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Last updated: 25 August 2016

CHARLES A. HUDGINS, SNR - SFT SGT 376 Infantry, battle of the Bulge...here

DONALD GAMBLE - Combat Air Crew, VB-110...here

MAURICE STEPHAN - Gleiwitz III...here

VICTOR JESUS - Stalag IIB...here


LINKS PAGE - Link to a great website all about Stalag XXA in Thorn.

JAMES BLACKSHAW - Served in Burma...here


RICHARD MCCREARY - 8th Battalion, DLI...here

JOHN WEBSTER - Update from John's son...here

SAMUEL POWELL - 2nd Battalion HQ coy, Northamptonshire Regiment, PoW at Stalag XXA...here

HOT POT MAGAZINE - Produced by P.O.W.s in Posen (Stalag XXi-C/D). Click here

SPASA TASIC - Stalag XXB...here

STALAG XXA/XXB - Looking for information on life in the camps...here

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This site is dedicated to my father and mother and the many others who served in the forces, were PoWs or had any kind of first hand experience of living through World War II.

Would you like me to add a page to this site for a member of your family?  Do you have memories that you would like to share?   If so, please do not hesitate contact me (all work is done free of charge of course).

Please do not forget to let me know when you either hear from a reader of this site with regard to information on your family or regiment, or if you discover further details that may aid your search.

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