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General Photographs

Here are a selection of photographs that appear in other places on the site but are not specific to Stalag XXA/XXB. If you recognise anyone in them, please do get in touch. Those people that I know of are already listed.

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Black Watch
Harry Dalby (back row, far left)
US Army 101st
Delos Roblyer (Lieutenant)
Seaforth Highlanders
George Moodie (boxed)
Danny Dorlin, far left in front row
(Stargard, Poland)
Danny Dorlin, Boxing team, 2nd from left in front row
(Stargard, Poland)
Kenneth Barrett
Ken (far right) with friends
Ken (left) and friend - taken in either Durban or Port Elizabeth
Copyright: Raymond Aldous
Cyril Aldous is seated to the far right
Copyright: Raymond Aldous
Copyright: Raymond Aldous
Portrait of Alan Forster at Fort Rauch.
Copyright: Bill Forster
Alan Forster on the left (with 'tash) "dining in" at Fort Rauch.
Copyright: Bill Forster
John Frederick Fowler in the RASC in 1939
Copyright: Sharon Fowler

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