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Cyril Arthur Aldous

Raymond has been tracing his father, Pte. Cyril Arthur Aldous (aka Dodger), days as a PoW from 1940 – 1945. Raymond is sure he was a prisoner in Stalag XXB (PoW Number 10489) around that time.

Cyril came from Hockwold, Norfolk and he served with the 2nd Battalion Royal Norfolk’s stationed at Aldershot in 1939.

He went over to France on the Royal Sovereign or Daffodil, landed at Cherbourg and spent the “phoney part of the war" around Orchies. When the Germans attacked he was pushed back to the place called Le-Paradis and was captured about two to thee miles down the road to Arras. Cyril had a photo of a place called Mareinwerder not far from Marienburg the location of Stalag XXB.

Here are some photographs that Raymond kindly sent to me (click the photograph to enlarge):

Cyril is seated far right

In the band, the "Raymond Flook Swingsters". Raymond thinks Cyril is seated next
to the drummer, holding the squeeze box, far right.

Also a post card that he sent home to his stepmother dated 7th October 1943

Marienwerder not far from Marienburg, the site of Stalag XXB
Work party. Raymond believes this must be during the period of the phoney war. Cyril is kneeling far left

The original photographs are held at The Royal Norfolk Regiment Museum, Market Avenue, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3JQ.

In December 2005, Raymond sent me some more photographs and information on his father.

He writes:
"My mother has just recently passed away, and as my father died in the year 2000 my brother and I were going through what was left of my mother and fathers things. Some more photos have come to light...plus images of my father which I can now confirm was in Stalag XXB. New evidence from my family has come to suggest that he escaped at least three times."

Picture sent to Cyril by his sister Betty on 19th January 1944
Possibly an army friend of Cyrils. Name seems to be 'Frays' or 'Fras'
Cyril is standing second from the right. This was sent to my mother while she was stationed at
Bracondale, Norwich
Possibly sent to Cyril by his sister, Ethel, when he was in Stalag XXB on 27th November 1943
Possibly Cyril standing on the far right
Newspaper clipping (Weekend News) of the ‘Bulldogs of Bracondale’ 576 CMT (RASC) Company. Raymond's mother, Gladys Rose Ryan, is in the second row, forth from the left
of the image. The story is by Derek James who still writes today for the Norwich Evening News 24. The picture was lent to
him by Patricia Peggs, formerly Fielding.

Please get in touch if you can help Raymond in his search for information.