anyone who recognises his name or was on the two ships mentioned."

If you can help with information, please contact Gail via the WWII Memories page on Facebook or get in touch with me.

Please send all replies to the enquiries to me using the Contact page.

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Stanley Thomas Armitage

Ross is looking for information on his grandfather:

"He served in the RAF in Burma as a Mosquito Navigator. His name was Stanley Thomas Armitage."

If you can help with information, please contact Ross via the WWII Memories page on Facebook or get in touch with me via the contact page.

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Alphonse Azra

Jean Pierre is looking for information on his father:

"My father was part of the French prisoners of war interned in Stalag 317 or (XVIIIC) 18C". Camp was Markt Pongau, St Johann, Salzburg, Austria. Looking for information about him or this camp.

If you can help with information, please contact Jean Pierre

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William Francis Ambridge

Paul is looking for information on his father:

Click to enlarge image

"Looking for info on my father, William Francis Ambridge, who was in in Queen Victoria's Rifles (QVR reserve pre-WWII) then with The 6th (Royal Welsh) Parachute Battalion during WWII, becoming a paratrooper in 1942. He came from London."

If you can help with information, please contact Paul

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